Letter to Theresa May

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Letter to Theresa May
« on: October 03, 2014, 10:54:30 PM »
Rt Hon Mrs May                                                                              Albert Burgess 

Home secretary                                                                                 15 Parliament Road

The House of Commons                                                                   Thame

London                                                                                              OX9 3TE

SW1A OAA                                                                                      01-10-2014

Dear Teresa 

I understand you are planning new restrictions on the internet with those government do not like having to clear what they want to say with the police before they can say it. 

I wonder just which country you are living in? This in case you had forgotten is England an ancient Kingdom, an ancient Kingdom where we Her Majesty's subjects are governed by the laws put in place by King Alfred with his legal codes. Codes reissued as the Charter of Liberties 1100, Magna Carta 1215, the Petition of Right 1628 the Grand Remonstrance 1641 and the 1689 Bill of Rights. All still current constitutional law

Your proposed legislation will drive a horse and cart through our ancient rights and freedoms, over turning 1000 years of the custom and practice of England. 

This in case your advisors have not told you constitutes Treason at Common Law against the Constitution and indigenous people of England. Neither Her Majesty nor Parliament which operates in Her Majesty's name can legally remove any of our ancient rights and freedoms. We need to examine not just the letter but the spirit of English Law. Law designed to protect the rights and freedoms of Her Majesty's subjects law which places restrictions on Her Majesty which prevent her interfering with those rights and freedoms. What Her Majesty cannot do you cannot do.

If you have information that some one or a group of people present a clear and present danger, it is right to ask the police or security services to use their best endeavours to place them before the courts. But you are exceeding your authority an authority granted to you by the people of England and only ever to be used in their best interests when you attempt to remove freedoms our forefathers fought and died for.

So let me be perfectly clear if you proceed with this restriction against people you don't like because they think 7/7 was a government inspired plot to advance the argument for going to war, which I agree is totally implausible. I will draw up an allegation of treason against you personally. Which will be laid with the police. I would recommend you seek legal advice on this issue, before the full weight of the law lands on you.   

Respectfully submitted 

Albert Burgess 

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