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The Pilgrims Society
« on: November 15, 2014, 12:21:15 AM »
Scroll down for list. MPs and recent members included......

The list below was correct as of January 2013,some may have shuffled of the mortal coil since then.Any additions welcomed

My dear friends around the world,

Have I got history for you! Below, you will see names of members of a nefarious organization called The Pilgrims Society sometimes referred to as just The Pilgrims. So if you can't or don't have time to read the very long article (it's more like an eBook), you can at least see who our enemies are. The article is at

The Pilgrims Society was established in 1902 in the UK, and 6 months later in 1903 in the USA and continues today. I published an article in 2009 on this at

I encourage you to read the article, though, because you will know without a doubt that the only thing that will save you is gold and silver that you can hold in your hands.

These elite's dates of birth and death (as applicable) are just to the left of their name in this. If there is no second date listed, then this person is alive.


I also encourage you to keep these names as a reference tool that you can refer to as needed as what I have here is the most current listing of their dates of death, one of whom just died on December 27, 2012. In a word, these "people" are scum in my humble opinion! One of them said that silver is for war.




1860-1948 Aldrich, Herbert Lincoln

1907-1995 *Aldrich, Hulbert Stratton

1885-1974 **Aldrich, Winthrop Williams

1900-1986 Aldrich, Malcolm Pratt

Deceased  Allerton, David D.

1945-         Alexander, Anthony Ernest

1849-1927 Alexander, Charles Beatty

1902-1969 Alexander, Henry Clay

1839-1915 Alexander, James Waddell

1865-1935 *Allen, Sir John Sandeman

1894-1983 Alley, James Burke

1887-1981 Altschul, Frank

1873-1955 Amery, Lord Leopold Stenett

1919-1996 Amery, Lord Julian

1909-1988 *Ammidon, Hoyt, C.B.E.

1880-1966 Anderson, Arthur Marvin

1941-2004 Anderson, Fred Richard

1882-1965 Anderson, Nils

1919-2010 Andrews, Archie Moulton

1889-1973 Angell, Ernest

1951-         Angelson, Mark Alan Esq.

1908-2002 Annenberg, Walter H.

1944-         Anson, Charles Vernon

1941-         Apgar, Mahlon, IV

1887-1966 Appleby, Sir Robert Roland

1885-1974 Appleton, Francis Randall, Jr.

Deceased  Archbold, John D.

1887-1982 *Armour, Norman

1927-2008 Armstrong, Anne Legendre

1915-2000 Armstrong, James Sinclair

1934-1997 Armstrong, John Kremer

Deceased  Arnold, Hicks

1918-2011 Ash, Roy L.

1941-         Ashdown, Lord Paddy

1904-1991 Ashforth, H. Adams

1852-1928 Asquith, Prime Minister Herbert H. KG, PC, KC

1886-1971 Astor, Baron John J.

1902-2007 Astor, Brooke

1912-2001 Astor, David

1918-1984 *Astor, The Hon. Gavin

1848-1919 **Astor, Lord of Hever K.St.J.

1920-1999 Astor, Hugh

1923-1987 Astor, John

1918-2000 Astor, Major Hon. Sir John

1864-1912 Astor, John Jacob, 4th (Arlene's note: He didn't want the Federal Reserve Bank, so they got rid of him on the Titanic. See article in 37th edition.)

1912-1992 Astor, John Jacob, VI

1946-         *Astor, John Jacob, VIII

1916-1980 Astor, Hon. Michael Langhorne

1891-1959 Astor, William Vincent

1879-1952 Astor, 2nd Viscount

1951-         Astor, Viscount William Waldorf

1933-         Atkins, Ronald Raymond

1904-1991 Atkinson, Frederick Griswold

1883-1967 Attlee, Under British PM Clement Richard

        -1992 Auchincloss, Reginald L., Jr.

1928-         Ault, Bromwell (The reference I used said that Bromwell is his last name. It's not; it's his first name. Ault is his last name.)

1918-1982 Averett, Elliott

1930-1985 Avon, 2nd Earl of

1909-1999 Babson, Arthur Clifford

1861-1944 Bache, Jules Semon

1907-1989 Backus, Dana Converse

Deceased  Bacon, Dr. Gorham

1884-1938 Bacon, Robert Low               

1933-2005 Bacot, John Carter

1944-         Badman, John, III

1864-1940 Bailey, Sir Abe

1888-1947 Bainbridge, William Seaman

Deceased  Baker, Edwin H.

        -2005 Baker, George Fisher III

1840-1931 Baker, George Fisher

1915-1977 Baker, George Fisher Jr.            

1930-         Baker, James Addison III

1932-         Baker, John Milnes

1922-         Baker, Philip D.

1872-1955 Baketel, H. Sheridan

1931-         Balding, Bruce Edward

1848-1930 Balfour, Arthur

1894-1983 The Earl of Balfour, Sir John

1909-1994 Ball, George Wildman

1885-1961 Ball, Sir (George) Joseph, Esq.

1883-1960 Ballantine, Arthur Atwood

1865-1941 Ballard, Sumner

1953-         Bamble, Theordore Robert, Jr.

1881-1957 Bancroft, Francis Syndey

1942-1996 Band, David

1917-2012 Barber, Charles Finch

1902-1991 Barclay, Clifford H. and Clifford Henry

1916-2008 Barco, James William

1919-2012 ***Baring, Hugo

1930-         Baring, Mrs. Susan Mary

1876-1949 Baring, Major Hugo

1918-1991 *Baring, Sir Evelyn

1951-         **Barlow, Ian E.

        -1958 Barnard, J. Augustus

1912-2002 Barran, Sir David

        -1944 *Barratt, John Arthur

1917-1981 Barnetson, Lord William

1910-2001 Barr, David Waddell

1959-         Barrett, Robert T.

1887-1973 Barringer, Paul Brandon

       -1991  Barrow, Donald Fraser

       -1967  Barrows, Robert L.

1910-2008 Bartlett, Edmund

1937-         **Barton, Sir Peter, Esq.

Deceased   Bartram, J. Burr

1874-1959 Bassler, Anthony

1908-1987 Bastedo, Philip

1929-1984 Bator, Peter Anthony

1925-         Baxendell, Sir Peter Brian

1908-1974 Bayne, Stephen Field, Jr.

1899-1979 Beach, Stewart (Taft)

1875-1968 Beatty, Alfred Chester

1861-1936 *Beck, James Montgomery

1929-2006 Beck, James Montgomery III (above man's grandson)

1937-         Beckett, Maj.-Gen. Edwin Horace Alexander

1875-1948 Beckman, Francis Joseph

1940-2003 Bedford, 14th Duke of Esq.

1882-1962 *Beekman, Fenwick

1869-1943 Bell, Edward Price

        -1983 Bell, Elliott V.

1942-         Bellas, Albert Constantine

1851-1924 Belmont, August Jr.

1902-1977 Benkard, Franklin Bartlett, Esq.

1943-         Bennett, Sir Hugh, Esq.

1870-1947 Bennett, Viscount Richard Bedford, Esq.

1918-2002 Bennett, Sir Frederick

1917-1994 Bennett, William Tapley, Jr.

        -1955 Bennet, Courtenay Walter

1888-1965 Bentley, Robert Asa Lincoln

1934-         Benton, Peter Faulkner

1900-1973 Benton, William Burnett

1846-1919 ***Beresford, Admiral Lord Charles, G.C.V.O., K.C.B. (co-founder)

1896-1980 Bergen, Adm. John Joseph

1895-1971 Berle, Adolph Augustus

1918-1990 Bernstein, Leonard (Yes, the composer and conductor of the NYPhil)

1900-1989 Berthoud, Sir Eric

1865-1938 Bertron, Samuel Reading

1848-1936 Berwind, Edward Julius

1916-Died  Bethke, Robert Harder

Deceased  Beveridge, Alven

        -1936 Biddle, Gen. John

        -1949 Biddle, Col. David H.            

