Cognisance of the House of Lords. Amended version

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Cognisance of the House of Lords. Amended version
« on: December 03, 2014, 10:32:56 PM »

Amended version

Baroness De Sousa                                                               Albert Burgess
 Speaker of the House Of Lords                                             15 Parliament Road
 The House Of Lords                                                             Thame
 London South                                                                      Oxfordshire
 SW1A 0PW 
                                                                        OX9 3TE

 Ref Cognisance of the House of Lords.

My Lady
 I am a retired long service special constable who for the last eight years has been studying in depth the history and development of the English Constitution frequently misnamed the British Constitution it is not Scotland having by the forbearance of King Edward III been allowed to keep their own law and Constitution, when he allowed the Scottish King David who he had captured in battle to return to Scotland to rule as a vassal King to Edward.

For many years now the English Constitution has been written out of school and university curriculum's, hence the almost total lack of knowledge of the English Common and Constitutional Law in the Kingdom generally and both Houses of Parliament in particular. There are an increasing number of Her Majesty's indigenous subjects who are experiencing a growing concern at the lack of adherence to our common and constitutional law most know instinctively that there has been a major deviation from the principles of English Law which is eminently fair and reasonable, and hundreds of years old. This is a Christian and law abiding Kingdom, never in my life could I have dreamed of English people talking openly about armed revolution, yet such conversations are now common place.

Recently Lord Pearson of Rannoch gave a speech in the Upper House over the murder of Fusilier Lee Rigby on a London Street in broad daylight, by two Muslims who quoted verses from the Koran as they removed his head. Lord Pearson was discussing the Prime Minster David Cameron's remarks following this most despicable murder.

Two Muslim's sitting in the Lower House, Mr Khalid Mahood and Yasmin Qureshi have I believe written to you asking you to discipline Lord Pearson for his racist comments. Islam is no more a race than Catholicism or Protestantism are races these are all religious beliefs which transcend national borders.

However by writing to you asking for you to discipline Lord Pearson they are attempting to use the race card to overawe the Upper House into giving up their right to untrammelled free speech, a free speech protected by the ancient Common Law Cognisance of either house to conduct its own business in its own way. This constitutes a common law treason against the constitutional arrangements of Parliament, and an act of treason contrary to sec 3 of the 1848 Treason Felony Act. I would most respectfully request that you place this matter in the hands of the Commissioner of the Metropolis Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe so that he can use his best endeavours to investigate this blatant attempt to overawe the Upper House. With the view to bringing a prosecution under the 1848 Treason Felony Act. Parliamentary privilege does not extend to covering criminal offences generally or treason in particular.

My Lady I would very much welcome an opportunity to meet with you and any Peers you feel would be beneficial in the House in order that we can discuss fully the crimes against the constitutional arrangements of Parliament by the Lower House who have been on a power grab since 1420 at the expense of the Upper House democracy and the subjects of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Her Majesty in person. I am in a position to chronicle the abuses to the common and constitutional law of England by the common man in the Lower House who given a small amount of authority now sees himself as more important than the Kings of England.
 Respectfully submitted

Albert Burgess FSEFA

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