Asking a question of Farage

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Asking a question of Farage
« on: December 03, 2014, 11:39:02 PM »
Can someone please explain why it would not be sensible for Farage to make a stand on the illegality of all the EU treaties.
Repeating what you must already know. That the attorney General wrote to Heath warning him that it would be illegal to sign the first treaty. Leaving aside the fact that the following treaties were also illegal for the same reason, it is established law that any seemingly lawful action that follows on from a fraudulent preceding action must be of itself illegal and fraudulent.
I personally cannot see how in the long term i.e. well before the May election that it would lose him votes. The documents to support my assertion are now in the public arena. The common law and statutes that the attorney general describes and the Queens Coronation oath is still accepted law. If Farage stated these facts in the clear cut way he has, the establishment would tie themselves in knots trying to disagree with him. The publicity for Farage would be huge and even if a large part of the population supported the establishment being fearful of change, the evidence would be in the public arena and the rule of law would have to be followed. The public's lack of faith in the honesty of the establishment makes this an ideal time to challenge the unlawfulness of their stance.
All this talk of coming out of the EU by using the Lisbon treaty is a red herring. It would take at least two years of uncertainty during which time our economy would suffer and the people would probably decide to stay in the EU. Putting the matter before parliament or giving the people a choice using a referendum is wrong. The rule of law which is accepted as a fact by everybody should be followed after careful explanation of the law. This does not happen at present because the establishment has a vested interest in the status quo. Were Farage to use his position to present the subject he would be listened to whereas people like me with my petition only achieving 132 signers are ignored.JohnT

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