The Queen

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The Queen
« on: November 02, 2014, 12:41:29 AM »
[float=left][/float]What exactly is her job?

Queen Elizabeth II is supreme governor of England, all her other titles, supremacies, prerogatives and superiorities stem from the fact she is first and foremost the Queen of England.

There are a number of people who believe that the Queen has committed treason by giving the Royal Assent to illegal moves by the Government and should be dealt with in the same way as we would deal with all the Government traitors. The ECG have always counselled against this as it could antagonise public opinion and we need the public’s support. However there is another more important Constitutional reason why we should be giving the Queen the benefit of the doubt.

The starting point of our Constitution is that all state power lies with the monarch. Without going into great detail it is suffice to say that Queen has many faces in the Constitution – The authority of the Crown is one thing, the authority of the Queen in Council is another and the authority of the Queen in Parliament is altogether different. This means that the Queen outside of Parliament ranks lower than the Queen within Parliament. Therefore only the Queen in Parliament is truly sovereign. When David Cameron says that, “Parliament is Sovereign” what he really means, but avoids saying it, is that Parliament with the Queen is sovereign. Parliament on its own isn’t anything without the Queen.

The next point is that the ‘Queen can do no wrong’ meaning that she cannot do anything of her own volition but only on the advice of her Ministers. Those who give the advice are the real decision makers and as such bear the responsibility for acting within the Constitutional law. During the stormy 17th century of revolution and civil wars the fiercest critics of the Crown would demand that, “those who gave this advice to the King must pay with their heads” rather than demand the King’s own head. However history records that the King did lose his head for treason because he was ignoring sound advice from his advisers and acted alone as he believed he ruled by divine right and therefore illegally.

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