Replace the Old Conservative Party with a Real Conservative Party

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Replace the Old Conservative Party with a Real Conservative Party
> .
> It is suggested that, in reaction to the depletion of about Sixty per cent of the mem-
> bers of Conservative associations, as described in the online Dail Mail, Sun. July
> the 29th, 2012, the formation of independent conservative associations that will
> espouse their own their own policies and select their own parliamentary candidates
> be formed. It is certain that the Conservative Party will forbid the use o f their name.
> In this case, a new party name should be found, called, for example, The Xxxxxxx
> Party. The party should admit to its membership only those who belonged to the
> Conservative Party for the past few years. Thus, the Public will know that the Xxxxx
> Party will follow true conservative principles. To prevent splitting the vote, the Xxxx
> Party could offer a primary election to the other conservative parties.
> .
> The source that provided the sociopaths for Parliamentary membership has more
> than enough sociopaths for candidates and officials of the Xxxxxxxxx Party. and
> associations Although the public cannot distinguish between sophisticated socio-
> paths and honest, capable applicants, psychologists, fortunately, can, and thus
> psychological evaluation must be used in the select of political representatives
> and the assorted officials of a political party. Honest, capable candidates can be
> selected in the following manner:
> .
> Form local Xxxxxxxxx committees with, perhaps, vetting of applicants. The comm-
> ittees will then form local Xxxxx Party associations, with vetting of the applicants.
> The associations will then, each, advertise for applicants for the position of can-
> didate for a Parliamentary election. Then use rigorous tests, including, most imp-
> ortantly, psychological evaluation, to select the best applicant for the position of
> Parliamentary candidate, then support him in a Parliamentary election. If a Con-
> servative association survives and also puts up a candidate, the Xxxxx Party Ass-
> ociation should then offer the Conservative and UKIP Association a primary ele-
> ction. If the Xxxxx Party candidate wins the primary election, he can then say that
> he was selected by a scientific method, in an open selection, by an association
> whose criteria for a candidate was honesty, knowledgeabilty and capabilty. Whilst
> the Lablibcon candidates were selected by using unknown criteria, from short
> lists from the CCHQ or Transport House without psychological evaluation, both
> thoroughly Europhile. The use of psychological evaluation for selecting per-
> sonnel has been used by corporations for up to seventy years, with great success,
> and thus it could be used successfully in politics.
> Uses that The Xxxxxx party could be used to:
> 1) advise Parliament
> 2) lobby Parliament
> 3) in case of social or political breakdown, replace Parliament
> 4) set up a shadow Parliament
> .
> There has been some concern about the infiltration of various groups. This infiltration
> can be taken care of by the vetting of all leaders and, perhaps, members. Their CVs
> should be investigated as well as their personalities, past, friends, families, etc.
> See the article "Declaration". Applicants for membership who are honest and capable,
> but not qualified for a committee or association could join an auxiliary association.
> The Xxxx Party associations should control the National Xxxxx Party, not the other
> way around.
> ..
> Members of the associations should, preferably, be near retirement, or retired, have
> a reputation for intelligence, honesty, haved lived in the local community for some
> time, be, of course, conservative and belong to the same socio-ecomomic stratum
> as the community. If possible, It would be advantageous to have psychologists, psy-
> choanalysts, psychiatrists and lawyers to be members and lead in the selection of
> members. Temporary officers should be elected. Then after, say, one to three
> months after, longer duration association officers should be elected. Individuals who
> have helped in forming a Xxxxxxxx association should not be allowed to join the
> association for, say, one to three years, or, perhaps, should not be allowed to vote
> for a period of time. Others can join an auxilliary organisation. Agonophiles and
> cholophiles should never be allowed leadership positions.
> What to do? Answer: make photo copies of this article, distribute it to relatives,
> friends, colleagues, etc. who you think will be able to make a positive contribution.
> Do not give to those who would be nuisance, disruptive etc. Then give them out
> on the street. When you have enough people, start organising a small local com-
> mittee. Form cliques of honest, decent and capable people, then form the cliques
> into a network. To see how the toffs are taking care of business, browse: www.
> . A conservative party should be controlled by the
> bottom layer, the majority, not by the top, not by toffs. Remember, the national
> government has ten times the effect on the lives of parish inhabitants than does
> their parish or town councils; and not for the good either. Thus to be fully effective,
> a parish council should spend far more attention to influencing elections in their
> Parliamentary districts than in governing their parishes.