1886-1968 Biddle, Francis Beverly

1904-1967 Biers, Howard

1923-2009 Bigbie, John Taylor

1931-1998 Bigelow, David Skinner, III

1888-1971 Bigelow, Mason Huntington

1906-1988 Bingham, Barry

1871-1937 Bingham, Robert Worth

1934-2010 Bingham, Lord Thomas Henry

1935-         Birch, Sir John

1934-         Bird, Mary Lynne Miller

1872-1930 Birkenhead, Earl of (Frrederick Edwin Smith)

1883-1962 **Birkett, The Lord (William) Norman (The Right Hon.)

        -1982 Bishop, Louis Faugeres, III

1887-1943 Bissell, Pelham Saint George

1924-2000 Black, Eugene Robert

1863-1931 Black, Richard S.

1911-1982 Blackenham, ist Viscount

1882-1935 Blackett, Sir Basil   

1888-1969 Blaine, James Gillespie

1953-         Blair, Prime Minister Anthony "Tony"

1891-1965 Blair, Floyd Gilbert

1892-1974 Blair, Paxton

1928-1987 Blaxill, Sidney

1875-1962 *Bliss, Robert Woods

1899-1971 Blodgett, Thurston Pon

1930-         Blomquist, Robert Oscar

1893-1967 Blood, Sir Hilary

1899-1999 Blum, Robert Edward

1864-1948 Blumenfeld, Ralph David

1889-1970 Blyde, Lewis John Newbery

1885-1978 Bobst, Elmer Holmes

        -1992 Bogert, H. Lawrence

1880-1950 Boles, Edgar Howard

1964-         Bonn, Philip Edward Leo Africa

1921-         Booth, Gordon, C.M.G.

        -1958 Booth, Willis H.

1854-1937 Borden, Sir Robert

1892-1979 Borer, Harold Peter

1881-1965 Bossom, Baron Alfred Charles

1918-         Bossom, Sir Clive

1951-         Boucher, Richard A.

1904-1982 Bowater, Sir Ian

Deceased *Bowdoin, G. S.

Deceased  Bowdoin, Temple

Deceased  Bowen, Clarence W.

1875-1931 Bowman, John McEntee

1943-         **Boyce, Baron Michael Cecil      

1927-         Brademas, John

1892-1959 *Bradford, Lindsay

1928-1982 Bradford, Lindsay, Jr.

1953-         Brafman, Guilherme

        -1985 Braga, George A.

Deceased  Brainerd, Cephas

1870-1955 Brand, Admiral Sir Hubert

1878-1963 Brand, Baron Robert Henry

1903-1978 Brandi, Frederic H.

1905-1993 Brandt, Mortimer S.

1836-1918 Brassy, Baron of Bulkeley

1910-1992 Brewster, Edward Cox            

1919-1988 ***Brewster, Kingman

1932-         Bridestowe, Lord Thomas

1948-         Bridport, 4th Viscount (Alexander Hood is his given name.)

1901-1987 Brinckerhoff, Charles M.

1923-1979 Bristol, Lee Hastings

1922-2011 Brittain, Alfred III

1873-1974 Brittain, Sir Harry (Co-founder, secretary & chairman)

1873-1974 *Brittain, Sir Harry K.B.E., C.M.G.

1943-         Brock, Charles Lawrence

1928-         Brokaw, Clifford Vail

1897-1975 Bronk, Detlev W.

1858-1926 Brooke-Hitching, Sir Thomas Henry

Deceased  Brookfield, William

1898-1966 Broome, Robert Edwin

1922-2003 Bross, Steward, Jr.

1879-1952 Brow, Caxton

Deceased  Brown, Edward F.

1861-1934 *Brown, Elmer Ellsworth

1862-1955 *Brown, Franklin Q.

        -1981 Brown, Franklin Q., Jr.

1934-2002 Brown, J. Carter

1932-         Brown, Michael John

1920-1991 Brown, Sir Raymond (Frederick)

1877-1960 Brown, Wylie

1898-1984 Brownell, Gen. George A.

1904-1996 *Brownell, Herbert

1931-2002 Brownlie, Ian G.M.

1934-         Brownwood, David Owen(Active attorney at Cravath, Swaine, & Moore)

1898-1977 Bruce, David Kirkpatrick Este, C.B.E.

1892-1980 Bruce, James Cabell

1869-1948 Bruce-Porter, Sir Bruce

1882-1958 Bru?re, Henry

1904-1978 Bryan, Frederick Van Pelt (U.S. Dist Judge-So Dist of NY)

1838-1922 ***Bryce, Viscount (The Right Hon.) O.M.

1928-         Brzezinski, Zbigniew

1952-         Buchanan, Robin William Turnbull

1859-1934 Buchanan, Walter Duncan

Deceased  Buckingham, O. W.

1945-         Budd, Nicholas

1867-1944 Bullock, Calvin

1898-1996 ***Bullock, Hugh

1894-1984 Bunker, Ellsworth

        -1988 Bunnell, C. Sterling

1888-1972 Burbank, Reginald

1906-1984 ***Burden, William Armistead Moale

1905-1998 Burger, Van Vechten

1907-1995 Burger, Warren Earl (U.S. Supreme Court Justice)

1888-1980 Burgess, Edwin Haines

1889-1978 Burgess, Warren Randolph

1901-1996 Burke, Arleigh A., N.C., D.S.M.

1899-1976 Burkhart, William H.

1870-1940 *Burleigh, George W.

1833-1916 Burnham, Lord Edward Levy-Lawson

1904-1987 Burns, Arthur Frank

1928-2010 Burns, Ward

1892-1963 Burt, Arthur Hartwell

1937-         Burton, Sir Michael

1924-         Bush, President George Herbert Walker

1946-         Bush, President George W.

1869-1948 Bush, Irving T.                     

1862-1947 ***Butler, Dr. Nicholas Murray

1929-         ***Butler, Percy James

1883-1951 Butler, Sir Harold

1902-1982 Butler, Lord Richard "Rab" A.

1853-1923 Butler, William Allen

1928-2011 Buxbaum, James Monroe

1867-1947 Cabell, Robert Hervey

1898-1994 Cabot, Paul C.

1905-1990 *Caccia, Lord Harold Anthony

1889-1982 Cadbury, Laurence John

1837-1914 Cadwalader, John Lambert

1892-1979 Caldwell, Arthur P., Jr.

1875-1951 Caldwell, Robert J.

1843-1918 Calhoun, John Caldwell

1940-         Camoys, Lord Thomas (Thomas Stonor, 7th Baron Camoys)

1879-1954 *Camrose, 1st Viscount

Deceased  Cannon, Henry W.

1950-         **The Most Reverend and Right Hon. THE LORD ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY (Rowan Douglas Williams is the current Archbishop of Canterbury. All Archbishops of Canterbury are members of The Pilgrims Society.)

