Letter to Law Commision re appeal of Treason Law with F.O.I. Request

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Law Repeals Section                                                                Albert Burgess
 Law Commission                                                                    15 Parliament Road
 11 Tothill Street                                                                     Thame
 London                                                                                  South Oxfordshire
 SW1 9LJ                                                                                OX9 3TE
 Ref Treason
 I am enclosing a copy of a freedom of information request and a list of treason allegations accepted by the police as a means of explanation as to why it is essential you forget the wishes of your political masters and worry instead about the requirements of this Kingdoms ancient common and constitutional law. Law you breach at peril of your life.
 You are I understand looking at repealing the 1945 Treason Act an act which brought trials for treason under the same rules as trials for murder. The 1695 Treason Act contains a requirement that trials for treason within the realm must be brought within three years of the treason occurring, this is of course nonsensical and was designed to protect those who attempted to remove the King as happened in 1649 some 46 years earlier. By bringing the procedure for treason trials into line with murder trials for which there is no time limit on prosecution this effectively repealed this 3 year time limit by implied repeal.
 It is my belief the government are regularly committing treason against Her Majesty to whom we all owe an absolute duty of loyalty, and the requirements of the English Constitution. Which you also breach at peril of your life. The repeal in 1998 of the death penalty for treason makes treason a win, win situation and makes treason more likely as such under English Common law the repeal is void and of no effect.
 So unless you wish to be the subject of an allegation to the police of treason by removing the protections surrounding Her Majesty and the English Constitution you will kill the repeal of the 1945 Treason Act dead. A police service you can see are accepting allegations of treason based on the law as it is written and the evidence to substantiate it, in your case a recommendation for repeal which in law constitutes a conspiracy to commit treason. I would remind you the Justice Ministry recently tried to slip through the repeal of sec 3 of the 1848 Treason Felony Act the very section under which the police have accepted treason allegations against Anthony Lynton Blair one time Prime Minister and David Cameron and Nick Clegg Prime Minster and deputy, and having been caught with their hand in the till had to publicly claim it was a mistake which if repealed would have sent them to prison for life. By repealing the 1945 Act they I have no doubt are trying to reinstate the 3 year time limit and thus prevent us stretching Blair's neck. Alfred the Great started the practice of hanging Judges who broke the law, I believe the last Judge hung for that offence was hanging Judge Jeffrey's. Let us hope Judge Jones is not the next one we hang for this offence.
 Respectfully Submitted
 Albert Burgess

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