European Union gets medieval with ultra-secret elections

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European Union gets medieval with ultra-secret elections
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European Union gets medieval with ultra-secret elections
Published time: November 28, 2009 18:26

...In true democratic fashion, Mr Reinfeldt refused to publicly confirm the names of the top political horses in the race, and refused to discuss reports that Blair's chances for becoming the European Union’s first president were slim to none.
"I am halfway through my consultations and… it is important that everyone has their say and that we find the right balance,” Reinfeldt told news-starved reporters. “I will not confirm any candidate at this stage."
In fact, the only real clue that Herman van Rompuy has won over the hearts and minds of the movers and shakers is due to his appearance alongside the somewhat sinister Henry Kissinger at a Bilderberger Club session. What a sad state of affairs it has become for democracy when a man’s chances for moving up the power vertical does not depend on exit polls, campaign buttons and other foolish tools, but rather on who he sips wine and sucks oysters with far beyond the public gaze.
“Van Rompuy met Kissinger at a closed session of international policymakers and industrialists chaired by Viscount Etienne Davignon,” The Guardian newspaper reported Wednesday.
 Who is Viscount Etienne Davignon, 77, you may be asking? He is described as a “discreetly powerful figure in Brussels who was vice-president of the European commission in the 1980s,” the newspaper continued.
“Discreetly powerful?” What exactly does that mean? And weren’t viscounts ceremoniously phased out and relieved of their privileges sometime in the 18th century?
 Anyways, if all this doesn’t sound medieval enough, Davignon chairs the Bilderberger Club, the“shadowy global freemasonry of politicians and bankers who meet to discuss world affairs in the strictest privacy, spawning innumerable conspiracy theories,” as The Guardian succinctly put it.
 The 500 million souls of the European Union may be delighted to know that their possible future overlord, Van Rompuy, a name that rings like top-shelf Dijon mustard, will in all likelihood call “for a new system of levies to fund the EU and replace the perennial budget battles.”
In layman’s terms, Van Rompuy will be eager to raise taxes across the board.
 Van Rompuy's office was generous enough to release parts of his speech, which were aired in private amid the luxurious grounds of the Castle of the Valley of the Duchess near Brussels. The chateau, by the way, hosted the talks on the Treaty of Rome in 1957 that launched the European Union.
 Van Rompuy discussed funding social welfare programs taken from new "green taxes" and devising an international tax on financial transactions. Not a bad idea, especially with the financial crisis still large in the rearview mirror, but it would be nice to see the whole speech before he gets the that phone call in the middle of the night telling him to catch the next bus to Brussels.
 Whatever Reinfeldt and the Bilderbergers and the Kissingers ultimately decide, however, it will do little to lower the rising tide of fear in Eastern Europe, and other places, that the EU is turning into an ungovernable “super-state,” where all of the major decisions are made from Berlin, Brussels and Paris, not to mention within the ranks of the world’s most elitist clubs....

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