Corruption in the Police service, request to give evidence

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Corruption in the Police service, request to give evidence
« on: November 17, 2014, 06:51:45 PM »
This is my request to give evidence to the home affairs select committee:

Dear Sir / Madam

Thank you for your response to my email relating to giving evidence before a Home Affairs Select Committee.
I have had sever difficulties from individuals involved in organised crime and who appear to have connections within the Police service since my estranged wife became involved with one of these people.
A brief outline is below:

To date I have received death threats, almost been the victim of a shooting, had my home sold unlawfully, and a detective Tomlison of Staffordshire Police has taken direct steps (of which I have evidence) to block an investigation in to the individuals responsible. I have also received death threats, been stalked and threatened by Police officers, had police attempt to block stifle and Ignore my written, evidence supported statement and report.
During mid 2009 I discovered my ex-wife having an affair, shortly after this I received death threats and was stalked. In August I reported to Police that I had received death threats from my ex-wife who I believed was not acting alone, her motive was financial and to gain possession of the family home, also that she still believed I was insured for £500,000.00.

Just weeks later, In April 2010 the home I jointly owned with my ex-wife was unlawfully sold by her.
In October 2010 I reported back to Police that I had video evidence of stalkers and provided registration numbers A******** black Range Rover Sport and M******* silver Mercedes saloon. I also reported that I believed the silver Mercedes was being driven by a police officer. I was threatened by a Sgt Brown that I would be physically harmed if I did not leave the Police station.
Court evidence has been tampered with, this can only have been done by individuals with level of authority.
Later, during a Staffordshire Police Professional Standards Department Investigation in to his actions, Detective Tomlison colluded with those who had been reported for committing serious crimes in order to fabricate reasons for his actions. This included him aiding and abetting in breaking family court laws, and Thomlison actually telling more proven lies during the investigation in to his actions.

I have also received assistance from Quest detective agency and another private detective, the outcome of which, was to confirm I am and have been targeted by a well organised group, Mr **** of Quest (a former special branch officer) stated the activity I had witnessed and been subjected to was used by the “MI’s”. Mr **** is the private detective who identified the MI5’s officers involvement in the Max Moseley scandal, giving chase to the person across central London.

I will be very please to prepare a full in-depth statement covering the whole saga.

Kind regards

Andrew Flynn

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