> A Black Swan Approaches Britain
> A black swan, a phrase coined by the financial industry, is an unpredictable
> and catastrophic event. A black swan is approaching Britain that will reduce
> Britons to to a a poverty that would be like that of Africa or Asia and a police state
> like that of the Soviet Union. Democracy and British freedoms will disappear,
> to be replaced by Sharia law. Whether the black swan will glide into Britain with
> serenity and elegance or come in an armed coup d'etat will not be known until
> it happens. To give cedibility to the above prediction, one must know the history
> of organisations and the people involved.
> To understand the present, and, more importantly, the future, one must know
> the past, i.e. history. The history that is taught and repeated by all the Establish-
> ment media is meant to serve the Establishment and is suitably white-
> washed. According to those who know real history, which includes all the crimes,
> thefts and outrages committed by the Establishment, the whitewashed history
> is useless for predicting the future. The following is a less than a very brief acc-
> ount of real history. The controller of Britain, and the United States, through the
> Council on foreign Relations, is a very secretive entity that also controls an organ-
> isation that is guilty, on occasion, of violence, so shall be named the Controlling
> Establishment Entity, or CEE. The CEE controls all organisations (including pol-
> ical parties) outside the of trivial, with few exceptions, such the BNP, which is sub-
> jected to lies, defamation and physical violence. The controlling entity in Europe,
> technically has no name, but is called by a name abandonned by them, the Illum-
> inati. The Illuminati is now controlled by the royalty and ex-royalty of europe.The
> CEE and the Illuminati were, in the beginning of the nineteenth century, at war
> bu t have made up since, and joined forces. The ultimate aims of the CEE
> and the Illuminati is to regain their power, form a one World government, deal
> with over-population, about which they have been hysterical since Malthus, and
> exert iron control over the World population. The CEE/Illuminati wish to remain
> secret, in order to preserve their hides. The need to remain secret makes it diff-
> icult to control those whom they wish to control. If a strong political movement
> arises, they cannot control it because it would give their existence away, so they
> must give way to the movement; this, though, will also strengthen, in, the public
> the impression that there is no control. The CEE/Illuminati would have to slowly
> wear away the political movement using the tools that they can use, then slowly
> steer the public away from the political movement. A very clumsy system, but
> the CEE/Illuminati have remained undetected for centuries. Of past tyrants,
> none are left.
> In the beginning of the seventeenth century the monarchs of Europe were inv-
> ested with the divine right of kings: their word was the absolute law. In the mid-
> dle of the seventeenth century the bourgeois of Europe became rich and power-
> ful through trade and industry, so powerful that they were able to wrest con-
> stitutions from the monarchs. The monarchs, being demigods, must have
> stewed in their juices at being ordered around by commoners, but this
> situation could not be changed because the bourgeois could raise a
> bigger army. This situation lasted for about one hundred years, until they met
> with one Adam Weishaupt. Adam Weishaupt was perhaps the most intelligent
> intellect of the enlightenment, . He was, one must assume, first a rabbi, then
> became a Jesuit, then became a enlightenment free thinker and developed
> many ideas, unfortunately all retrograde. Adam Weishaupt agreed to form an
> organisation, to allow the monarchs to achieve their aims. The monarchs, or
> more likely a representative, met with Weishaupt to discuss what he could do
> for the them. Weishaupt told them that there was no military solution to their
> problem and suggested another solution: a secret organisation that would use
> the maximum of deceipt, dishonesty, treachery, blackmail, secrecy, murder,
> sophisticated planning and intelligence to achieve the monarchs' aims. The
> organisation's name was The Illuminati. The monarchs' aims were to retrieve
> their divine rights to rule, absolute security from revolts on the part of the pop-
> ulation by multiple, redundant policies and a solution to the over-population
> problem. As far as for the latter problem, one can have some sympathy for
> the monarchs: for approximately two million years, the population of the Earth
> was a steady five million, then in the late middle ages the population began to
> expand rapidly. In 1950 the population became two billion, then increased to
> seven billion in 2010: an increase of three and half times in sixty years. Now
> if the population increase were exponential, the population would increase also
> by three and a half times by 2070, but the population increase is geater than
> exponential, and thus we could expect an increase of perhaps five times in
> 2070 to produce a population of thirty five billion souls. Hardly a sustainable
> population. Some souls must be removed and some souls will remain. Who
> should remain? One would expect that they would choose those of an
> advanced, civilized, skilled, rational and knowledgeable group. but the prob-
> ability is small, as this group is, in addition, will adamantly call for free speech,
> democracy, no censorship, human rights etc. For the monarchs, a far more
> desirable group would be one that makes no demands, has no knowledge of
> human rights, is chemically sedated (the British population is sedated by flu-
> oride and, now lithium ), sullen, fatalistic, docile and ignorant of everything
> except skills necessary for work. In addition the monarchs would like the group
> to be controlled by a religion that enforces discipline and keeps its laity under
> strict control. Thus Weishaupt invented Communism, which controls us to this
> day. Communism does not mean only classical Communism like the Soviet
> Union, but means a thoughly centralised government and maximum control of
> the population: to Quote Gorbachev, the ex-leader of the Soviet Union, "Com-
> munism has not disappeared, it has just changed form". And we are wi-
> tnessing the new form of Communism being introduced in the UK so slowly
> that we do not notice it.
