Group take over Town Hall under Article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215

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A group of people have taken over the Glastonbury Town Hall under Article 61 of the Magna Carta 1215. They have been in touch with the Duke of Rutland who is the senior peer on the 'Barons Committee'. It was this committee that took a petition to Bucking Palace in 2001 asking the Queen to do her job and restore the rule of law. The Committee were refused entry.

 The Glastonbury local authority asked the police to move the people out of the town hall. When the police arrived it was explained to them that they were enforcing the law under Magna Carta 1215 Article 61with the approval of the Duke of Rutland and the Barons Committee. The police then backed-off without removing anyone from the town hall.

 This group, who took over the town hall, are asking that everyone in country take over their own local town hall using the same law which is shown below. Anyone doing this will have the blessing of the Barons Committee and need only to quote the above explanation. This action is 100% legal.

 On behalf of Albert Burgess

 Article 61. 
 61.       Since, moreover, we have conceded all the above things (from reverence) for God, for the reform of our kingdom and the better quieting of the discord that has sprung up between us and our barons, and since we wish these things to flourish unimpaired and unshaken for ever, we constitute and concede to them the following guarantee:- namely, that the barons shall choose any twenty-five barons of the kingdom they wish, who with all their might are to observe, maintain and secure the observance of the peace and rights which we have conceded and confirmed to them by this present charter of ours; in this manner, that if we or our chief Justiciar or our bailiffs or any of our servants in any way do wrong to anyone, or transgress any of the articles of peace or security, and the wrong doing has been demonstrated to four of the aforesaid twenty-five barons, those four barons shall come to us or our chief Justiciar, (if we are out of the kingdom), and laying before us the grievance, shall ask that we will have it redressed without delay. And if we, or our chief Justiciar (should we be out of the kingdom) do not redress the grievance within forty days of the time when it was brought to the notice of us or our chief Justiciar (should we be out of the kingdom), the aforesaid four barons shall refer the case to the rest of the twenty-five barons and those twenty-five barons with the whole community of the land shall distrain and distress us in every way they can, namely by taking of castles, estates and possessions, and in such other ways as they can, excepting (attack on) our person and those of our queen and of our children until, in their judgment, satisfaction has been secured; and when satisfaction has been secured let them behave towards us as they did before. And let anyone in the country who wishes to do so take an oath to obey the orders of the said twenty-five barons in the execution of all the aforesaid matters and with them to oppress us to the best of his ability, and we publicly and freely give permission for the taking the oath to anyone who wishes to take it, and we will never prohibit anyone from taking it.
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