Open letter to Theresa May M.P. and Home Secretary-Child Abuse Enquiry

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Mrs Teresa May, MP.

Home Secretary,

Palace of Westminster,

SW1A 0AA.                                                                                                                        9th November 2014




Dear Mrs May,




On Monday 7th July, 2014, you made a statement to The House of Commons concerning historic child sexual abuse.(1)  In that statement you said: “....but I know with allegations as serious as these the public needs to have complete confidence in the integrity of the investigations findings.........................Our priority must be the prosecution of the people behind these disgusting crimes.”



On Monday 3rd November you were obliged to address the House of Commons again. This time to “apologise” following the deceptions perpetrated by The Home Office related to your attempt to impose Fiona Woolf as the Chair of the Inquiry you have established to investigate allegations of historic child sexual abuse. You confirmed to Parliament that the Inquiry will proceed despite there being no Chair. You further confirmed that the terms of reference for the Inquiry “will not be changed.”



Once your statements are examined in detail it becomes obvious that you are engaging in sophistry when addressing the issue of historic child sexual abuse. You are being mendacious and engaging in dissimulation. Your actions and statements are calculated and enacted with malice aforethought. You are deliberately misleading the survivors of child sexual abuse. You are deceiving the public. You are lying to Parliament.


The quote below from Hansard on November 3rd serves to illustrate that I am not alone in doubting you competence and integrity:



“Is not an important dimension of this scandal—the Home Secretary signed off on all this—the fact that her Department made two utterly inappropriate, establishment-ridden appointments and then, to cap it all, drafted and redrafted a letter seven times in order to play down and disguise the relationship between Fiona Woolf and Lord Brittan, who was Home Secretary when all the Home Office files on this alleged Westminster and Whitehall child sex abuse mysteriously disappeared? Can she not understand that because of that background and despite her words today, which I welcome, she has already lost the confidence of much of the public about her capacity to conduct a highly sensitive inquiry of this kind in a properly objective and impartial manner?”

{Michael Meacher (Oldham West and Royton, Labour)}



On Saturday 1st November the press reported that the first draft of Mrs Woolf’s letter related to dinner parties read:


“The Brittans hosted two dinner parties at their residence, which I was invited to and attended on 10th November 2009 and 15th February 2012. From my recollection there were NO OTHER GUESTS who attended.”


The press quotes a Home Office rewrite as reading:



“The Brittans hosted two dinner parties at their residence, which I was invited to and attended on 10th November 2009 and 15th February 2012. From my recollection there were at least four other guests who attended.”


The significance between these two accounts lies in the implied closeness of a relationship where there are only two guests at a dinner hosted by Lord Brittan and his wife. This rewrite was obviously undertaken with the specific intention of misleading the public as to the true nature of the relationship between Mrs Woolf and Lord Brittan. You were behind this deception. Your department acted deliberately to establish an Inquiry which is being rigged to suppress information related to the organised, calculated and deliberate promotion of paedophilia, and underage sex, by the government, et al.


On Friday 7th November the Today programme on Radio 4 carried an interview with John Mann, MP. The subject of the interview was the Geoffrey Dickens file which is alleged to have contained the names of senior politicians involved in child sexual abuse in the 1970’s/1980’s.  Mr Mann said:


“I have spoken to civil servants who saw the file at the time, they had to sign the Official Secrets Act.  They saw the original file back in the 1980’s. Many more (Civil Servants) did. This was not restricted to the Home Office.”


Mr Mann was asked if he was “impressed” by the Inquiry conducted by Peter Wanless into the handling of files by the Home Office. Mr Mann responded:


“It didn’t seem to me it was getting anywhere near to asking the questions (that need to be asked)”



The questions could NOT be asked, or answered, because the Wanless Inquiry has no statutory powers. The Official Secrets Act can be invoked to prevent vital information being brought into the public arena.  You know this.  You set up the Wanless Inquiry knowing that it would not get to the truth.  You now seek to railroad through an Inquiry into historic child sexual abuse knowing that its powers are being deliberately restricted to prevent the truth becoming public. Your actions are calculated and deliberate. Your lies are deliberate. Your actions are well thought through and premeditated. You know that nothing less than a Statutory Inquiry stands any chance of getting to the truth.  I argue that this issue is so serious and the corruption of the executive is so deeply entrenched, that nothing less than a Royal Commission with draconian powers, and under the control of a Parliamentary Select Committee, will be able to do the job that needs to be done.


Mr Mann also referred to files prepared by Barbara Castle into allegations of child sexual abuse by politicians. He said:


I have spoken to a journalist who is alive today. His name is Don Hale. He was given a list of names and a list of Minutes of meetings looking into the issue (of child sexual abuse) by the late Barbara castle. All of those files were seized by the Security Services.”