> The eight cardinal points of the Illuminati are as follows:
> 1) Elimination of all European tariffs and create a united Europe
> 2) Abolition of (Independent) Monarchies
> 3) Abolition all aristocracy
> 4) Abolition of all property and wealth
> 5) Abolition of the family, to replaced by communal living
> 6) Abolition of all morality ( meaning moral inhibitions of the Illuminati )
> 7) Abolition of all religion
> 8) Abolition of all nationalism
> The European monarchs of the middle ages were very wealthy, but they
> had great difficulty in finding accountants. The task of accounting fell to
> the Jews, who were both literate and numerate. They also had a secure
> communication system. Thus the Jews, or the more capable of them,
> became the monarchs' accountants. Later they became very rich and
> became bankers, military procurers and served the monarchs in various
> ways. The ordinary Jew, prevented from working in the trades, remained
> extremely poor; they were ill dressed, dirty, coarse, covered in sores and
> the jewish bankers, or Hofjuden as they were called, regarded them with
> horror and disgust and called them Goy, or cattle. Later the poor Jews
> applied the word goy to Gentiles. The Hofjuden served the monarchs
> faithfully and still do to this day. At present, The leading Hofjuden
> are The Rothschilds.
> The Illuminati 0pened up shop on May the first, 1776, in Bavaria (note the
> date) In 1785 the Illuminati were discovered and some were tried for trea-
> treason. Some members were imprisoned. In 1785, the Elector of Bavaria,
> Friedrich Wilhelm II, dissolved the Illuminati. The 2000 members, however
> were so enthusiastic about the idea of unifying Europe, that they continued
> on, abandonning the name Illuminati, headquarters, bank account, etc.They
> continued publishing, but in obscure language and in obscure publications.
> Historians, however still use the name, in the absence of another name.
> The first action that the Illuminati took was to foment the French Revolution
> with the intention of using the French army to conquer the rest of Europe.
> The bloodshed that resulted ( equivalent to three million in modern France)
> caused the public to cease supporting it and the revolution collapsed. Nap-
> oleon, an Illuminati member, then proposed a national conquest of Europe
> and the public supported him. But Napoleon proved too hard to control and
> too egoistical that the Illuminati destroyed him by withholding supplies when
> he was in Russia. The next attempt at controlling Europe was the Congress
> of Vienna where Rothschild used blackmail, threats and bribery to get the
> Illuminati's ends, But the Czar of Russia knew about the Illuminati plot and
> wrecked it. The next attempt to Conquer Europe was the simultaneous
> revolutions of 1848, but, due to bad planning, the revolutions failed. The
> equivalent of three hundred thousand people in modern France were killed.
> The next attempt to control (now) the World was the American Civil War.
> Winning control of America would give them access to both Europe and Asia.
> The wrong side won and that attempt failed. The equivalent of six million
> people in modern America were killed. The next attempt to control
> the World was to plan and cause a war with so many deaths and destruction
> that the public would agree to a World government, which, after the war, they
> did. The war was the First World War and the World Government was The
> league of Nations. Germany could not be accepted into The League of Nations
> because of moral terpitude, Russia could not join because of chaotic con-
> ditions and the American Senate whip, Senator Cabot-Lodge, being familiar
> with the Illuminati, refused to allow America to join the league of Nations.
> Lacking the membership of these important countries, The League died
> a slow, twenty year death. Meanwhile, Germany was charged with huge
> reparations, this lead to much misery and the rise of Hitler. In 1938 Hitler
> announced, through the Ministry of Finance, that Germany was going to
> form a European economic union. In competition with the CEE/Illuminati.
> Hitler had to go. To that end, the UK, though completely militarily unprepared,
> was ordered to declare war on Germany, which she did. After the war, the
> CEE/Illuminati continued Hitler's bureaucracy to form the present European
> Union, which is in the final stages of completion and the final stages of
> collapse. The collapse of the European Union, however, does not mean that
> the developing police state in the UK will stop developing.
> Credibility
> The average member of the public reacts to new information that is not nice
> tends to irrationally negated it or dismiss it. The average member will com-
> pare new information with his past and his modest treasure of inform-
> ation gleaned from the media (which uses only information which is carefully
> selected by the Tavistock institute). If new information is consistent with his
> treasure of information, he will accept it, if not, he will be angered, or will
> attack it. It is very likely that the reader has the characteristics described
> above, so some pointers about good thinking and useful information will be
> given:
> *Lying is risky and potentially expensive, as one lie can result in loss of the
> ability to assume that almost all sentences can be taken at value.