1891-1977 Capshaw, Hulon

1930-2012 Carey, William Polk

1941-         Carlson, Richard Warner

1893-1976 Carmer, Carl

1869-1953 Carlton, Newcomb

1898-1973 Carmichael, Leonard               

1835-1919 Carnegie, Andrew

1884-1954 *Carr, Gilbert Harry

1937-         Carrick, Sir Roger KCMG LVO

1919-         Carrington, Lord Peter Rupert

1898-Died  Carroll, Mitchell Benedict

1870-1942 Carson, William E. (Founding member)

1934-1991 Carter, John Bernard

1924-2004 Carter, John Boyd, Jr.

1926-2010 Carter, Peyton Franklin

1891-1965 Carver, Clifford Nichols

1892-1983 Case, John Crowther

1881-1959 Cates, Louis S.

1912-1994 Cates, John Martin, Jr.

1896-1979 Catlin, George Edward Gordon

1930-2011 Catto, Henry Edward, Jr.

1879-1959 *Catto, 1st Baron (Lord Thomas S. Catto)

1876-1943 *Caulcutt, Sir John

1856-1928 Cave, Viscount George

1916-         Cavell, Rt. Rev. John Kingsmill

1891-1954 Cecil, James McCosh

1905-1981 Cecil, David George

1864-1958 Cecil, Lord Robert Gascoyne

1854-1943 Cecil, Lord William

1861-1947 Cecil, 4th Marquess of Salisbury

1893-1972 Cecil, 5th Marquess of Salisbury

1916-2003 Cecil, 6th Marquess of Salisbury (The reference says Cecil family, and guesses that it may be the 5th & 6th Marquesses of Salisbury, so I just shortened it, because the 5th Marquess of Salisbury has already been listed. This man's name was Robert Edward Peter Gascoyne Cecil of whom the Guardian article remarked that he "strikingly lacked the gene of political manipulation that has marked out the Cecils for over four centuries."

1925-        Cecil, George Henry Vanderbilt

1928-        Cecil, William Amherst Vanderbilt

1882-1975 Chadbourne, Frank Merriam

1879-1964 Chadbourne, William Merriam Esq.

1842-1914 Chaffee, Gen. Adna Romanza

1919-         *Chalfont, Lord Alun

1869-1940 Chamberlain, Arthur Neville

1863-1937 Chamberlain, Sir Austen

1869-1940 Chamberlain, Neville

1892-1978 Chamberlain, Thomas Gassner

1870-1943 Chamberlin, Frederick

1904-1981 Chambers, Sir Paul

1894-1972 Chambers, William Ely

        -1997 Champion, George

1904-1989 *Chancellor, Sir Christopher C.M.G.

1917-1991 **Chant-Sempill, Lt-Colonel Stuart W.

1962-         **The Right Hon. THE LORD CHANCELLOR (Always in Pilgrims Society; the current LORD CHANCELLOR IS Chris Grayling.)


1904-1983 Chapman, Alger

1956-         Chapman, Daniel K.

1953-         Chapman, Peter Herbert

1931-         Chapple, Field Marshal Sir John

1886-1970 Chappelear, Edgar Stratton

1952-         Charles, Michael Harrison

Deceased  Carroll, Howard

        -1950 Chase, John

1913-1999 *Charteris, Martin Michael Charles

1891-1973 Chauncey, A. Wallace

1864-1958 Chelwood, Lord CH, PC, QC (Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne-Cecil)

1906-1999 Childs, Thomas Warren

1832-1917 ***Choate, Joseph H.

1925-2011 Christopher, Warren               

1875-1940 Chrysler, Walter Percy

1872-1954 Chrystie, Thomas Ludlow

1902-1956 Chrystie, Thomas Witter

        -1984 Church, Edgar M.      

1881-1963 ***Church, Eliru Cunyngham

1874-1965 Churchill, Sir Winston

1904-1991 Clark, G. Russell

1892-1982 Clarke, Gilmore David

1871-Died  Clarke, Lewis Latham               

1896-Died  Clarke, Robert Warner

1939-         Clarke, Sir Tobias (Known as Sir Toby Clarke, 6th Baronet)

1938-         Clarkson, Lawrence William, Esq.   

1892-1969 Clarkson, Robert Livingston

1938-         Cleaver, Sir Anthony Brian

1837-1908 Cleveland, President Grover            

1859-1937 Cleveland, James Wray, Esq.   

1840-1923 Clews, Henry                     

1869-1934 Clews, James B.

1929-         Clifford, Stewart Burnett

1946-         Clinton, President Bill

1947-         Clinton, Hillary

1915-2004 Close, David Palmer

1846-1919 Clover, Richardson

1928-         Clune, Charles J.

1904-1987 Cobbold, Lord Cameron

1869-1955 Coe, William Roberton

1844-1926 Coffing, Charles Albert

1897-1983 Cohu, Henry Wallace

1869-1950 Colby, Bainbridge, Esq.

1893-Died Coldwell, E.S.

        -1989 Cole, Albert L.

1902-1962 Cole, Henry L.

        -1985 Cole, Henry P.

1873-1950 Cole, Howard Ellsworth

        -1999 Cole, Newcomb D.

1865-1929 Coleman, Charles P.

1897-1993 Coleman, Leighton Hammond

1869-1948 Coleman, Warren

1931-         Coleshill, Lord Vincent of

1910-1995 Collado, Emilio Gabriel   

1873-1939 Collier, Barron Gift

1842-1911 Collins, Richard Henn

1867-Died  Collins, Robert Moore (Member of the Collins, an Illuminati family)1893-1979 Collyer, John Lyon

1898-1990 Colwell, Kent Galbraith

1891-1951 Compton, Richard J.

1888-1964 Comstock, Louis Kossuth

1893-1978 Conant, James B.                   

1850-1942 **Connaught, Duke of (Prince Arthur William)(Field-Marshal H.R.H.)(In the reference as Windsor)

1931-2008 Connell, Hugh P.

1954-         Connelly, Joan Breton

1947-         *Conner, David John

1947-         Conner, Rt. Rev. David John

Deceased  Connick, A. J.

1914-2000 Connor, John Thomas

1869-1962 Conover, Samuel Seymour

1931-1997 Converse, Chandler B.

1875-1960 Cook, George Crouse

1903-1981 Cook, Harold Huntting

1922-1992 Cook, William Sutton

1863-1912 Coolidge, Thomas Jefferson, Jr.

1893-1969 Coombs, William Harry (Date of birth discrepancy in reference)

1887-1961 Cooper, Sir Patrick Ashley

1889-1976 Cooper, Sir (Harold) Stanford

1905-1983 Copeland, Lammot Du Pont

1920-         Copisarow, Sir Alcon

Deceased  Coppell, George

        -1981 **Corbett, John T.

1842-1909 ***Corbin, Lieut.-Gen. Henry Clark

1938-         Cornelius, Jerry L.

1907-1987 Cornish, Charles Clinton

1892-1982 Cornwallis, Lord

1917-1991 Correa, Henry A.

1863-1957 Cory, Lt.-Col. Evan James

1920-2010 Coster, Capt. Gerard H. Jr.

1907-1968 Cottenham, 7th Earl of

1915-2006 Cotton, Sir Robert

1832-1903 Coudert, Frederic Ren?

1898-1972 *Coudert, Frederic Ren?, Jr.

1914-1980 Coudert, Alexis Carrel

1922-2006 Couper, Richard W.

1915-1990 Cousins, Norman

Deceased  Cowdin, John Elliot

1903-1985 Cowles, Gardner

1934-         Cowley, 7th Earl (Garret Graham Wellesley 7th)

1944-         Cowling, Peter John

1906-         Cox, Duncan B. 

