REPORT OF A SERIOUS CRIME=TO Murray Duffin Detective Superintendent

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Murray Duffin
Detective Superintendent
Specialist and Economic Crime Command
Room 593
New Scotland Yard
10 Broadway
SW1H 0BG                   Monday 22nd October 2012

Superintendent Duffin,

It has been brought to my attention that you do not intend to prosecute some very serious crimes that have been reported to you.  If this is true, then all I can say is that you deserve all that is coming to you!

What is clear to me, is that these crimes, including Treason, are the most serious crimes that you are ever likely to be presented with, and by not dealing with them as you are required to do under the ancient laws and constitution of England, you have rendered yourself a criminal!  Shame on you, you are a disgrace and should be removed from your job and lose any pension rights, because by refusing to deal with this, you are now clearly guilty of the crime of Misprision of Treason which on its own caries a life prison sentence.  You are also guilty of Misfeasance in Public office, Compounding Treason, Perverting the Course of Justice, Dereliction of Duty and probably Conspiracy to Commit Treason because you have undoubtedly been talking to colleagues about this which also implicates them.  Is that enough for you?  Please note that I do not merely accuse you, I find you guilty of these crimes, which you clearly are!  By God Mister, if I had a warrant card, you'd be in those cells quicker than a rat up a drain pipe, believe me!

How can you be so stupid, or naive to refuse to deal with this?  These are crimes against the nation, it is not a bunch of kids throwing stones at windows, it is High Treason, selling our nation off down the river to be controlled by foreigners.  This is not a joke Mr Duffin, it is very, very serious.  I have seen the comments that you have made, the ridiculous made up excuses as to why you will not deal with this.  My eight year old granddaughter could have done better than that.  You really are a disgrace to the police service and to the country.

So let me get back to the basics, the nitty gritty, that which even a schoolboy would recognise.  You are required, by law, to act according to your oath.  I believe there is reference to 'without fear or favour' in there?  So who are you favouring, or what do you fear?  Let me be very clear with this point, you do not have any option, you do not have a choice, you do not have a personal opinion, but you do have duty to investigate and prosecute these crimes.  The evidence that you have been presented with is clear and unambiguous, the accused are as guilty as you now are guilty of Misprision of Treason.  The difference is Mr Duffin, is that you can ameliorate yourself by doing your duty, 'get a grip' before some one prefers these charges against you, that, believe me, will happen.  Perhaps you should warn you wife and family that you will be locked up for the rest of your miserable life if you do not!

So to sum up, you actually have two choices Mr Duffin.  You can either prosecute these crimes as stated above, or you must provide an alternative legal argument as to why they should not be prosecuted, your opinion is not good enough.  Please do not think that any of us dealing with this will let you get away with your Dereliction of Duty, you are on the hook at the moment, do the right thing and get yourself and your colleagues off that damn hook now!


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