Freedom Of The Press Allegedly Threatened By Ken Clarke--UK Column

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  UK Column Live - Thursday, 2PM - Freedom Of The Press Allegedly Threatened By Ken Clarke

Recommended viewing; because of the necessity to establish the facts - hiding away from it will not address the most important aim which is to root out the truth, for the prevention of further abuse. The protection of children must come first

Patrick, will do what is justified and correct in investigating this particular allegation...

On the 22nd of October, Patrick Henningsen, the UK Column's geopolitical analyst, posted a guest article on his personal website by former child actor and documentary maker, Ben Fellows.

You may remember Ben - he was the whistleblower who broke the G4S Olympic Games scandal, via Tony Gosling's radio show, Louise Collins' radio show, and a previous UK Column Live broadcast.

In his article of the 22nd of October, Ben alleges that he was touched inappropriately by none other than arch-Bilderberger and present "Minister Without Portfolio", Kenneth Clarke. Ben alleges that this incident took place while he was working for the Cook Report, and that he was introduced to Clarke as a 15 year old. In fact he was 18 or so at the time.

(Ben Fellows)

Following publication of Ben's story on Patrick Henningsen's website, Ben's story was picked up in part by the Daily Express.

What followed was a barrage of emails to Patrick Henningsen from Ken Clarke's "special adviser" Kathryn Laing, who works in the Cabinet Office, vehemently denying that Ken Clarke ever met Ben Fellows, and requiring Patrick Henningsen remove Ken Clarke's name from the articles, and make other changes to the articles.

So tomorrow, Thursday 25th October, and 2pm, UK Column Live will speak to Ben Fellows about his allegations, the people he met and what he witnessed growing up as a child actor.

Please pass the word, and join us for what promises to be an explosive discussion, tomorrow, 2PM at and the audio stream, as always, on TNS Radio.


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Re: Freedom Of The Press Threatened By Ken Clarke--UK Column
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Please Read before replying

Until this story as had a time to run, and we can determine the outcome, please do not refer to Ken Clarke in any that, at this time, may be viewed as libelous.


It is not that I doubt Ben Fellows, however, it is for him to make the accusations and not others. At least at this point.
Remember, the easiest way to shut sites like these down is to lure us into trouble. Not every site will be targeted for complaint, and not everyone will get a warning.

At the point of panic they'll bring out the big guns and attempt to prosecute without takedown warnings.

I encourage you to find the video (I'll link or post if it comes available on youtube). Comment there (they have big legal teams)

Find it on faceboook (they too can afford any claims) - comment and "Like" and share.

Make this story viral on social media first, then they'll have difficulty shutting us up.

I hate mediating this  forum but this time I'll have to. At least for now.

For now, be careful, post links by all means, just watch the libel laws.



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Re: Freedom Of The Press Threatened By Ken Clarke--UK Column
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[lmgtfy=(Ben Fellows)(Ken Clarke)]Try Google for more research on this[/lmgtfy]

Also read here  the Ben Fellows Guest post at

Original article with references to said politician removed Click Here

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