        -1989 Cox, Howard Ellis

1921-2007 Coyle, Alfred Johnson

1906-1999 Craft, Robert Homan

1924-         Craig, Sir James GCMG, KCMG, GMG

1936-         *Craig-Cooper, Sir Michael CB, TD, DL

1896-1986 Craigmyle, Ronald M.

1893-1978 Crandall, Lou Revere   

1896.1964 Crane, Edward Matthews

1881-1969 Crane, Jasper Elliot

1945-         Crane, Stephen Andrew

1893-1978 Crane, Winthrop Murray 3rd   

1885-1966 Crankshaw, Sir Eric Norman Spencer   

1861-1940 Cravath, Paul Drennan

1890-1974 Cresswell, Rev. Cyril Leonard

1898-1956 Crocker, Stuart Miller

1841-1917 Cromer, The Earl of

1896-1992 Cromwell, Jarvis

1865-1952 Cromwell, Lincoln

1932-         Cromwell, Roger J.K.

1854-1948 Cromwell, William Nelson Esq.

1916-2009 Cronkite, Walter

1948-2004 Crooks, William C.

1878-Died  Cross, Morton Robinson

1928-2003 Cross, William John

1899-1971 **Crossley, Sir Julian

1941-         Crotty, Federal Judge Paul Austin

1925-2007 Crowe, Adm. William James, Jr.

1912-1989 Crudge, Vernon, O.B.E.

1917-2002 Cruikshank, Harold T.

1928-         *Cubitt, Sir Hugh

1933-         Cullimore, Charles Augustine Kaye CMG

1912-2004 Cullman, Joseph F., III

1890-1955 Cumberland, William Wilson

1869-1946 Cummins, Alexander Griswold

1855-1926 ***Cunliffe-Owen, (Philip) Frederick

1901-1984 Curry, Andrew Gibson

1894-1994 Curtin, Enos

1850-1933 Curtis, Cyrus Herman Kotzschmar      

1859-1925 Curzon, Lord George Nathaniel

1870-1955 Cushing, Harry Alonzo

1895-1960 Cushing, Harry Cooke

1852-1934 Cutting, Robert Fulton

1916-1993 Dale, Colonel John Denny

        -1962 Dalton, Sir Hugh                  

1928-2007 Daly, Donald Francis

1922-2004 Dalzell, Fred Briggs

Deceased  Dana, Dr. C. L.

1912-2000 Daniel, Clifton

        -1980 Darlington, the Rev. Gilbert, D.D.

1889-1955 Darlington, Henry

1925-         Darlington, Dr. Henry Jr.

        -1941 *Darrell, Edward Fairburn

1929-         Darrell, Norris Jr.

Deceased  Dater, Henry C.

1917-2009 Davant, James Waring

1889-1970 Davidson, Sidney W. Jr. (says 1st Viscount in reference)

1916-1992 Davies, David J.

1944-         *Davies, Glyn (First name: Edward)

        -1990 Davies, Robert S.

1871-1944 Davis, John Marcus

1873-1955 ***Davis, John William

Alive           Davis, Michael H. (Got married in 1961, so likely still alive.)

1939-         Davis, Nicholas

1884-1965 *Davis, Pierpont V.

1909-1994 Davis, The Hon. Shelby Cullom

1867-1922 Davison, Henry Pomeroy

1865-1951 Dawes, Charles

1886-Died  Day, Benjamin Mulford, Esq.

1898-1987 *Dean, Arthur Hobson

        -2009 Dean, Howard B.

1909-1994 *Dean, Sir Patrick

1899-1990 *Debevoise, Eli Whitney

1930-          Debs, Richard A.

1893-1978 De la be re, Sir Rupert

1877-1976 Delafield, Edward Coleman

1901-1945 Delafield, Maturin Livingston

Abt 1931-   Delafield, Walter Benjamin

1948-         De La Warr, The Earl of (Wikipedia states 11th Earl is Wm. Herbrand Sackville. His son, Wm. Herbrand Thomas Sackville, Lord Buckhurst b. 1979 is heir apparent according to Wikipedia.)

1904-1987 De Liagre, Alfred Gustav Etienne, Jr.

1909-1991 De L'Isle, Viscount

1862-Died  De Lima, Elias

1859-1933 ***Demorest, William Curtis

1890-1975 Demorest, William Jennings

1953-         Dempsey, James Esq.

1917-         Dennison, Charles P.

1945-         Denny, George P. Jr.

1834-1928 *Depew, Chauncey Mitchell Esq. (co-founder)

1866-1934 Depew, Ganson

1865-1948 *Derby, the Earl of (The Right Hon.) K.G.(Edward George Villiers Stanley)(17th Earl of Derby-Ambassador to France)

Deceased  Derby, Dr. Richard H.

1916-2009 de Rothschild, Edmond L.            

1855-1945 *Desborough, the Lord K.G., G.C.V.O. (William Henry Grenfell)

1915-2001 Desch, Carl W.

Deceased  Deshon, Charles A.

1896-1984 Desmares, Francis Arthur, M.C.

1930-         DeVecchi, Robert P.

1916-1990 Devine, C. Robert

1833-1908 Devonshire, 8th Duke of

1868-1938 Devonshire,  9th Duke of (Victor Cavendish)

1920-2004 Devonshire, 11th Duke of

1875-1944 Dewart, William Thompson

1909-1974 Dewey, Charles S., Jr.

1902-1975 Dewey, Thomas Edmund

1932-         Dewey, Thomas E. Jr.

Alive           Dickerson, Warren H. (Appears to live in Hicksville, NY.)

1905-1989 Dikeman, Edwin Jay Jr.

Deceased  Dillingham, Charles T.

1882-1979 Dillon, Clarence

1909-2003 *Dillon, Clarence Douglas

1916-1997 Dilworth, Joseph Richardson

1866-1931 Dinkey, Alva Clymer

1899-1990 Disston, Harry

1904-1962 Dixon, Edgar H.

1967-         *Dixon, Mark

1928-         Dixon, Piers

1894-1974 Doan Leland Ira

1898-1972 Doane, Richard Congdon

1888-1982 Dodge, Cleveland Earl

1860-1926 Dodge, Cleveland Hoadley

        -1938 Dodge, Edward Lane

1881-1963 Dodge, Marcellus Hartley, Sr.
Deceased  Dodge, William E.

1911-1987 Dolan, Patrick

        -1991 ***Donegan, Bishop Horace W.B., C.B.E., D.D., S.T.D., D.C.L.

1912-1999 Donovan, Edmund P.

1914-1990 Donovan, Hedley

1883-1959 Donovan, William (Known as "Wild Bill" Donovan-created the OSS, the forebarer of the CIA)

Deceased  Dorr, Robert E. A.

1919-1989 Dorrance, John Thompson, Jr.

        -1973 Dougherty, Charles Gibbs

1872-1943 Douglas, Archibald

        -1983 Douglas, Edward M.

1920-         Douglas, John Hoffmann

1894-1974 ***Douglas, Lewis Williams G.B.E.

1892-1976 Douglas, Senator Paul

1896-1971 Douglass, Kingman

1876-1961 Downey, John Irving

1859-1930 Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan

1910-1996 Drake, Sir Eric

1894-1976 Draper, William H., Jr.

1919-2007 ***Drexel, John R. III                

1945-         *Drexel, John R. IV

1902-1975 Driscoll, Alfred E.

1884-1957 Drogheda, 10th Earl of

1910-1989 Drogheda, 11th Earl of

1937-         Drogheda, 12th Earl of (Known professionally as Derry Moore)

1879-1951 Drum, Hugh Alysius

1912-1963 Dryfoos, Orvil Eugene

Deceased  Dudley, Dr. A. P.

