Best Speech I’ve heard for years.Nigel Farage to Swiss audience

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Best Speech I’ve heard for years.

Have a look at this 50 minute speech and question answers by NIGEL FARAGE to a Swiss Audience – about a week before the Clacton by election.  Then please pass on to all who you know.


If we want to restore democracy and and true economic growth to the UK – there is only one solution – vote UKIP at the May 2015 general election. Our two major parties have made promise after promise before each general election and promptly reneged on those promises after the election. Both Labour and Conservative have duped you time and again – do not fall, once again, for their old tricks


Malcolm Bouchier


This is a 52 min video of Nigel Farage guest-speaking in Switzerland, with a Q&A session afterwards, an audience that normally speaks German.  It is to be recommended that you find a few minutes to watch this Masterclass performance - revealing as much about him, as it does about UKIP policies - and he knows his facts and names!


Personally, I think he speaks a lot of sense!  At least the microphones work in Switzerland, but sound still needs to be around 50%. Just a shame people keep walking in front of the camera......I find that very distracting!  (...and rude!)


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