?It was 40 years ago?the girls were not too young? Peter Rippon on Savile crimes

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In the email, which is dated December 2011, Liz Mackean allegedly describes Rippon?s reasons for shelving the investigation as creating ?a perfect storm?.

MacKean details Rippon?s excuses to the Newsnight team that worked on the story, saying: ?When we rebut his points, he resorts to saying: well, it was 40 years ago? the girls were teenagers, not too young? they weren?t the worst kind of sexual offences etc?.

More here - with further links: http://s.tt/1qOlN


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BBC chief on the rack over failings: Pressure mounts on Entwistle as he prepares for a grilling by MPs
 Explosive Panorama report claims Director-general George Entwistle gave misleading accounts about why Savile expose was pulled

 Mr Entwistle 'seeks legal advice' before facing Parliamentary Select Committee
 Critics accuse BBC chief of failing to grasp enormity of the scandal

By Paul Revoir
PUBLISHED:00:01, 22 October 2012| UPDATED:07:41, 22 October 2012
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The BBC?s director-general was under intense pressure last night as he prepared to face MPs with the revelations from tonight?s devastating Panorama documentary into the Savile scandal ringing in his ears.
Recently-appointed chief George Entwistle is understood to have taken legal advice ahead of answering questions from the Culture Select Committee tomorrow.

Mr Entwistle, who was director of BBC Vision in 2011, will be asked why he did nothing last December when he was informed by director of news Helen Boaden that an impending Newsnight investigation into Savile might mean he would have to change his Christmas broadcast schedule, which contained a tribute to the late television personality.

Probe: The new Director General George Entwistle is facing a grilling over the BBC handling of the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal
Mr Entwistle was appointed director-general earlier this year, succeeding Mark Thompson.

A popular figure and former editor of Newsnight, he vowed to put ?quality? back at  the heart of the BBC.
 Emails plunge BBC into 'worst crisis in 50 years': Newsnight boss steps down over damning evidence of Savile 'cover-up'
 Newsnight journalist accused of covering up sexual abuse by Savile at the school where his aunt was headmistress
Rapist caught 25 years on, after new evidence found by the Metropolitan Police cold case team

But his critics argue that he has simply failed to grasp the enormity of the unfolding Savile scandal on three separate occasions.
The first was when he was briefed by Miss Boaden in December 2011; the second was when the decision to shelve the Savile film was publicised in January this year; and the third and final occasion was when the full horror of Savile?s crimes became clear at the start of this month.

Silent: Helen Boaden was aware of the outline of the shelved Newsnight investigation but has made no comment since the scandal erupted
MPs will grill him about how he responded to the scandal after it emerged that ITV planned to run its own programme dealing with the Savile claims.

Panorama claims that Mr Entwistle was misleading in his accounts of exactly why the Savile film  was pulled from the Newsnight schedules last year.

Mr Entwistle has  said publicly that the reason it was shelved was because the original programme was not an investigation purely into Savile?s abuse, but into a failed previous inquiry into Savile by Surrey police.
In an email to staff on October 5, Mr Entwistle suggested as much by saying: ?The BBC Newsnight programme investigated Surrey police?s inquiry into Jimmy Savile towards the end of 2011.?

Similarly, the line consistently given by the BBC has been that the reason the programme was dropped was because of a ?lack of evidence? to  confirm the specific allegation that Surrey police and the Crown Prosecution Service had scrapped the investigation because of Savile?s age and health.

Contradiction: Newsnight producer Meirion Jones gave a different account about the Savile report was spiked
But two Newsnight staff members who worked on the investigation have now told Panorama that this  suggested the programme was about the police inquiry and not about Savile?s misdeeds.

Indeed, within hours of Mr Entwistle?s October 5 email, producer Meirion Jones had responded to contradict his account.

He wrote: ?George ? one note ? the investigation was into whether Jimmy Savile was a paedophile ? I know because it was my investigation. 
?We didn?t know that Surrey police had investigated Jimmy Savile ?  no one did ? that was what we found when we investigated and interviewed his victims.?
And the reporter who worked with Mr Jones, Liz MacKean, tells Panorama: ?The story we were investigating was very clear cut. 

?It was about Jimmy Savile being a paedophile and using his status as a charity fundraiser and television presenter to get access to places where there were vulnerable teenage girls he could abuse.?
Tonight?s film will also increase the pressure on Miss Boaden, who was aware of the outline of the Newsnight investigation but has made no comment since the scandal erupted.

More than 200 people have come forward to say they were abused by the TV star

Panorama reveals that she had a ?conversation of less than ten seconds? with Mr Entwistle about the film at an awards ceremony at a Hilton Hotel in London on December 2 last year, telling him about the risk to a Christmas television schedule which contained a tribute to Savile.
In addition, Newsnight editor Peter Rippon, who dramatically quit last night over the affair, has always maintained that he was not put under any pressure to shelve the story.

But the documentary will hear bombshell claims from Miss  MacKean that Mr Rippon was feeling under pressure from his bosses to drop the investigation in November last year.