> Since it is impossible to know which are lies and which are not, the best
> one can do is to assume that all are correct except those for which there
> is an objective reason to believe are lies. Some sentences will escape
> this test, though, so one will assume lies to be truth. One must accept this:
> eventually, one will discover which sentences are lies and discard them.
> Like some who thoroughly dislike eating an occasional cockeroach, there
> others who dislike the possibility of erroneous sentences and will only read
> material that is written by authors with advanced advanced degrees and
> good reputations (reputations are controlled by the Establishment). Whilst
> these authors will probably write no errors, there is much material that the
> authors will omit because the latter is not known accurately enough or is
> contrary to the interests of, and forbidden by the Establishment. Dishonest
> communication is accomplished by omission, exageration, minimisation,
> etc.
> *Emotion, as is well known, affects which information one believes and
> doubts, which leads to bias and inaccuracy, sometimes costing a lot,
> even lives. To counteract this bias, it suggested that one regard emotion,
> when reading, or writing with hatred. It is also suggested that, as an exer
> cise one deliberately read material that upsets one, then pick sentences
> that one believes to be inaccurate and carefully explain why they are inacc-
> urate, and if this is impossible, accept the sentences as being accurate.
> Also read both sides of any controversy.
> *James Casbolt was an expediter for the transportion of cocaine and opium from
> Marseille, France, to Britain for the British Military Intelligence Six, ( MI6 ) which is
> in charge of the British narcotics trade. James Casbolt, apparently, was affected
> by his conscious and became a whistle-blower. Casbolt said, in passing, that MI6
> had found that a mixture of 75% truth and 25% ridiculous fantasy created the
> maximum confusion. This practice can be seen in David Icke's books where an
> estimated 20% is utter nonsense, for example, saying that the Queen turns into a
> crocodile every night, and 80 % is good, worthwhile information. The result is that
> every Briton, when told, for example, that Britain is controlled by the CEE, will
> hold up his hands in horror and say "Oh that David Icke" and will adamantly
> refuse to listen any more. Anyway, MI6 took action against James Casbolt and
> took away his passport and birth certificate, so that now he is stateless
> and, reportedly, homeless. MI6 made him write (or perhaps wrote for him )
> ridiculous stories about four thousand underground bases averaging four miles
> deep in which MI6 agents and extra terrestials are torturing humans day and night.
> Later the story was expanded to a book with more fantastic happenings. More
> than enough to make the public dismiss everything Casbolt. has said as being
> psychotic.
> *Intuition and common sense can be trustworthy providing they are about prior
> experiences that are often repeated. otherwise intuition and common sense
> should be treated with suspicion.
> *The Establishment, apparently set up four categories of disseminated infor-
> mation The first is information that is complimentary to the Establishment and is
> disseminated by the Establishment and any one else who wants to. The second
> category is information that is uncomplimentary but which the Establishment
> disseminates itself and allows any one else to disseminate it: the reason why
> they allow the disseminate of this information is that it gives the public the
> illusion that free speech exists. The third category is information that is
> uncomplimentary to the Establishment, and the Establishment media are not
> allowed to disseminate it and do not. The third category of uncomplimentary
> information is only disseminated by various non-Establishment sources,
> however, the Establishment does nothing about it as few read it because the
> sources have few resources to promote it and any pressure against the
> souces would result in too much unwanted publicity Examples are: the mag-
> azine Z, In These Times, Utne reader, etc. The fourth category is uncom-
> limenary that the Establishment will take action to eliminate. Foe, example:
> a book called "The Rockefeller Conspiracy" resulted in a Rockefeller employee
> going around all the bookstores and buying all copies. Another example is the
> "Sociological History of American Medicine", describing the brutal replacement
> of medicine with a 200,000 year history of discoveries with a highly profitable
> medicine wih only a few, crude "ethical" drugs. Though the writer has seen the
> book in a store, no reference to the book can be found online. Yet another book,
> entitled "Founders Finagle" cannot be found online either.
> *No information is absolute, that is, has a probability of 100 % of being true.
> All information is only theory which can have a probability of from near zero
> to near 100%. However the media has distorted information about various
> outrages committed by the Western powers by saying that information about
> the outrages are merely "conspiracy theories" in a tone of voice that strongly
> implies that the theories are of little or no probability, even though there might
> plenty of evidence for the outrages.