1855-1929 Duke, Benjamin Newton

1856-1925 Duke, James Buchanan

1915-1995 *Duke, Angier Biddle

1923-         Duke, Robin Chandler

1893-1969 *Dulles, Allen M.M., M.F.

1888-1959 Dulles, John Foster

1857-1915 Dulles, William

1884-1952 *Duncan, Sir Andrew Rae

1830-1912 ***Duncan, William Butler

1922-1984 Duncan, Sir William B.

Abt 1940-   Duncan, William M.

1929-         Duncan-Sandys, Lady Marie Claire

        -1993 Dunlevy, Jerome P.

1870-1953 *Dunn, Gano

1878-1961 Dunn, Harris Ashton

1838-1926 DuPont, Henry Algernon            

1863-1930 DuPont, Senator Thomas Coleman

1920- Du Val, Philip Livingston Rollin   

Deceased  Eames, Edward E.

Deceased  Eaton, The Rev. Dr. Charles H.   

1883-1979 Eaton, Cyrus Stephen

        -1975 Ebbott, Percy John

1890-1969 Eberstadt, Ferdinand A.

1904-1999 Eccles, 1st Viscount

1867-1964 Ecker, Frederick H.

        -1976 Eckman, Samuel, Jr.

1879-1972 Edmonds, Dean Stockett

1903-1978 Edmondson, John P.

1917-1992 Eells, Richard S.F.

1892-1987 Egbert, Lester Darling

1927-         Egbert, Richard Cook

1890-1969 *Eisenhower, President Dwight David "Ike"

1896-1979 Eisenhower, Mamie Geneva (Wife & widow of President Eisenhower)

1915-         Ekblom, Harry E.

Deceased  Elderkin, John

1877-1951 Elibank, 2nd Viscount

1864-1945 Eliot, Ellsworth, Jr.

1882-1972 Elliman, Douglas Ludlow

1944-         Elliman, Donald M., Jr.

1899-1996 Elliott, Byron Kauffman

1864-1945 *Ellsworth, Eliot, Jr.

1854-1943 Ely, Richard Theodore

1861-1948 Ely, Robert Erskine

1898-1960 Emanuel, Victor

Deceased  Emilio, Luis F.

1858-1945 Eno, William Phelps

1939-         Enslow, Robert Haven

1888-1957 Enstrom, William N.

1852-1930 Esher, Viscount Reginald

1930-         Evans, Gordon Heyd

1920-         Evans, James H.

1899-1966 Evershed, The Lord (Francis) Raymond (The Right Hon.)

1875-1960 *Ewart, R. H.

1883-1968 Fackenthal, Frank Diehl

1909-2000 *Fairbanks, Douglas, Jr.

        -1927 *Fairchild, Samuel W.

1870-1939 Fairfax, Albert Kirby

        -1977 Fales, William G.

1939-         Farish, William Stamps, III

1888-1976 Farley, James Aloysius

1852-1930 Farnsworth, Frederick Eugene

1920-         Farr, Charles Sims

1901-1978 Farrell, James Augustine, Jr.

1914-1994 Faulkner, Sir Eric Odin

Deceased  Fay, Sigourney W.

        -1988 Fearey, Morton

1941-         *Fellowes, Baron Robert, GCB, GCVO, QSO, PC

        -1985 Ferguson, Robert Monroe

1893-1974 Ferguson, Roy King

        -1960 Ferguson, William

1834-1906 Field, Marshall

Deceased  Finch, Ashbel P.

1873-1965 Finch, Edward Ridley

1919-2011 Finch, Edward Ridley, Jr.

1863-1940 *Finey, John H.

1965-         Fingleton, John Dr.

1893-1980 *Finletter, Thomas Knight

1946-         Fishburn, John Dudley

1915-1988 Fisher, Sir Anthony George

1904-2000 Fisher, Harold Wallace

1873-1965 Fisher, Henry Johnson

1865-1940 Fisher, Herbert Albert Laurens

1867-1945 Fisher, Hugh (His first name was Alfred.)

1931-1992 Fisher, Pieter Alricks

Deceased  Fisk, George R.

1900-1963 Fitzgibbon, Thomas O'Gorman

1845-1927 Fitzmaurice, Henry P.               

1870-1952 Flagler, Harry Harkness

1830-1913 Flagler, Henry Morrison

1886-1956 Fleming, Frederic Sydney

Deceased  Fletcher, Austin B.

1896-1972 Fletcher, Walter D.

Deceased Flint, Charles R.

Deceased  Flower, Roswell P.

1921-1981 Fogarty, Charles Franklin

1896-1981 Folger, John Clifford

1894-1970 Folsom, Frank Marion

1893-1976 Folsom, Marion B.

1907-1990 Foot, Hugh Mackintosh   

1903-1989 *Forbes, Sir Archibald

1946-         Forbes, Sir Ian

1919-1990 Forbes, Malcolm Stevenson, Sr.

1950-         Forbes, Christopher "Kip"                  

1870-1959 Forbes, William Cameron

1885-1978 Ford, George Barry

1887-1966 Ford, Sumner            

1913-2006 Ford, President Gerald

1906-1989 Forde, Ivo Matthew Leopold Dieskau

1927-1989 Forrestal, Michael V.

1883-1972 Fosdick, Raymond B.

1893-1976 Foye, Arthur Bevins

1948-         Franco, Carole Ann

1913-1996 Franklin, George S. Jr.

1895-1975 Franklin, John Merryman

1905-1992 Franks, Baron Oliver

1889-1945 *Fraser, Leon

1946-         Fr?chette, Louise (Guest speaker)

1862-1937 Freeman, Alden

1943-         ***Freeman, Ronald M.

1932-         French, John, III

1909-1995 Frese, Walter Wenzel

1920-         Fromm, Joseph

1910-1992 *Funston, George Keith

1836-1927 Gage, Lyman Judson

1896-1982 Gale, Gen. Sir Richard Nelson         

1894-1981 Gallagher, Harold John

1881-1952 Gallatin, Albert Eugene

1953-         Gamble, Theodore Robert, Jr. (Married another member March 1984.)

        -1983 Gambrell, Charles Glann

        -1978 Gander, Maclean

1912-2002 *Gardner, John W. M.F.

1898-1964 Garside, Charles

1895-1976 Gates, Artemus L.

1906-1983 *Gates, Thomas Sovereign, Jr.

Deceased  Gaylord, Augustus

1879-1954 Geddes, 1st Baron

1907-1975 Geddes, 2nd Baron

1886-Died  Gehle, Frederick W.

1895-1955 George, William Perry

1867-1951 Gerard, James W. G.C.B.            

1961-         *Gerard, James W. 5th

1886-1959 Gerdes, John Esq.

1901-1969 Gibbs-Smith, Rev. Oswin Harvard

1868-1949 Giddins, Howard Andrus

1825-1921 Giffard, Lord Hardinge Stanley

1893-1982 Gifford, Augustine Sands

Deceased  Gifford, James M.

1885-1966 ***Gifford, Walter Sherman

1906-1983 Gilbert, Carl Joyce

1859-1934 *Gilbert, Cass                     

1934-         *Gilbert, Seymour Parker, Jr.

1891-1975 Gilchrist, Huntington

1844-1909 *Gilder, Richard Watson (Founding member)

        -1982 Gillespie, Kenrick S.

1876-1940 *Gillespie, Lawrence L.

1831-1908 Gilman, Daniel Colt

1906-1996 Gilpatrick, Roswell L.

        -1975 ***Gishford, Anthony

1900-1996 Gladwyn, Lord Hubert

Deceased Goddard, Frederick N.

