Enemies of the Queen

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Enemies of the Queen
« on: November 02, 2014, 12:38:27 AM »
[float=right][/float]Enemies of the Queen

Dr. KittyLittle PhD. BSc. MA.

The following article was written by Dr. Kitty Little sadly no longer with us. She was a Christian, a great patriot and meticulous researcher. This article, published in 1982, exposes the British connection with those behind the One World Organization and names the politicians who helped to bring this evil organization into existence. You will be shocked by the fact that party political differences were basically a scam to misdirect the public away from their nefarious agenda.

At the present time the main enemy is an organization set up in the middle of the last century that seeks to establish a world-wide Marxist-Leninist dictatorship with Christianity and the nations of the world abolished. This One World organization has a variety of ramifications, the most widely known of which has been the Communist Party. Some of the main objectives of the One World organization, as of its subsidiary the Communist Party, were set out in the Communist Manifesto, a document written by Karl Marx and published in 1850.
This advocated:

    The abolition of private property.
    The abolition of the family (described as the ‘exploitation of children by their parents‘).
    The abolition of countries and nationalities.
    The abolition of religious liberty mid freedom of conscience, together with ‘all religion, all morality‘

read more here: http://www.englishconstitutiongroup.org/enemies-of-the-queen/

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