> *The iron law of organisation: Unless specifically excluded, all organisations
> with power, audience or capital will be controlled, dominated, ruled or ruined
> by one or more of the following quad: opportunists, neurotics, the partisan
> and the Hostile. Or, in more colloquial language, Any organisation with
> any thing worth ripping off, will be ripped off by by crooks, commies, crazies,
> or ringers. They achieve their aims by studying the weaknesses of the organ-
> isation, members and the rules, and then commit all kinds of dirty tricks.
> *To be effective in politics (and in general ), one must know at least some of
> the more important of the informal fallacies. Of the formal fallacies, one need
> only have rudimentary knowledge of syllogisms.
> *The Bilderbergers is not powerful organisation, but merely an annual meeting
> between the powerful of various large countries and representatives of the
> CEE/ Illuminati. In the meetings, reports of the happenings of the prior year
> are given to the representatives of the CEE/Illuminati and orders for the next
> year are given to the attendees by the representatives.
> *Occams principle states that the most likely answer to a question or problem
> is the simplest of all the possible answers.
> *Those who who are familiar with types three and four categories of information
> know that "Snopes" is an yet another instrument of government disinformation.
> *Negative statements are not statements that are obnoxious, but are statements
> that the subject of the statement does not exist. Negative statements are
> usually hard to impossible to prove. One must search the whole context of
> the statement thoroughly to prove the non-existence of the subject. For example,
> the statement "there is no apple in the box on the table" is easy to prove; one
> has only to open the box to see. However, the statement " there is no apple
> outside of the earth, in the universe", would require one to search the whole
> universe outside of the Earth to prove the non-existence of the apple.
> *In the stone ages, the leader of a tribe hit any dissident over head with a club.
> Then, the tribes grew bigger and leader had to select lieutenants. The
> tribes grew even bigger and the lieutenants tended to become independent,
> resulting in much strife. Then some came up with the most brilliant idea in
> history of strife and control. Instead of fighting your enemy, said the developer
> of the idea, tell him that you are his friend, then help him and disarm him and
> soon you will be able to control him. So good was this idea that everybody
> attempted to use it and those who did use it developed facades behind which
> they disarmed and controlled their enemy, and then, anyone else. The number
> of possible facades is limited and the number of those who want use them
> number in the thousands. So that behind any one facade lie hundreds of
> people. Like lifting a beautiful stone, in a field of beautiful stones, hiding
> beneath each you will find poisonous snakes, large, vicious rats and insects
> in the filth below. The Establishment, naturally, has developed hundreds of fac-
> ades to control Britain. The facade du jour is protecting the public from terr-
> orists--Al Quaida, (which was formed and is controlled by the CIA), but the real
> reason is to set up outrageous laws. that civil servants cannot disobey in the
> future, to control the population of Britain.
> *The Establishment collects all the electronic information that everybody sends:
> all telephone conversations, faxs, emails, twitters, and are planning to record
> all the recorded medical details of every one.
> *Except for emotional stimulation, all information not used in a decision is value-
> less, although some might be of potential value. Information only be of value if
> used in a decision. The value of information can be given by the formula: the
> net value of information is equal to minus the direct costs plus the value of the
> benefit times the probability or getting the benefit minus the liability times the
> probability of suffering the liability.
> *If two billiard balls form a cause and effect, that is, one strikes the other, the
> paths that they will follow would be very easy to predict with great accuracy
> and certainty. However, in real life, where there are a huge number objects
> such as people, companies, organisations, all with identical, similar and
> opposite characteristics, etc., Effects are very hard to predict. No one causal
> entity can effect only one effected entity. The effected entity can also can be
> changed by other, unknown, causal entities and will produce unknown effects.
> In addition there will be unknown feedback, positive and negative, from the
> effect, and unknown effects, to the nominal cause, unknown causes and with
> unknown delays. Thus, accurate long range planning is impossible; only
> good for guessing. Any planning must be short range, and should be based
> on similar prior planning. Large corporations used to make long range plans,
> but they did not work and long range planning was abandonned.
> *There are two kinds of anti-semitism: legitimate anti-semitism, for example,
> criticising Israel for the Gaza incursion and other outrages, and illegitimate
> anti-semitism, such as the blood libel or accusing Jews of killing Christ.
> *Just before World War I the labour unions on both sides called for a strike to
> prevent the war. The workers did not strike. After the war some Marxist
> scholars went to work, in the German City of Frankfurt, to find out why. They
> came to the conclusion that the bonds between the workers and various nat-
> ional institutions and national culture were stronger than the bonds between
> the workers and workers of foreign countries. The action that they reccom-
> mended was to destroy the national bonds of the workers so that the inter-
> national bonds between workers could be strenthened. In 1933, the scholars
> moved to New York to escape Hitler and started "The New School" The
> scholars, now called the "Frankfurt School", continued their work and their
> students moved to Teachers' College to teach teachers how to destroy the
> bonds of American workers to their country.