Deceased  Goode, William (Co-founder)

1891-1978 ***Goodhart, Dr. Arthur Lehman, Esq. K.B.E., Q.C.

1901-2009 Gordon, Albert Hamilton

1898-1982 Gordon, James Roycroft

1847-1934 Gordon, Lord John Campbell

1884-1975 Gordon, Thurlow Marshall

1931-2004 Gordon-Lennox, Lord Nicholas Charles

1909-1984 *Gore-Booth, Lord Paul

1866-1933 Gould, Edwin

Deceased  Gould, George J.

1910-1997 Gould, Samuel Brookner

1913-1995 Grace, J. Peter, Jr.

1889-1962 Graham, Kelley

1877-1963 Graham, William Joseph

1903-2002 Granger, David            

1850-1927 Grasselli, Caesar Augustin

1948-         Gray, James L.

Abt 1945-   Grayson, Lord Richard Stephen

1913-2000 Greenhill, Lord Denis

1943-         Greenstock, Sir Jeremy

1870-1948 *Greenwood, Viscount (the Right Hon.)

Deceased  Greer, Rt. Rev. David Hummell (He lived at the time of the Titanic.)

1871-1941 Grenfell, Edward C.

1855-1945 Grenfell, Lord William Henry (chairman)

1841-1925 Grenfell, Lord Francis Wallace (Co-founder)

1935-         Grenfell, Lord Julian (3rd Baron Grenfell)

1865-1940 Grenfell, Dr. Wilfred

1867-1945 Grenfell, Sir William (Max-Muller)

1851-1917 Grey, Lord Albert

1862 1933 Grey, Sir Edward

1923-         Grew, Raymond Edward

1931-         Grew, Robert Ralph, Esq.

       -1980  Grewcock, Derek D., Esq.

1921-          *Grierson, Sir Ronald H.

1855-1907 Griffin, Gen. Eugene

1909-1979 Griffith-Jones, Mervyn Esq.

1925-         Griffiths, Sir Eldon Wylie

1941-         Griffiths, Baron Brian

1849-1927 *Griggs, John William (Founding member)

1886-1980 Grimm, Peter

1901-1987 Griswold, John Carroll

1944-         Gross, Patrick Walter

1951-         Grosvenor, Gerald Cavendish

1908-1988 Gubelmann, Walter Stanley

1857-1934 Guernsey, Nathaniel Taylor

1918-2001 Guernsey, Otis Love

1907-1991 Guest, Raymond R.

Abt 1937-   Gunther, Jack Disbrow, Jr., Esq.

1938-         Guthrie, General Lord of Craigiebank (Lord Charles)

1874-1945 Gwynne, Charles Thomas

1951-         Haass, Richard Nathan

1899-1987 Hacker, Louis Morton

1938-         Hacking, Lord David

1884-1969 *Haggard, Sir Godfrey Digby Napier, C.M.G., C.V.O., O.B.E.

1924-2010 *Haig, Alexander Meigs, Jr.

1860-1930 Haldeman, Donald Carmichael

1936-         Hale, Charles Martin

1881-1959 Halifax, Viscount Edward Wood K.G., O.M.

Deceased  Hall, Frank L.

1878-1961 Hall, William Edwin

1897-1963 Hambro, Sir Charles Jocelyn "Pug"

1943-         Hambro, Rupert Nicholas, Esq.

1918-1988 Hamilton, Sir Denis

1881-1976 Hammond, Paul Lyman

1892-1987 Hanes, John W.

1945-         Hanley, Jeremy James KCMG

1889-Died  Hann, Charles Esq.

1866-1947 *Harbord, James G. K.C.M.G., D.S.M.

Deceased  Harbord, John O.

1908-1979 *Harcourt, 2nd Viscount

1899-1979 Harding, Charles Barney

1864-Died  Harding, John William

1930-         Hardy, Sir David kt

1874-1940 Harkness, Edward Stephen

1918-1985 Harlech, The Lord (The Right Hon.) K.C.M.G.

1904-1980 Harmsworth, Sir Geoffrey

        -1982 Harper, Carroll G.

1936-2009 Harper, Emery Walter Esq.

1906-1982 Harrar, George

1848-1909 Harriman, Edward Henry

1867-1949 Harriman, Joseph Wright

1862-1940 Harriman, Oliver

1891-1986 Harriman, William Averill

1932-         Harrington, Robert Dudley

1886-1959 Harris, Charles Cuthbert

1923-1982 Harris, David Taylor

1943-         Harris, Lillian Craig

1913-         Harris, William Cecil

1887-1958 *Harrison, George Leslie

1895-1973 Harrison, James Leftwich

1881-1962 Hart, Merwin Kimball

1882-1964 Hartfield, Joseph Manuel

1911-2008 Hartford, Huntington, III

Deceased  Hartley, Marcellus

1864-1928 *Harvey, George

1908-2001 Haskins, Caryl Parker

1915-1991 Haskins, George Lee Esq.

1882-Died  Hasler, Frederick Edward

1914-1981 Hauge, Gabriel

1898-1965 Hawkins, Dexter Clarkson

1891-1973 Hawley, Edmund Summers

1928-2001 Hay, Andrew "Anthony" MacKenzie

Deceased  *Hay, Louis C. (elected to Executive Committee in 1910)

1910-1989 *Hayes, Alfred P.

1914-1992 Hayman, Sir Peter

Deceased  Haynes, Richard B.

1921-2007 Healy, Harold Harris, Jr.

1904-1975 Heald, Henry T.

1917-2009 Heard, George Alexander

Deceased  Hearn, George A.

1888-1976 Hecht, Frank Abner

1862-1925 *Hedges, Job Elmer

1908-1987 Heinz, Henry John "Jack" II

1946-         Heisler, Stanley Dean, Esq.

1925-         Held, Huyler Clark

1900-1985 ***Helm, Harold Holmes

1924-         Helms, Gates McGarrah

1923-         Hendrickson, Robert Augustus

1898-1981 Hennessy, Sir Patrick

1846-1922 *Hepburn, Alonzo Barton

1853-1934 Herbert, John Warne

Deceased  Herbert, Sir Michael (no indication as to when he lived)

1902-1987 Herd, John Victor

1898-1974 Herod, William Rogers

Deceased  Herrick, Dr. Everett

1897-1942 Herrick, Myron T.   

1934-         Heseltine, Lady Michael               

1924-          Hester, James M.

1875-1945 *Hetzler, Theodore

1908-1966 Heuss, John

1917-2006 Heuvel, Stanley van den

1930-         ***Heuvel, William vanden (father of Katrina vanden Heuvel, editor of The Nation, a magazine that purports to expose issues like this. Yeah right)

1870-1943 Hewart, Viscount Gordon

1915-1998 Hewitt, William Alexander

Deceased  Heydt, Herman A., Jr.

        -1989 Hickman, Norman G.

1888-Died  Higgins, Charles Alfred

1920-1990 Higginson, Thomas Lee

1916-1978 Hill, James Tomilson, Jr.

Deceased  Hill, John Warren (No indication as to when he lived)

        -1953 Hill, William B.

        -1988 Hill, William Edwin

1867-1947 Hilles, Charles Dewey

1851-1927 Hine, Francis L.

1905-1997 Hinman, George Lyon

        -1934 Hinman, Matthew

Deceased  Hinsdale, E. B.