Here again we have evidence of Security Service involvement in the subversion of the police and the protection of members of the political elite from accountability for their part in the abuse of INFANT CHILDREN.


On Saturday 8th November I spoke with a former police officer who was a young constable in the 1980’s. He has stated to me that during July 1984 he was told by a fellow officer who was part of the squad that investigated P.I.E that:


“Jimmy Savile, Cyril Smith and Cxxxx Rxxxxxxs were on the P.I.E mailing list. They all received pornographic images of children.”


I have the name of the officer he spoke with.  He also named another high profile TV personality who was on the P.I.E mailing list. It is significant that this name has not yet been publicly connected with child sexual abuse. It serves to illustrate that many of the people involved in P.I.E are still active in public life.  These are just some of the people you seek to protect by rigging your Inquiry to prevent their exposure.


I am also advised that during the 1980’s a directive was issued by the Home Office to the Metropolitan Police. This directive stated that NO investigations were to be undertaken into the offence of cottaging by any officer of the Metropolitan Police without the authorisation of a Met Commander. This directive was allegedly issued because it was considered by politicians in Whitehall that too many influential and prominent people were being arrested by the police for the offence. This is yet another example of executive led subversion of the police in order to protect the powerful and the privileged.


On Saturday 8th November the Daily Mail reported that the “Department of Education official guidelines — endorsed by Nick Clegg — now state that penetrative and oral sex should be regarded as ‘normal’ behaviour for 13-year-olds.” Whilst you and your government state that you are determined that “Our priority must be the prosecution of the people behind..........” the sexual abuse of children. Your deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Education seek to normalize what are currently illegal sexual practices. It can only be a matter of time before you seek to introduce legislation to lower the age of consent to 13. This amounts to promoting paedophilia by stealth. This report demonstrates that when you speak you do so with a forked tongue.


During 2013 I was asked by a serving police officer in a large city to accompany him on a tour of a suburb. I was taken to a wealthy area and shown a row of fast food shops. It was lunch time but there was no foot-fall. The area was purely residential with no commercial component.  When I asked how these shops could make a living in such an area the officer told me that none of them did any significant trade. They were all known to the police to be fronts for the laundering of criminal funds obtained from drugs and prostitution. When I asked why they had not been shut down the answer was “the police do not have the resources to do that.”  I was then taken to another residential area and had four properties pointed out to me. I was advised that each property was known to the police to be in use as a CHILD brothel. I was advised that the police were unable to close them down due to lack of resources.  I have heard the same from officers involved in the investigation of child sexual abuse and paedophilia. Resources are being withheld from the police. It is suspected among the more cynical officers that this is a deliberate policy implemented by your government.


If a further illustration were needed to confirm the innate corruption of the executive then the following report by Littlejohn, writing in the Daily Mail on Tuesday November 4th, amply illustrates the moral vacuum within which you operate:


“To prevent any more MP’s being prosecuted for fraud, all their expenses claims over three years old have been shredded for ‘data protection reasons.’ That’s right up there with ‘the dog ate my homework.’ But it also means that some MP’s who fiddled thousands of pounds will escape justice. Who came up with the three year cut off?  The Inland Revenue insists that taxpayers keep records going back seven years. Yet another example of one rule for politicians and another for the rest of us.”


In public you pontificate about your government’s commitment to law and order. The reality is that funding and manpower are withheld from the police. They are constantly subverted by the security services, senior ministers and the government.  It appears your real agenda is to construct a society whose economy is heavily dependent on criminal activities including drugs and child sex. Mr Clegg has already made his views public on the legalisation of drugs. He is in favour of it. The government recently made provision in the economic statistics for the “contribution made to the economy by the trade in drugs and prostitution.” Perhaps the Deputy Prime Minister will not be happy until he has turned Britain into a neoclassical Greek society where every man must have his boy, and every child is legally available to satisfy the perverted and corrupt desires of his fans and supporters? You appear to be dancing to his tune.



Your statements on law and order are duplicitous and you are engaged in trickery. I repeat here what I said in the third paragraph of this letter:



Once your statements are examined in detail it becomes obvious that you are engaging in sophistry when addressing the issue of historic child sexual abuse. You are being mendacious and engaging in dissimulation. Your actions and statements are calculated and enacted with malice aforethought. You are deliberately misleading the survivors of child sexual abuse. You are deceiving the public. You are lying to Parliament.



I state again that the political executive is so fundamentally corrupt, devoid of morality, and bankrupt of principle, that the only form of Inquiry that stands any chance of getting to the truth is a Royal Commission endowed with draconian powers and under the control of a Parliamentary Select Committee. This is precisely the form of Inquiry you seek to avoid.  You, your government, and your department are so deeply mired in corruption that you cannot be trusted to do anything other than corrupt everything you touch.


Yours sincerely,




Michael .H. Murrin.




(1).    Theresa May - Child Abuse Inquiry Statement 7th July 2014


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