Letter to David Cameron from Albert Burgess (Xmas 2013)

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Letter to David Cameron from Albert Burgess (Xmas 2013)
« on: September 16, 2014, 10:06:32 PM »
David Cameron                                                                                 Albert Burgess

10 Downing Street                                                                            15 Parliament Road

London                                                                                              Thame

SW1A 2AA                                                                                       OX9 3TE


Ref EU referendum   

Dear David

I realise your lack of knowledge of the English Constitution, springs from a number of things. Firstly you are a Scot, and we all know that the Scot loves the chance to put one over on those bloody English, who so often in history have trashed the Scot's for straying south of the border with evil intent. Secondly you have an Ashkenazi family link and the Ashkenazi are intent on world domination through banking. Thirdly you received your instruction in constitutional law from Professor Vernon Bogdanor, this is a fate no one should have to endure, in the majority of cases this is to be viewed as a minor inconvenience. In your case however as Prime Minister I fear I must inform you this is a fatal flaw which at the least will result in your spending the rest of your life in prison as a guest of Her Majesty's, I would of course rather see you hang for your treasons.

                                                 The Parliament Acts

Parliament was born of the King, who was himself born of the Common Law. The King using the authority granted to him by the common law took advisors into his service to enable him to administer his Kingdom as efficiently as possible and so as to give maximum benefit to his subjects. This was true north and south of the border. Now I am not overly familiar with Scottish law, so if you will forgive me I will stick to English law.

We will leave out for convenience the Anglo Saxon Kings suffice it to say William I chose to keep the laws of Edward the Confessor, his advisors were largely the Barons who he had brought to England with him. This remained largely the case until Edward I in 1297 invited the Knights and Burgess's into his Parliament believing they would vote him the taxes he needed for amongst other things keeping those troublesome Scots in order, if they were given a say.

However the trouble with the common man like you and I is we get greedy for power money or usually both. So in exchange for taxes the Commons gradually annexed to itself more authority, until in 1420 they obtained the right by convention not law to originate all bills placed before Parliament.

This defined how Parliament evolved through usage in a sensible manor, capable of producing consistently the best form of government, where the Commons originate a bill which then goes to the Lords, who are charged by the King to return it for amendment, reject it, or approve it to go before the King. The King then using only that wisdom God gave him, and in accordance with his conscience, will accept it or reject the bill. If the bill is rejected it is dead and if accepted it becomes statute law.


A statute has yet another restriction placed upon it, it must comply with the spirit of the common law, if it does not the common law intercedes and strikes it down as bad law and therefore not law.


Now this all started to go seriously wrong when the Commons suffering from delusions of grandeur wrote to the Lords in 1609, claiming to be the "Knights, Burgess's and Barons of the high court of Parliament". The Lords replied saying "they would never accept the Commons as Barons and without the Lords they were no court at all".

Still nothing ventured nothing gained. So in 1667 the Commons told the Lords they could not amend a money bill, there is no constitutional legal basis for this claim. There followed a ten year argument between the houses, until in 1677 the Lords in a moment of madness gave way. This was to have catastrophic consequences. With no basis in law.


In 1909 Asquith put forward a budget, which the Lords believing wrongly, they could not amend they rejected it, Asquith then put forward a bill to restrict the house of Lords ability to reject a bill, the Lords said they would reject it. Asquith told them he would put 500 new Peers into the house, and they would vote its abolition. The Lords gave way a second time, and the bill was placed before King Edward VII WHO REJECTED IT on the grounds it was unconstitutional and removed a protection from his subjects! The Kings mistake was to order an election, during which Asquith and his Ministers, went round the country telling every one those beastly Lords would not let the common man have a pension. Once again the Lords slipped up believing it beneath them to go to the country, and telling the true reason they rejected the bill. Asquith was returned and the King in his speech made it clear he did not want the Parliament Act saying the only reason he was doing this was because his Ministers told him he had too. This attracted comment at the time.


The Parliament and the 1999 House of Lords Acts, are entirely unconstitutional and are illegal, under the Common Law arrangements for Parliament. Your plan to use the Parliament Act to force a referendum is unconstitutional and a treason against the common and constitutional laws of England. I suggest you hand this to your legal people who if they know anything about the law, which I doubt will tell you the use of this law is an unlawful aberration particularly as our membership of the EU is entirely illegal and your failure to remove us from the EU will result not in a prison term but the death penalty being applied to you. A project to which I am devoting my every waking moment. Enjoy your Christmas you may not have many left.

Respectfully submitted
Albert Burgess

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