1901-1981 Hinsey, Joseph Clarence

        -1993 Hinton, Longstreet

Deceased  Hitchcock, Hiran

1918-1986 Hitesman, Walter Wood

1904-1983 Hitzig, William Maxwell

1880-1959 Hoare, Sir Samuel (1st Viscount Templewood)

Deceased  Hotchkiss, hobart L.

Deceased  Hodges, Amory G.

1915-2012 *Hodgson, James Day

1891-1974 Hoffman, Paul Gray

1941-2010 Holbooke, Richard      

1878-1951 Holland, Charles Hubert

1877-1944 Hogan, Frank J.

1901-1972 Hoge, James Fulton

1872-1950 **Hogg, Lord Douglas McGarel

1907-2001 **Hogg, Lord Quintin McGarel

1941-2010 Holbrooke, Richard C.

Deceased  Holt, George H.

1872-1951 Holt, Hamilton         

Deceased  Holt, Colgate

1840-1926 Holt, Henry

1910-1981 Hood, Viscount Samuel

1874-1964 Hoover, President Herbert

1915-2000 Hopper, Walter Everett

1871-1955 Horder, 1st Baron

1888-1978 Horn, Charles Lilley

1917-1985 Hornblower, Henry II

1877-1971 Hough, Lynn Harold

1863-1941 Houghton, Alanson Bigelow, Jr.

1899-1981 Houghton, Amory

1926-         Houghton, Amory, Jr.

1906-1990 Houghton, Arthur A., Jr.

1881-1973 Houston, Frank K.

1866-1955 Houston, Herbert Sherman

1897-1988 Hoving, Walter

1863-1939 Howard, Lord Esme William

1910-1998 Howard, Jack Rohe

1867-1947 Howe, Arthur Millidge

1926-         *Howe, Lord Geoffrey (Lord of Aberavon)   

1928-         Howlett, Philip Gerad

1883-1963 Hoyt, Colgate

Deceased  Hoyt, J. B.

Deceased  Hubbard, Thomas H.

1918-         Hubner, Robert Wilmore

Deceased  Hudson, C. I.

1862-1948 Hughes, Charles Evans (U.S. Supreme Court Justice)

1871-1955 Hull, Cordell

1874-1952 Humes, Augustine Leftwich

1934-         *Humes, James Calhoun

1921-1985 Humes, John P.

1886-1954 Hunt, Richard Carley

Deceased  Huntington, Collis P.

1883-1967 Hupper, Roscoe Henderson

1868-1942 Hutcheson, William Anderson

Deceased  Hutchins, Horace A.

1870-1934 Hussey, Charles Lincoln

1907-2001 Hyde, Anthony

1873-1952 Hyde, Charles Cheney

1876-1959 Hyde, James Hazen

1892-1962 Ade, John Jay

1877-1960 Iliffe, 1st Baron

1908-1996 Iliffe, 2nd Baron

1917-1994 Inchcape, 3rd Earl of

1935-         Inge, Lord Peter KG, GCB DL

1898-1983 Ingersoll, Adm. Stuart Howe

1898-1962 Irons, Henry Clay

1913-2000  *Irwin, John Nichol, II M.F.

1881-1959 **Irwin, Lord KG, OM, GCSI, GCMG, GCIE, TD, PC

Deceased  Ives, Brayton

1896-1962 Ives, Irving McNeil

1904-1987 Ives, Philip

1880-1959 *Jackson, John Gillespie

Deceased  Jackson, N. Baxter (No mention as to when he lived)

1919-1999 Jackson, William Eldred, Esq. (Attorney to Nelson Rockefeller)

1871-1971 Jacoby, James Ralph

Deceased  Janvrin, Dr. J. E.

1946-        Janvrin, Baron Robert (Given name: Robin Berry Janvrin) GCB, GCVO, QSO, PC

        -1981 Jarvis, N. Leonard
1852-1934 Jefferson, John P.

Deceased  Jeffery, Edward T.

1953-        Jeffery, Reuben III (Probably a Pilgrims Society member. See for who he is. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations which is a cover for the Pilgrims Society. This shows a photo of him smiling. I wonder how much he will smile when he knows he's been outed?)

1920-2003 Jenkins, Roy Harris

        -1936 Jennings, Oliver Gould

1878-1949 Jervey, Huger Wilkinson

1830-1908 ***Jesup, Morris Ketchum

1921-2001 Jewitt, David Willard Pennock

1934-         Johns, William Potter

1906-1990 Johnson, Joseph Esrey

1908-1973 Johnson, President Lyndon Baines

1907-1992 Johnson Raymond Coles

1934-         Johnson, William Alexander

1858-1940 Johnston, Gen. John A.

Deceased  Joline, Col. Adrian H.

1874-1965 Jones, Alfred B.

1877-1962 Jones, Sir Roderick

1891-1962 Jones, William Alton

1867-1934 Kahn, Otto Hermann

1913-2007 Kaiser, Philip M.

1942-         Kashmeri, Sarwar Aghajani            

1900-1975 Keating, Senator Kenneth

1900-1983 Keehn, Grant

1838-1913 Keene, James R.

1915-2000 Keesee, Thomas Woodfin

1946-         Keevil, Philip Clement

1856-1937 Kellogg, Frank B. Esq.

        -2004 Kelsey, John "Jack" F., Jr.

1875-1945 Kemmerer, Edwin

1883-1968 Kemsley, Viscount

        -2002 Kennedy, David O'D

1884-1952 Kennedy, Foster

1888-1969 Kennedy, Joseph Patrick

1871-1971 Kennedy, Gilbert Falconer

1918-1997 Kenney, F. Donald

        -1934 Kent, Thomas B.

1911-1996 Kern, Harry F.

1942-         *Kerr, Lord John (Lord of Kinlochard) GCMG, CMG

1922-2004 *Kerr, Lord Peter (Lord Lothian)

1882-1940 Kerr, Philip Henry (11th Marquess of Lothian)

1938-         Keswick, Sir Henry N.L.

1940-         Keswick, Sir John Chippendale "Chips" (Family controls Hong Kong)

1903-1990 Keswick, Sir William Johnston   

        -1967 Kidder, Amos M.

1877-1950 Kies, William S.

1888-1962 Kimball, Leroy Elwood

1899-1976 Kindersley, Lord Hugh Kenyon Molesworth (2nd Baron Kindersley)1871-1954 Kindersley, Robert M. 1st Baron Kindersley

1848-1946 King, David Bennett

1887-1972 King, Frederic(k) Rhinelander

1865-1936 King George V (Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society)

1895-1952 King George VI (Royal Patron of The Pilgrims Society)(In the reference as Windsor)

1894-1972 King Edward VIII (In the reference as Windsor)

1928-        King, Henry Lawrence, Esq.

1907-1989 Kingsbury, Frederick H., Jr.

1847-1923 Kinnaird, Lord

1903-1997 ***Kirk, Grayson, K.B.E.

        -1980 Kirkpatrick, Thomas

1923-         ***Kissenger, Henry Alfred

1869-1947 Kitchel, William Lloyd

1850-1916 Kitchener, Lord Horatio H.

1856-1934 Klein, Herman

1905-1980 Kleinwort, Sir Cyril Hugh

1894-1957 Kleitz, William Lambert

1917-1994 Knight, Payton Harding

1919-2006 Knight, Robert Huntington

1895-1966 Knollys, 2nd Viscount

1870-1947 Knox, Samuel Lippincott Griswald

1843-1918 Koree, Jean Ulyxes

Deceased  Krech, Alvin Wilhelm (No indication when he lived)

        -1963 Kuhn, R. Parker

1856-1932 Kunz, George Frederick

1946-         Lader, Philip

1928-         Lambert, Paul Christopher

1860-1940 Lamington, Lord, 2nd

1926-         Lamont, Edward M.

