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« on: October 29, 2014, 12:32:33 PM »
Please sign if you have not already done so

About this Petition

Are you concerned that our public services are declining? Don't believe the government explanations/excuses. The real problem is our 10 million increase in population over the last 10 years which has overwhelmed the services. The reason for the increase is because our government gave away the right to control our own affairs to the EU commisioners who demanded that we open our borders to all Europes peoples.

The prime minister Edward Heath signed the first treaty by conning us into believing it was a trade agreement. He knew it was not just that, and he knew what he was doing was against our constitution and therefore illegal because the top law officer at the time told him so in a letter. This letter was kept secret for 30 years by which time more treaties had been signed giving away more of our sovereignty or control to the EU. This is why the government dare not admit the truth.

Now you have the chance by signing this petition, if millions of you do, to force the government to admit the truth. The constitution, your constitution already exists. It started with the Magna Carta and over the years, 800 years became the settled law of this country. Settled law that is until Edward Heath started the rot. Check out the websites explaining the position and use the debate over the constitution brought into the public arena by the recent Scottish referendum and demand of the government to admit that we already have an adequate constitution that does not need altering; it just needs the government, all British Governments to admit and obey it.

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