Questions: Director general George Entwistle, left, faces a panel of MPs over the corporation's handling of the scandal which caused Newsnight editor Peter Rippon, right, to step down from his role

Panorama reveals that on November 30, 2011 ? after a string of rows with Mr Rippon ? Miss MacKean wrote to a friend: ?PR [Peter Rippon] says if the bosses aren?t happy...[he] can?t go to the wall on this one.?
The Newsnight journalists also take issue with another public statement made by their editor. In defending his decision to drop the story, on October 2, 2012, Mr Rippon wrote in his BBC blog: ?We are confident that all the women we spoke to had contacted the police already.?
But Mr Jones tells Panorama: ?The key witness Karin Ward categorically told us she had not gone to the police and Peter was reminded many times that this was the case both verbally and in writing.?
 'Get a grip'! MPs tell BBC boss to sort out Savile scandal...
 Savile sex scandal hits horrific new low as former colleague...

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There has been much talk over the past few days about BBC Director General George Entwistle?s supposed decision to protect the Christmas TV schedule in favour of allowing the Newsnight exposure of Jimmy Savile. In our view that is only part of the story and the investigation must not stop there.

One element that has not yet been discussed in the media is the political influence that would have surrounded the spiking of the Savile story by the BBC.
The BBC would have been party at the highest levels to the planning for the opening and closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympic Games and the 2012 Paralympics, which heavily featured both the NHS and Stoke Mandeville hospital.
Was it to protect London?s perceived perfect Olympics that political decisions were made to spike the Jimmy Savile story? Were members of the Culture and Media committee themselves involved in any decision making, or indeed the Culture secretary himself in collusion with the then BBC Director General Mark Thompson or The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG).
This investigation cannot centre on the BBC alone and must now shift to the politics behind the workings and decision making within the BBC,  including any political pressure that was brought to bear in order to either cover up the Savile story, or at least make it disappear until after the Olympic Games had finished.
As with all breaking paedophile stories and investigations, such as Operation Ore, Dunblane,  Haut de la Garenne or the Hollie Greig story, once those investigations begin to knock on the doors of politicians, judges and lawyers, they quickly descend into the realms of cover-up, lies and media blackouts, the removal of investigating officers and the use of the Mental Health Act to silence or make the accusers disappear, and enough official and unofficial disinformation to suggest that the vulnerable victims should not be believed.
I think the Savile revelations so far are starting to show proof of that methodology
Original Article at Hollie Demands Justice http://holliedemandsjustice.org/content/the-bbc-cesspit-political-decisions-and-the-olympics/
Namaste Publishing


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The BBC is now exposed as a decadent institution. As both a victim and promoter of anarchic, sex-perverted secularism, it is the official media face of a corrupt culture.

Now our euphoric Diamond Jubilee celebration and Olympic summer are becoming rapidly-fading memories, ugly realities are loudly rebuking us.
Not long before the Jimmy Savile scandal broke, the fiasco of the 'topless duchess' was disturbing enough. Indeed, these incidents are but symptoms of our European and UK-wide immoral, immodest culture, where promiscuity, pornography and perversion flow unchecked. Indeed, our entire entertainment industry thrives on adulterous sex in particular and a mocking disregard for the Ten Commandments in general.

There was a time when 'BBC' could stand for 'Bible-Based Culture'. Really? Yes. Instead of scoffing at the idea, stay with me.

While UK culture was showing signs of decay from the deleterious influence of Darwin (1859), the poisonous effects of German higher biblical criticism (1870s and 80s), liberal humanism in the churches (1890s onwards) and the impact of atheistic communism following the Russian Revolution (1917), the BBC started well.

The inscription (alas in Latin, so Jimmy Savile and most people couldn't read it!) in the entrance hall of the original BBC Broadcasting House in London makes this clear:


This shrine of the arts, music and literature is dedicated by the first Governors in the year of our Lord 1931, John Reith being Director General.  It is their prayer that good seed sewn will produce a good harvest, that everything offensive to decency and hostile to peace will be expelled, and that the nation will incline its ear to those things which are lovely, pure and of good report and thus pursue the path of wisdom and virtue.

This noble dedication reveals the Christian values expressed by the Apostle Paul:

Whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy - meditate on these things (Philippians 4: 8).

Of course, in the post-war period, the sixties sexual revolution saw an end to what had been largely national lip-service to our Christian culture. This was the era in which Jimmy Savile began unchecked to exploit the growing promiscuity. Of course, he was not alone. And who had the guts to challenge it apart from Mary Whitehouse and the Festival of Light?

At the same time, the undisciplined theological and moral apostasy within the Church of England and other denominations aided and abetted the tragic decline. Universities and schools promoted ideological corruption as marriage and family values came under increasing attack. The wreckage of our disintegrating culture is now everywhere evident.

Celebrities like Richard Dawkins and broadcasters at the BBC and elsewhere are now the public face of the UK's tragedy.The likes of Andrew Marr, John Humphrys, Jeremy Bowen, Polly Toynbee, Jeremy Paxman and others are the voices of what the BBC has become. What with a Muslim being head of Religious broadcasting and multi-faith thinking in the ascendancy, what do we have? A politically-correct stranglehold on freedom of speech and Christian teaching in particular. So...

BBC = 'Ban Bible Conspiracy'.

Hence we pay a license fee for:

BBC = 'Bad British Culture'

With the growing embarrassment of the sickening Savile saga, apart from seemingly-sincere veteran John Simpson (and surely there must be others), it is time to reverse the ruin of the randy

BBC = Bad Boys Club.

Return Lord Reith! The BBC's original values were never more desperately needed. Our economic crisis is but a symptom of the spiritual and moral crisis. We need a national repentance. May God have mercy upon us!

Dr Alan C. Clifford

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