1954-         Lamont, Edward M. "Ned", Jr.

1870-1948 *Lamont, Thomas (Chairman)

1893-Died  Lamont, Gordon

1899-1967 Lamont, Thomas Stilwell

        -1972 Lane, Cedric Raymond

        -1990 Lang, Leslie J.A.

Deceased Langdon, Edwin

1837-1926 Lanier, Charles

Deceased  Lanier, Reginald B.

1864-1928 Lansing, Robert

1897-1970 Larner, Edward Atkins

1892-1977 La Roche, Chester J.

1899-1979 Larsen, Roy Edward

1940-         Lash, Stephen Sycle

1871-Died  Lavis, Fred

Abt 1930-   Law, Frank K. (If anyone knows about this man, let me know. He was impossible to find date of birth or date of death. 1930 is a guess because of what the main reference I used indicated. See that link below.)

Deceased  Lawrence, George Franklyn

        -1983 Lawrence, James Freeman

1903-1987 Lawrence, Justus Baldwin

1938-         Lawrence, Robert Cutting, III Esq.

1912-2000 Lawrence, Ruddick Carpenter

1927-         Lawson-Johnston, Peter Orman

1917-2012 *LeBailly, Adm. Sir Louis

1897-1975 Le Boeuf, Randall James

1872-1948 Lee, George Bolling

1877-1934 Lee, Ivy L.

1906-Died  Lee, James E.

        -1984 Lee, Rensselaer Wright

1928-         Lee, Dr. Robert Earl

Deceased  Lefferts, S. Fay

1878-1960 Leffingwell, Russell Cornell   

1930-         Leggatt, Sir Andrew Peter (Rt. Hon.)

1890-1974 Leib, George Carr

1891-1969 Lehman, Robert         

1927-         *Leigh-Pemberton, Lord Robert "Robin" (Baron Kingsdown)

1948-         Leinster, Duke of (Maurice FitzGerald, 9th Duke of Leinster)

1889-1982 Leisure, George Stanley, Esq. (Associated with the CIA)

1910-1991 Leslie, John Ethelbert

1910-         Lessing, Walter H.

1888-1949 Leverhulme, 2nd Viscount

1852-1924 Levy, Jefferson Monroe   

1904-1985 Lewis, Charles W.

1899-1988 Lewis, Robert James

1936-2004 Lewis, Sherman Richard, Jr.

1907-1999 Liddell, Donald Macy, Jr.

Deceased  Lincoln, Dr. Rufus P.

1926-2012 *Lindsay, Robert Van Cleef            

1877-1945 Lindsay, Sir Ronald

1872-1952 Litchfield, Electus Darwin

1916-1992 Littlejohn, Angus Chisholm

1863-1945 Lloyd-George, David (The Earl of Dwyfor)

1928-         Lloyd, Sir Richard (2nd Baronet)

1898-1985 Lloyd, Robert McAllister

Deceased Lockwood, Edgar

Deceased  Lockwood, Homer N.

1872-1951 Lockwood, Luke Vincent

1902-1985 *Lodge, Henry Cabot Jr.

1903-1985 Lodge, John Davis

1930-         Loeb, John L., Jr.

Deceased  Logan, Walter S.

1878-1949 Londonderry, 7th Marquess of

1935-         Lord, Jerome Edmund

1893-1958 Lorenz, Joseph

1890-1952 Lorenz, Keith

1895-1987 Loucks, Charles Ernest

        -1995 Louis, John J., Jr.

Deceased  Lounsbury, Richard P.

1919-1997 Lovejoy, Allen Fraser

Abt 1971-   Lovett, Edward Richardson

1906-1975 *Lowson, Sir Denys Colquhoun Flowerdew

1942-         Lucas, Charles Clement, Jr.

1898-1967 Luce, Henry R.

1925-2005 ***Luce, Henry III

Deceased  Luddington, Charles H.

1905-1996 Luke, Lord of Pavenham (Ian Lawson Johnston)

1928-2003 Lynch, Edmund C., Jr. (His father formed Merrill Lynch.)

1902-1975 Lyon, William Alexander

1857-1913 Lyttelton, Alfred

1921-1997 Macadam, Sir Peter

1898-2000 MacArthur, Jean

1911-1978 Macbain, Gavin Keith

1890.1956 Macdonald, Henry

1867-1942 Macdonald, Pirie

1866-1937 MacDonald, PM Ramsay

        -1987 Macdonald, William G.

1890-1974 MacFee, Dr. William Frank

1878-1942 Macgowan, John Kee

1897-1964 MacGregor, John Murdoch

1863-Died  *MacKay, Rev. Donald Sage, D.D.

1905-2000 MacRae, Cameron Farquhar

1900-1967 Macrae, Elliot Beach

1931-         MacTaggart, Barry

1912-1984 Macvane, John Franklin

1926-1984 Mackworth-Young, Gerard Richard "Bill"

1905-Died  *Maclamroc, James Gwaltney Westwarren

1887-1950 Maclean, Alexander Tweedie

1946-         Maclean, Babcock

1863-1941 McAdoo, William Gibbs

1897-1989 McAlpin, David Hunter

        -1983 McAlpin, Townsend M.

1869-1953 McAneny, George

1911-1981 McCain, John Sidney, Jr.

1907-1997 McCall, Howard Weaver

1902-1979 McCanse, Thomas

1929-         McCarter, Thomas Nesbitt, III

1894-1960 McCarthy, John Edward

1895-1989 McCloy, John J.                  

1845-1911 *McCook, Col. John J. (Founding member)

1908-1983 Mcculloch, John Irvin Beggs

1835-1916 McCurdy, Richard Aldrich Esq.

1903-1996 *McFadzean, Lord William Hunter

1863-1940 *McGarrah, Gates White

1922-1997 McGill, William J.

1874-1961 McGowan, 1st Baron

1895-1975 McHugh, Keith Stratton

1867-1952 Mcinnerney, Thomas Henry

1889-1970 McKittrick, Thomas Harrington   

         -1975 Mcmaster, John D.    Esq.

1922-          McMennamin, George Barry

1936-          McMillen, Mont Evans, Jr.

1916-2009 McNamara, Robert Strange   

1915-2010 McNeill, Robert E. Jr.

        -1991 McSweeney, Edward F., 3d

1942-         McVeigh, Charles S., III

1846-1916 *Mabie, Hamilton Wright

1928-         Macomber, John Dewitt

1919-1988 Madden, John Beckwith

1935-         Mahler, Herbert William

1877-1954 Mahony, Walter Butler

Deceased  Mains, The Rev. Dr. George P.

1911-1993 Mais, Baron

        -1972 Makins, Sir John

1904-1996 *Makins, Lord Roger Mellor

1930-         von Mallinckrodt, George Wilhelm (There is a discrepancy in the spelling of the first name; some spell it Georg.)

1892-1980 Mallory, Walter Hampton

1866-1949 *Manning, The Rt. Rev. William T. (minister who's in a leadership role)

1911-1998 Mansager, Felix Norman

        -2005 Manton, Sir Edwin A.G.      

1862-1946 Marburg, Theodore

1876-1961 Marcosson, Isaac Frederick

Deceased  Marks, The Rev. C. A.

1871-1934 Marlborough, 9th Duke of

1906-1983 Marris, Adam D.

1887-1967 Marsh, John Bigelow

1937-         Marshall, Anthony Parr            

1880-1959 Marshall, General George C.

Deceased  Marshall, Jo

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