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« on: October 24, 2012, 10:50:19 AM »
Dear Attorney General,
I am most concerned that you have seen fit not to publish the letters written by His Royal Highness Prince Charles to, I believe, Tony Blair and his Labour Government. We the public have been led to believe that the Royal Family is above making comments regarding the governance of the country. We know this to be untrue as their authority is determined by our Constitution. We believe that Her Majesty the Queen has been told that she no longer has any Royal Prerogatives. Again this is quite untrue. We are also told that Her Majesty does not make 'political' comments. This has nothing to do with politics (LibLabCon), it is to do with her Sovereign right to know what plans the Government has for her people. It is also our right to know how she feels!this became evident when it was leaked that the Queen showed great concern over the continued fiasco of the deportation of Abu Hamza. This was well received by the public and partially restored our faith in the Queen and showing interest in her subject's security.

We have now found out that Prince Charles had written, by hand, several letters to Tony Blair concerned about the way the country was being governed. It was said that as future King he felt it necessary to keep abreast of what the Government was doing.

As much as the public love and support the Queen, we believe that because of pressure, by past and present Governments, the Queen has been prevented from letting her subjects know how she feels about the way the country is governed. This in turn creates the impression that she is out of touch with her subjects. We know unofficially that she is very concerned and the public need to know that. We know that hundreds of letters have been written to the Queen asking these kind of questions but we are always politely told that Queen does not make political comments. Just how many prerogatives is Her Majesty allowed to use without the backing of a minister? For every prerogative in which Her Majesty is restricted, what authority was used to place the restriction on Her Majesty? We believe the last restriction removed Her Majesty's prerogative to prorogue parliament and was put on Her Majesty by Tony Blair.

Therefore I call upon the Attorney General to make public the concerns of both the Queen and Prince Charles as a matter of national importance,

Finally a great many people have reported to the police up and down the country, past and present members of Government, for acts of treason. If you are currently unaware of this then it won't be long before you find your In-Tray full of them.

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