Lavrov Interview

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Lavrov Interview
« on: October 29, 2014, 08:22:19 PM »
Here is the link to my edited translation of the Lavrov interview I sent you earlier. Please save it for reference. Lord willing, I will be writing a commentary on this. Don
Your friend here should also add that during Russian occupation of Eastern Europe they used and old social format that Lenin devised. Russia determined that to bring everyone in the occupation zones closer to the Soviet Union it must displace people in these zones to other areas of the Soviet Union. At the same time millions of Russians were also displaced to the occupation zones. Decades later you cannot tell the difference between a Russian and a Ukrainian, not to mention people in other zones. Many Russians who were living for generations in other areas were forced out of other zones after the fall of Communism with many opting to emigrate to the West. That was because Russia actually refused repatriation. So what we have here in the Ukraine is Russia-Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine desiring to remain with the Russian Federation, perhaps they fear that Ukrainians will force them out of the Ukraine.

Another problem is that the Western media is following US and EU foreign policies that seems Hell bent on starting a war between the Ukraine and Russia forging an alliance between the West and the Ukraine that violates treaties signed with Russia. Lavrov made mention of these violations in his dialogue. America and the EU have obviously been behind the removal of the democratically elected Ukrainian president to install their own favourite. This is nothing new for American foreign policy when they assassinated Chile's elected leader in the 1960's. We forget that America is not always Angel it wants us to believe it is, but often plays at being the Devil. For Russia this fight is about its own security that both the EU and America are jeopardizing. Not everything is as the Western media perceives it to be because of their indoctrination to Western political liberalism. My thinking is that Russia is fighting back against the Western occupation of the Ukraine by controlling Ukraine's presidency.

What we also fail to understand is how closely the EU is related to former Hitlerite political fascism and that anti-semitism is growing by leaps and bounds because of radical Islam within the EU, with the tacit approval of EU functionaries and Western leaders. Russia certainly is not missing out on what EU ideology really has been about. After reading all the EU documents presented over the years one thing that stands out is how closely it resembles Hitler's political ideas in Mein Kampf. There is no freedom in the EU, laws are fascist inspired, negating of individual EU nations constitutions and laws and the supremacy of EU officials legislation that is held above individual nations laws and parliamentary powers of individual nations. Russia certainly does not want to see another Nazi enterprise under EU legitimacy.


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