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The Messenger
« on: October 25, 2014, 04:06:37 PM »
The Messenger….

24th October 2014


It appears that in the hotter countries at least people are waking up to what is afoot. In Britain the placid cow herd still slumbers bedazzled but fearful of something dark, deeply disturbing and unpleasant stirring in their midst. In truth many do know, or at least in the subdued recesses of their minds suspect what is the problem and the terrible betrayal that is now upon us.


People have nowhere to turn or individuals to console them. Our political class have no interest in their own Electorates and indeed, we are as a European society as a whole, seeing our worlds obliterated by the same political magpie Quislings above. Every country in Europe is now a modern version of Vichy.


Let me mention just one incident this very day, in one’s hometown of Egham, hardly ISIS or ‘Kalifate Central’. Yet even the most common and mundane of activities reflect our parlous state of affairs. A couple coming out in front of me from the entrance of Tesco’s were nearly knocked over by a child on a scooter. The man, probably the son of the elderly woman that accompanied him simply commented “Bloody kid watch where you are going!”


Two of Allah’s faithful sat on a bench next to the Magna Carta fountain that stands across from a wall mural, immediately intervened. They were both in ‘Islamic dress’ and shouted “You show some respect!” The man immediately responded and as he launched himself, I intervened as I was now beside the English couple with the words (barely audible advice), “Don’t respond, you’ll get done for racism! You are being set up!”


The couple obviously upset by this incident looked at me in surprise. I again admonished them and pleaded with a look that tried to tell them I was trying to assist and prevent them getting into further problems, “They want you to respond! Don’t you realise?”


The woman muttered angrily, “They don’t know who I am?”

“Oh yes they do! See that camera up there?” One complaint and the ‘Incredible Invisible Egham Police Force’ will reappear with relish! They just love this sort of thing!”


They went silent and strode off. This is the reality of the United Kingdom. The British Subject is a helot to our government that is itself all but a provincial bureaucracy for the thugs in Brussels. Next week, The Lisbon Treaty comes into full force and Parliament will lose what little power it has left. The “Would be” Eurabian Soviet will rule via local authorities stuffed by Common Purpose. This is the whole grand strategic goal of multiculturalism.


I sent out a film video from ‘Gates of Vienna’ this morning of a mass rally in Milan of 120,000 people, wherein the speaker- a woman stated exactly what I have been warning about for a decade, to wit-



The entire EU “Project” is about forming a “Eurabian Union” stretching from John O’Groats to the Persian Gulf. In other words a Kalifate and the ongoing expanding Islamic State is all part of the plan. Interestingly enough no less than the Russia Today said much the same as I have done and will continue to state.


And I repeat for the hard of listening “Ukraine” is all part of it. Ratty Van Rompuy said earlier this year-


Commenting on the eve of the Summit, President Van Rompuy said: “This is our first Summit since President Yanukovych was elected earlier this year but overall this is going to be my fourth meeting with the President in one year. Reform in Ukraine and the EU-Ukraine bilateral relationship will be at the top of the agenda. We will welcome the positive steps taken by Ukraine particularly in the economic and energy sphere. We look to Ukraine’s leadership to increase the reform momentum in these areas and as regards respect for human rights, the rule of law and democratic principles”.


Great eh?



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