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« on: September 24, 2014, 08:03:15 PM »
In a message dated 23/09/2014 13:03:10 GMT Daylight Time, senorburrito writes:

GLT banned by UKIP

23rd September 2014

My ban by UKIP from "Membership" of that Party was confirmed around lunchtime today. 
The problem they have with me is my writings in respect of Islam. Apparently they have "many

Moslem followers" and don't want to "upset them" according to my informant. I would ask UKIP,

"What about the silent majority whom such religious believers offend daily? Do their votes

not count then?" UKIP are not going to get mine now and from comments by my reputed 500,000

readership, neither will they be voting.

Safety from a threat such as the one I have warned about over the last decade or so, is not going

to defend or protect UKIP, Its Membership, or the country and our descendants from its baleful

results, that are all too clearly seen around us daily, simply because they ban those of us who

"tell it as it is" from expressing an opinion- and that is all I have done. It is so easy to kill the

messenger, while the ever encroaching forces of darkness engulf the country.

I even know who was responsible- a silly little man and ex trade unionist and a well known social

climber, who in truth will make an excellent politician given the above attributes so common to

the current breed, to be found in Wastemonster.

Little does this fellow realise that many sneer behind his back, recognising him for what he is-

a prole making his way up the greasy pole used by all such types. I have assiduously avoided

social climbing, never sought to deny my origins, not the excellent, social and family context

I was born into.

He will do well at the trough.

He is eminently qualified like so many. This same creature accused me of being "over-emotive",

"heated" and a number of other things but when one is talking about the end of a people, a country,

a culture even a Christian religion, it does rather tend to make one "emotional", even hysterically angry

 but like so many in the current political world, these people were not so much born as assembled,

their normal empathy killed off by years of soft living, brainwashing by political correctitude and

cheap trashy TV and all the rest of the post-modernist baggage of "kool Britannia"- a country

I have come to loathe. Their dulled senses, beguiled by years of MSM bullshit and much else

in the same ilk are incapable of realising how far gone we areas a country towards destruction.

In many way Social Climber Man has done me a huge favour. I join a long and growing list of similar

ejectees who simply put UKIP's nose "out of joint" for telling "it as it is", by being emotional and rather

angry about where we are headed and the lack of public but especially political reaction to it. Many,

if not most of my UKIP readers support my stance on Islam, including colleagues of "Social Climber Man"

that saw fit to have me banned.

Anyway I don't bear grudges. I am not a politician, but a scholar and patriot and I shall leave the former

to small minded men like the above. UKIP will do itself no favours by acting as it has done and I shall

ensure that my readership know too. In effect UKIP has "bought" into the status quo and become

mainstream. By "currying" the Islamic vote, it effectually guarantees to aid and abet our slow assimilation

into Islam.

Maybe in times not yet with us-these people will come to realise, that banning opinions they don't

like, or that may "offend" is no way to save the country or themselves. The threat of Islam is real, bloody

dangerous and we are losing and UKIP will simply be one more promise of release, that joined the rest on the

the road to national perdition.

Guy Leven-Torres
From: DGray
Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2014 10:54:47 -0400
Subject: Re: UKIP Ban
To: senorburrito

I hear what you say, Guy, and agree with most of it.

The difficulty is the narrow tight-rope which UKIP needs to tread to still be acceptable to both the media and the 'liberal left'. 

Were UKIP and its members to shout what you desire from the rooftops it would only deny them a voice through the BBC and printed press.


Look how the BNP was denigrated - and now virtually defunct.  Is that what you want from UKIP?  Sorry, Guy, but we have to tread moderately and carefully. 


Say what you like to your readership but let UKIP try its best to garner support from a wide chunk of  the electorate.  If and when a sizeable chunk of UKIP MPs are finally elected to Westminster, and considered almost normal,  that might be the time to speak out boldly on such issues; but not before!





All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing
Edmund Burke 1729 -1797

UKIP is not the BNP. The BNP are real national Socialists, with something of a shady past. We don't have the time left to be "nice" about matters. I warned UKIP that the Antifas would target them and they did. I received a phone call from one of Farage's advisers thanking me. I have also had other calls of support from angry senior members asking "What the hell is going on?" I am certain this is more to do with vindictiveness on the part of the local Chair. Anyway not to worry. I have asked these people- very senior UKIP folk not to push too hard for my reinstatement because it will force me to bide my tongue and that I cannot do. I am also a Bishop in the Old Catholic Church and I must speak out against evil. so maybe not being part of UKIP is a good thing.




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