> *Agenda 21, meaning the UN's agenda for the twenty first century, is the UN's
> solution for the problem of over-population and the perceived food
> shortages. Their agents will operate down to the local level. The following will
> be subject, under Agenda 21, to seizure:
> Private property ownership
> Single-Family homes
> Private car ownership and individual travel choices
> Privately owned Farms
> Monsanto, regarded as the most evil corporation in the World, has just joined
> The World Business Council for Sustainable Developement, a group of power-
> ful corporations, including powerful banks and powerful oil corporations to sup-
> port the UN's Agenda 21. Montsanto has recently bought vast areas of Africa.
> Critics see Agenda 21 as a conspiracy to enlarge the power of the UN and en-
> large the wealth of mega-corporations at the expense of individuals, smaller
> businesses, private property rights and national sovereignty. For more details,
> check online, for example,
> *Common Purpose is a left wing masonic group. It's members are recruited
> from the best students in schools. The members infiltrate governments.There
> are about two thousand members in the UK.
> * In the absence of psychologists, it is suggested that well-adjusted, social
> people form cliques to evaluate potential candidates. It should be bourne in
> mind that dishonest and malevolent people can mimic well-adjusted people
> and must be identified.
> *Political and similar organisations in which there is contention need a parallel
> organisation to represent members of the first organisation: some what like a
> labour union.
> *Socialism means the massive transfer of wealth from the rich to the poor. This
> transfer will will result in much violence and violence will require people skilled
> in the art. The people skilled in violence will not be the kind of people who are
> concerned with democacy nor the welfare of others nor the rule of rationality
> (such as it is under socialism). After winning the fight, These fighters will not, as
> socialism rationality would require, return to the trades that they previously were
> employed in. No, only Socialist leadership would be the only acceptable reward
> for risking their lives. In addition, in those treacherous times, loyalty to socialism
> being the most important qualification in the selection of leaders: and this helped
> them no end.
> Socialist dogma holds that all workers are honest and trustworthy with a few ex-
> ceptions, who were bent by capitalism. The dogma also holds that workers are
> of about equal intelligence, ability, and skills. The ex-fighters for socialism,
> now leaders, will hire their friends and those loyal to the fighters--people who
> are not necessarily skilled leaders.
> Another phenomenon tha greatly affects the quality of socialist leadership is des-
> cribed by the Iron Law of Organisations: Unless specifically excluded, all organ-
> isations will be controlled, dominated, ruled or ruined by one or more of the foll-
> owing quad: opportunists, neurotics, the partisan and agents of predatory or
> hostile organisations. These individuals will use every and any trick there is: ex-
> ploiting weaknesses in the elements of organisations, corruption, deceit, theft,
> defamation, forgery, etc. Thus, additional hordes of scum get leadership positions.
> Once at work, these leaders will not work more than forty hours a week as such
> exploitation is proscribe by socialism; in addition, being workers, they will not
> work any harder than other workers. The leaders will know little about their ind-
> ustry and will discourage, even reject, innovation as innovation risks their being
> replaced. The leaders will promote only those of similar inclination as they would
> be more sympathetic and understanding, and thus safer, about the existing
> leaders.
> Those entering work, after school, can be divided into three groups, those who
> can think well and rationally, and are employed by organisations require employ-
> ees who think well; those who are unable to think and are employed in manual
> work and those who think badly and get jobs that require some, but not much
> intellect. The latter, free from any intellectual responsibility, will enjoy all the fan-
> tasy that they can generate. This latter group can generate no pride in intellectual
> performance, so take pride their humanitarianism, sympathy and empathy for the
> the poor and downtrodden; and think up the most devastating ideas. Unfortunately,
> the left-wing part of the public takes these ideas seriously and votes Labour.
> The Labour Party has brought Britain to the brink of economic collapse, to be
> saved by the nasty party, just in time. Nine times since Ramsey Macdonald's
> government
> There has been twenty three socialist economies and not one has been suc-
> cessful. Czecheslovakia was one of the leading economies of the World, but was
> reduced to, almost, a third World country by socialism. Those that have survived
> with a reasonable economy, have done so by using free enterprise.
> *In the nineteenth century there were about eight different types of physicians.
> The top physicians were homeopaths: a little bit below that were the naturopaths
> and a little bit below then were the chiropractors. At the bottom, were ex-army
> physicians who could fix broken bones and tie up wounds and knew a bit about
> herbology which learned from native Americans. A little bit above the ex-army
> physicians were German physicians who were based in Philadelphia. The Ger-
> man physicians, who comprised one half of one per cent of all Americans phys-
> icians, practiced heavy medicine and heavy surgery.The educated classes reg-
> arded these German physicians as quacks. Their trade union was called the
> American Medical Association.
