Letter from Albert Burgess to Trevor Colman MEP RE Treason

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Letter from Albert Burgess to Trevor Colman MEP RE Treason
« on: August 19, 2014, 10:14:45 PM »
Trevor Colman MEP                                                          Albert Burgess

[email protected]                                           [email protected]

Dear Trevor

I have today watched your video on the EU which is a very professional job and totally useless. 

You were a Superintendent of police when our police were taught about offences against the state like sedition and high treason, yet not once in the video were either of these offences mentioned. Your presentation was flat and lacklustre and provided no inspiration or the desire to follow you anywhere.

I remember speaking to you a few years back at a UKIP conference about the high treason of the Heath Government, instead of donning your blue pointed hat and leaping into action to deal with this undoubted treason which you were then and are now required to deal with by English Common Law.  You did a Tebbit got on your bike metaphorically speaking and cycled of into the wide blue yonder at high speed. Thereby committing Misprision of Treason at Common Law.

Now you are an MEP and on the undoubted gravy train you make a video designed to make you personally and UKIP look good in the eyes of a dumbed down public, who will now sit at home think to themselves this man has a point but what can I do about it? When you stand in front of the public either wearing your blue pointed hat or your UKIP rosette and say look at me and listen, you are required to show leadership and not just tell us what we knew before we got out of bed. You are required to tell us what to do about it, you are required to say come on everybody follow me this needs sorting so lets sort it. Then you explain what you want them to do and you lead them from the front. This you have lamentably failed to do. 

Now if you want to do something useful you can use your platform as an MEP and your police training and start screaming treason from the roof tops. You could work with Gerard Batten who has written a very good book on the English Constitution  and make treason UKIP policy if you truly want out of Europe that is your way forward. Can you imagine the effect if every UKIP branch in the Kingdom reported treason to every police station in the Kingdom on the same day? 

But I suspect you will continue to draw your police pension ignore the oath you took and continue to ride the gravy train. Whilst paying lip service to getting us out of the EU and back under the rule of English law and the best legal system in the world. Albert



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