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Letter to David Cameron from Albert Burgess

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Letter to David Cameron from Albert Burgess
« on: September 05, 2014, 11:54:22 PM »
David Cameron
10,Downing Street
 11 July 2014

Ref Your criminal beliefs

Dear David
 It seems to me your education leaves a lot to be desired, no doubt you cross your T's and dot your I's impeccably something I rarely achieve.

But your knowledge of the laws of this Kingdom, and in particular our ancient but exceedingly good English Constitution and Common Law, is lamentably inadequate for the roll you purport to play in government. It really is long past the time you grew up, your Bullingdon boy days are over, no longer can you get drunk smash up restaurants and avoid arrest by paying over the top for the damage.

You do not have enough money to pay for the damage you have inflicted on the English Constitution something about which you have no knowledge of.

Those freedoms granted by John when he signed Magna Carta 1215 were English freedoms long before John came to the Throne. He merely reissued freedoms which we can trace back to Alfred the Great, your knowledge of Magna Carta has been publicly proved to be non existent, so I will tell you Alfred was the guy who burnt the cakes and first codified English Law. Law reissued by John in 1215 when he signed Magna Carta at Runnymede.

The Petition of Right 1628 and the Grand Remonstrance 1641 were demands we be ruled by Alfred's Laws. The Declaration and Bill of Rights 1689 were again a reissue of the laws of Alfred. These great constitutional documents in no way diminished the authority of the King contrary to what the House of Commons would have us believe.

Now since coming to office you have driven a horse and cart through the English Constitution. A Constitution and Common Law you are not authorised to alter in any way. Now your actions amount to treason against the English Constitution and the people of this Kingdom, your restrictions on the freedom of action of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II constitute treason contrary to the 1351 Treason Act. Both these offences warrant under English Law the ultimate sanction of the death penalty. When we eventually come for you to place you on trial in one of Her Majesty's Courts for your life, I think it only fair your tutor Vernon Bogdanor should sit in the dock with you, as it was his teaching which has exposed you to this extreme risk. So just a little word of advice what the Queen does in Parliament is not necessarily the law, indeed the law forbids a lot of what has been put through Parliament in her name over the last 40 odd years. So in time honoured fashion we will not be dragging Queen Elizabeth II out to the gallows but her evil and wicked councillors and you and that moron Clegg are just two of those evil and wicked councillors.

Now I am going to make you a once in a lifetime offer. I am prepared to come to number 10 or better still the floor of the House where I will instruct you on what the English Constitution is all about. If you then apply that knowledge you might just avoid your head ending up on a spike on London Bridge where a vast majority of those indigenous to these islands believe it should be.

You will note I have not used your official titles in this letter or on the envelope this is because as Sir Francis Walsingham said to the Duke of Norfolk on his arrest for treason against the first Queen Elizabeth, the dead have no titles.

 Respectfully Submitted

 Albert Burgess


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Re: Letter to David Cameron from Albert Burgess
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2014, 09:43:34 PM »
Albert had a short response regarding his request,he was told to contact the Cabinet Office.
This is a further letter from Albert to David Cameron


Ref freedom of information request

  David On the 6th August 2014 I submitted a freedom of information request copy attached, I followed this with a supplemental letter 4th September 2014. requiring the title of the book used as a reference book on the Royal  Prerogative,copy attached .

It was announced that the Royal Prerogative was now used by the Prime Minister I asked when, where, why and who authorised this transfer of the Royal Prerogative from the Anointed Sovereign to the Prime Minister. Your correspondence officer stating my request is not a request for recorded information but a series of history questions. Am I supposed to believe such a major shift in authority from the Kings of England to the Prime Minister is not a matter of record? Are we supposed to believe that Prime Minister does not know how he acquired the authority of a King of England? Surely it is a requirement of wielding authority that it should be known where that authority came from when it came why it came and who authorised it. My request for information under the Freedom of Information Act stands.

  Respectfully submitted

  Albert Burgess

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