> In 1895, Rockefeller and Carnegie invested a lot of money in pharmaceuticals,
> but the only physicians who would perscribe them were the German phys-
> icians. A very aggressive businessman would have stopped right then, but
> not Rockefeller; he went to his extreme to market his pharmaceuticals, to
> replace two hundred thousand years of medical discoveries and practice
> with a few crude man made chemicals with fewer than one hundred atoms
> (the typical biological molecule has from tens of thousands to a few Hundred
> thousand atoms).
> Rockefeller used his political power to remove every physician who would
> not use pharmaceuticals from the government. Carnegie set up a Comm-
> ision to close all the huge number of very low quality medical schools (they de-
> served to be closed) and with them some good medical schools that did not
> teach pharmaceuticals. Eventually all the physicians were replaced by the
> German physicians. In Britain the same thing happened, but with little fuss as
> Britain was, and is, well stitched up and that all the investors had to do was to
> issue a few orders.
> *911/WTC Two thirds of Americans do not believe that the American govern-
> ment was responsible for the destruction of the World Trade Center, even
> though the most cursory look at the evidence will show that the government
> was responsible. The reason for this enormous disbelief is that those who do
> not believe in the guilt of the government were raised and live in an unpleasant
> world of people who could be compared to rolls of barbed wire with two arms,
> two legs and a head, constantly bumping into each other and tearing each
> other's flesh. In such a world such people turn to a fantasy family, much as
> children have their fantasy family. The fantasy family makes life more bearable.
> Thus the barbed wire people mentioned above turn to the powerful government
> as part of their fantasy. The idea that the government was responsible for the
> destruction of the World Trade Center is far too painful and they refuse to bel-
> ieve it. But the fact of the guilt of the government is far too important to ignore.
> If everybody believed in the guilt of the government, it would be easier to get rid
> of the crooks in Congress. So important is it to expose the government that not
> to believe the Government's guilt is cowardice and treason. So please search:
> +DVD+WTC or +DVD+911 , then pick up some search words and continue
> searching; there many more websites about the World Trade Center destruction.
> Also see
> *It has been reported that The Department of Homeland Security has requested
> form Russia 15,000 troops to be stationed in the Federal Emergency Manage-
> ment Agency, to be stationed in region III, which means Washington DC and the
> surrounding area, to take of possible civil unrest. Search online for " 15,000
> Russian Troops" , " atomic attacks" and "Senator Lindsey Graham"
> *There is a convention that parish councils are not political and that emails about
> politics should be ignored. This is nonsense: A parish council is a government,
> although a small one, and is, thus, by definition, political. The above convention
> was probably invented by clerks with lesser general knowledge to avoid trying
> to understand emails that are too difficult for them to to understand. A better
> procedure would be for the clerks to withhold only those emails that they thor-
> oughly understand and definitely know that the council would not be interested
> in them. Otherwise, the clerk should consult with the chairman.
> *Labour voters would fare much better under an conservative xxxxx government
> controlled by local conservative xxxx than by a Labour government, which is
> controlled by the CEE and operated by European banks.
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Questions answered, comments welcome. Any comments or questions
> may be reproduced in subsequent emails. If you sent one, indicate how
> you would like it to be attributed to, if any attribution would be wanted.
> I would appreciate any useful information. It is suggested that those who
> communicate with me name the county that they live in.
> Copyright
> Nothing in this email is, or will be, copyrighted. If resent as a whole, it may be
> attributed to me, the author. If altered, the altered part may not be attributed
> to me, the author.
> Unsubscribe
> If you wish to unsubscibe, please send an email with the name of your
> county, district/borough and town/parish. Thank you.
> -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> A lot of the above information can be confirmed on line and from the
> following list of books: Ask for an email with about 400 hyperlinks on
> these topics.
> More information can be obtained from the following books:
> .
> "The Unseen Hand" ....................................."Conspirators Hierarchy"
> A. Ralph Epperson ......................................John Coleman PhD
> C. 1985 .........................................................C. 1992
> ISBN 0-9614135-06 ......................................ISBN 0-992356-57-2
> Pub: Publius Press (USA).............................World in review
> 001 (520) 886 4380 ......................................Tel: 702 448 5532
> ..........................................................
> "The Anglo American Establishment"......... "Diplomacy by Deception"
> Carroll Quigley, Prof.......................................John Coleman Ph D
> C. 1981 ................................................... ...C.1993
> ISBN 0-916728-50-1 ...................................ISBN 9640104-8-8
> ....................................................................................See above
> .
> " Tragedy and Hope""................................... "Dope Inc."
