Letter to the Queen

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Letter to the Queen
« on: September 10, 2014, 11:26:11 PM »
Queen Elizabeth II                                                                           Albert Burgess

Buckingham Palace                                                                          15 Parliament Road

London                                                                                              Thame

SW1A 1AA                                                                                       OX9 3TE 


Ref Kingship


The newspapers are saying you are concerned over the question of Scottish independence. You are the lawfully anointed Queen of England from which all your other titles and pre-eminences flow. You are in your own right the lawful Queen of Scotland and inherit the Crown of King James VI of Scotland. 

Majesty under the law of England under which we all live and under the common law, laws of Kingship you are the supreme governor of these Islands answerable only to the people of these islands and God. History shows us that a number of the Kings of England have departed this life as a result of failing in their duty to rule the kingdom properly, I seriously doubt anyone will drag you of to execution but an increasing number of your subjects are seriously talking of removing the Crown from your hands which they consider you unfit to hold. 

If this united Kingdom is broken up we have only you to blame, you had only to tell the ministers advocating this to go paint their collective heads yellow and hide them in a corner some where, and devolution would have been dead before it began. But you failed in your duty to the people of your Kingdom and sat on your hands. 

We are told you are upset about devolution yet not a word has come from Buckingham Palace condemning the systematic rape and prostituting of our young women by gangs of predatory Muslims, nor a word about the serious sexual abuse of our children since the 1980's that we know about by politicians and other prominent people. 

You are the lawfully anointed Queen of England, you are our supreme governor. THE BUCK STOPS WITH YOU. 

It is time you realised just what it is to be England's Queen! It is time you consigned your entire cabinet and Privy council to the Tower to await the appointing of a public executioner. Your governments for the last 40 years have consistently betrayed this Kingdom and its people, and they have been able to do this because whatever your personnel feelings you have been sat on your hands. 

Majesty it is long past the time you stood up and wielded the sword of justice and consigned a considerable number of past and present cabinets to the Tower so many in fact you might need to order its extension, it is time you took your head out of the sand and realised Islam is totally alien to this Kingdom and has no place here and removed it from your Kingdom how many rapes and beheadings do you think your subjects will take before they take the law into their own hands? And we end up with a blood bath on the streets of your Kingdom. 

Now I am going to advise you as no one charged with that responsibility seems to be doing their job. 


Sack every police officer above the rank of Chief Superintendent without pension and investigate them for failing to properly supervise the officers under their direction, as they have clearly failed to protect our children from rape and abuse. Children you have the ultimate responsibility for. Nor have they prevented Sharia law being implemented, they have allowed Muslims to march on our streets advocating the murder of your subjects. Both these things are illegal.   


Take us out of the European Union it is constitutionally downright illegal under our constitutional and common law. 


Print your own money do not pay Ashkenazi bankers to print it for you, and consign these bankers to the tower along with the politicians, they are all hand in glove  so one axe will fit all. 


Go back to school and learn just how far the authority of an English King reaches in England. 


If you have any problems doing the above ask the people for the support of your subjects. You would be surprised how many of us would die for you, and use your army they have but one purpose in life and that to protect this Kingdom and its people. That includes from threats from home, and they are loyal to you personally. 


Stop all foreign aid and spend that money and the money we will no longer be paying Europe to rebuild the infrastructure of this Kingdom, and rebuild the armed forces so they can defend this Kingdom. 


Remove all honours and titles from naturalised subjects and remove them from all public office, under the common law of English Kings it is forbidden to allow them to   sit in either house of parliament or to fill any of these rolls and the law refuses you the right to reverse it. Give these islands back to those who are indigenous to them. 

Majesty do these things and you will outshine your illustrious predecessor Elisabeth I, do nothing and you will go down as England's worst ever sovereign. 

Respectfully submitted

Albert Burgess

Cc Prince Charles

     Prince William     

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