REPORT of a SERIOUS CRIME--TO Bernard Hogan-Howe QPM

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REPORT of a SERIOUS CRIME--TO Bernard Hogan-Howe QPM
« on: October 23, 2012, 09:33:34 PM »

Bernard Hogan-Howe QPM
Commissioner of Police
New Scotland Yard
10 Broadway
SW1H 0BG                                             Tuesday 23rd. October 2012
I refer to the letters you have received from Mr. Albert Burgess and others regarding the crime of Treason.  I have also written to your colleague, Mr. Duffin on this matter, and I will use some of the same information in this letter!
Now, Mr. Hogan-Howe, it would appear that you are a very senior policeman?  Whilst I absolutely respect this senior position that you hold as a policeman, I wish to put you and me on exactly the same level for the purpose of this letter for one simple reason, the law.  Where we are concerned as individual men, the law has exactly the same meaning, neither of us are above it and neither of us can abuse or ignore it!  As you know, this also applies to every other individual equally, including Her Majesty the Queen.  The difference between you and me is that you hold a warrant card, I do not.
So as a responsible citizen, I am one of those reporting the Crime of Treason to the police, along with bundles of comprehensive evidence and legal references to support the charges I am making.  These bundles contain sufficient evidence to convict the accused people without question and send them off to prison or the death sentence.  Apart from wanting to put right the wrongs done by irresponsible politicians for many years, I am also concerned that I do not criminalise myself by not reporting this.  Let me explain:-  Because I know of these crimes, and have seen the evidence to prove them, by not reporting this to the police, I would render myself a criminal, committing Misprision of Treason simply by keeping quiet.  I have removed that possibility because of reporting this to a warranted policeman, in fact several warranted policemen.
You do not need reminding of the seriousness of this crime, it is the most serious crime that can be committed.  Murder is at best, fourth in seriousness, after Treason!  Perhaps a small reminder of those I am accusing of Treason:-  Anthony Lynton Blair, Nicolas Clegg and David Cameron for the crime of High Treason for their specific actions or proposed plans to limit the power of the House of Lords, and John Major, Douglas Hurd and Frances Maud for High Treason by their involvement with the Maastricht treaty.  There is no need for me to expand on this for the purpose of this letter because you have all the evidence in New Scotland Yard, and please do not think that these two sets of charges are the last, this is the thin end of a substantial criminal wedge!
Having explained to you the reason why I have reported these crimes, and bearing in mind the thing that makes you and me equal, the law, I remind you that whilst we both have a civil responsibility to report crime, you have the additional duty to uphold the law as a warranted constable (you are all constables irrespective of your police rank).  You have no choice, your oath has made sure of that.  Because of this oath, you have a duty to investigate all reported crime and to prosecute it 'without fear or favour', and we, the public expect no less from you!
So what is going on in London?  Is there something in the water, are the canteen staff putting funny mushrooms in your food?  Something is clearly wrong because you and your colleagues have written letters containing the most outrageous drivel that any of us have ever seen regarding these crimes!  Nothing but made up ridiculous excuses as to why you are not doing your warranted duty as constables according to your oath of office, and the ancient laws and constitution of this country.  You are all a disgrace to the police service and the country.  You have rendered yourself a criminal Mr. Hogan-Howe, as have many of your colleagues.  Let me list the crimes that you have committed by your outright refusal to deal with this:-  Misprision of Treason, Compounding Treason, Conspiracy to Commit Treason, Misfeasance in Public Office, Perverting the Course of Justice and Dereliction of Duty.  I expect there are other charges, but that is for later.  By your irresponsible inaction, you have written out your own charge sheet!  As I said to your colleague, Mr, Duffin, I do not give a hoot what your rank is or how important you are, if I was a warranted copper, you'd be in that cell block at the speed of light with the buttons and badges torn off your expensive uniform and thrown unceremoniously in the bin and your warrant card cut up!
Let me tell you how it is!  There is nothing in your diary, or on your desk that has a higher priority that these crimes, NOTHING!  If you have any sense, you will clear your desk of everything except the photo of the family, and deal solely with this until those criminals are behind bars and charged.  Why do I mention the photo on your desk?  It's simple, if you carry of ignoring these charges and not dealing with them, you are unlikely to see your family again as you will be doing life for Misprision of Treason, not to mention the other charges!
You do not have any choice in this matter, your personal opinion is not valid and your professional judgement so far is flawed.  Let me be very clear Mr. Hogan-Howe, you will have the above charges preferred against you if you do not do your duty as required by the law, your warrant card and your oath.  Do not think that this is some sort of joke, it is not a joke, it is very serious.  I have read your impressive profile, and notwithstanding your Queens Police Medal, you could be heading for the door of 10 Broadway for the last time, joining the other senior policemen to lose their jobs and pensions in the last few years!  The only chance that you have of not prosecuting these crimes is by providing a contra legal argument proving that these crimes were not committed, something we believe you cannot do.

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