> Carroll Quigley, Prof. ....................................K. Kalimtgatis et al.
> 1,348 pages .................................................C. 1978
> ISBN 0-933488-00-9
> Distrib: Barnes Review, Phila. Pa
> "Secret Societies and................................. "Call it Conspiracy"
> Nesta Webster ..............................................Larry Abraham
> C. 1924....................................................... C. 1971
> ISBN 1-881316 ..............................................ISBN 0-9615550-0-9
> .A&B Book Publisher Double Publications
> Brooklyn NY USA............................................Seattle WA 98188
> .
> "The Truth about the Slump" ............................"All These Things"
> A. N. Field .........................................................A. N. Field
> C. 1935 ..............................................................C. 1936
> Pub. A. N. Field
> Nelson, New Zealand
> ..
> "The Red Fog Over America" .............................."Pawns in the Game"
> William Guy Carr ................................................William Guy Carr
> C. before 1962 ...................................................CPA Book Publishers
> St. George Press Boring OR 97009 ..
> Los Angeles CA
> .
> "None Dare Call it Conspiracy" ............................"The Nameless War"
> Gary Allen ...........................................................A. H. M. Ramsey
> C. 1976
> ISBN 0-89966-661-2
> .
> "The New Unhappy Lords" ..............................."Imperium"
> A. K. Chesterton ...............................................Ulick Varange
> ......................................................................C. 1965 (Frances Parker Yockey )
> Candour Pub. Co. C. 1962
> London, UK SW1 .........................................Library of Congress Cat. 62-53156
> . Noontide Press
> . Sausalito CA
> .
> "None Dare Call it Treason" ................................"The Invisible Government"
> John A. Stormer ................................................Dan Smoot
> C. 1964 ..............................................................Western Islands Publishers
> Liberty Bell Press
> .
> "The Conspiracy of Zion'
> Douglas Reed ..................................................."Trilaterals Over Washington"
> ...............................................................Antony C. Sutton, Patrick M. Wood
> C. 1979
> The August Corporation
> .
> "Final Warning: a History of the.........................."The world Order, Our Secret Rulers"
> .New World Order"............................................. .Eustace Mullins
> David Allen Rivera.............................................. Lib. of Congr. Cat. No. 84-082357
> .Available on the Internet:
> .
> Federal Reserve System Conspiracy..................Waters Flowing Eastwards
> Eustace Mullins.....................................................L.Fry
> And many more.
> .
> The Runnymede Gazette, an internet blog.
> .
> These Books might be obtained from the following book sellers, the
> URL addresses of which are listed below, otherwise, search for
> +"book title"+Catalog
> .
> .
> .
> Also: Bloomfield Books, Sudbury, Suffolk, UK, CO10 2TD
> Tel: 01144 (0)1787 376 374
> Also, you can search for book-sellers by surfing: + "title"+catalog+shipping
> or "category" +catalog+shipping
> click "used books"
> The following are some search terms that will produce some interesting
> results:
> "New World Order", +weishaupt+knigge, "Eustace Mullins", "John Coleman PhD " ,
> "Ralph Epperson" "Common Purpose", +video+WTC, "Gary Allen", "Dan Smoot"
> "Antony Sutton", "William +Guy +Carr", "Anton Chaitkin" , +Rothschild+conspiracy
> bilderberger, "Prescott Bush", "Kuhn Loeb", +Waco+"Linda Thompson", HAARP
> +Jekyll+Warburg+Rothschild , +"Vince Foster", +"Ron Brown" Chemtrails,
> "+Committee of +300", +"Patriot Militia" "Presidential Executive Order",
> "Jury Nullification",+"Magna Carta", "scallywag", +MAI+sovereignty, genewatch
> +"OklahomaCity"+bomb, +"Flight 800"+missile, +"John Hammell"+Codex, "Corpus Juris"
> +Duesberg+Rasnick+Scondras, +Myth+vaccine, "+Media +bypass", "Noam Chomsky",
> "Political Corruption", +FTAA+MAI, "Black Nobility", "George Soros"+BCCI,
> nizkor, "+mind+control", "Mind Control"+tavistock , "Habeus Corpus"+ psychetronics
> "the Secret History of the United States of America" "Carol Moore"+Waco,
> "Waco Museum", "Myron C. Fagan", + "911 Conspiracy", +Casbolt+MI6, "
> The United States of North America", Amero,
> "The North American Union", . +silverbear+"Final Warning", "Pastor Lindsey Williams",
> +FEMA+"Coup Detat", +FEMA+"Secret Prisons, Paul Wellstone, White Hats, Agenda 21,
> Alternative Media, GMO, "David Icke", John Lear 911,
> John Newell

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