The EU and the UK

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The EU and the UK
« on: November 01, 2014, 08:17:18 PM »

The European Union was originally called the European Economic Community and we were led to believe it was set up to be a trading agreement between member states. There were three main sticking points for the UK:

  • Our traditional bonds with the countries of the Commonwealth.
  • Refusal to join a customs union and wanted to maintain a free trade.
  • We were opposed to the long term aim of surrendering national sovereignty.

When the Heath Government was negotiating our entry Edward Heath instructed Sir Con O’Neil, the UK’s chief negotiator, to ‘Swallow it whole and swallow it now! In other words accept whatever conditions they offer. Membership was sealed when the UK joined in 1973.

Before entry Edward Heath wrote to his Lord Chancellor, Lord Kilmuir, and asked him if there were any Constitutional limitations on joining the EEC? In his reply Lord Kilmuir stated: ‘I agree with you that there are important constitutional issues involved’. He went on to say: ‘I have no doubt that if we do sign the treaty, we shall suffer some loss of sovereignty’ and confirmed this by this by making these three points:

  • Parliament would be required to surrender some of its functions to the organs of the community.
  • The Crown would be called on to transfer part of its treaty-making power to those organs of the community.
  • Our courts of law would be sacrificed to some degree of independence by becoming subordinate in certain respects to the European Court of Justice.

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