Magna Carta 1215 and the Barons Committee

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Magna Carta 1215 and the Barons Committee
« on: December 10, 2014, 09:24:08 PM »
Magna Carta 1215 and the Barons Committee


A lot is written on face book about Magna Carta 1215 lawful rebellion and the Barons committee, yet very few of you actually know enough about any of it to hold a reasonably intelligent conversation on the subject.


So I believe it is time for a history lesson.


King John was not a nice man in fact he was quite an obnoxious bastard who forced the wives of the Barons into bed by telling them if the did not do as he wanted he would have their husband killed, and because they did not want to be there they were less than enthusiastic. So at court the following day he would announce that Barons so and so's wife was a lousy shag or words to that effect. So the Barons wanted him dead.


He was oppressing the general population using foreign mercenaries so the people wanted him dead.


In 1213 this feeling was so strong in the country that King John felt in need of some serious protection, as a result he surrendered England to the Pope and he took on the mantle of a crusader this meant that any one who killed him would face excommunication and eternal damnation in the fires of hell. In those days this was a serious consideration which no one would risk so King John was safe for while.


But John was so evil that even this could not protect him forever and ill feeling was rife in the country, as a result when Archbishop Stephen Langeton found a copy of the Charter of Liberties 1100 issued by King Henry I. He showed this to the Barons who agreed in was very good law, and using this as a basis they drew up Magna Carta 1215 they forced King John to meet them at Runnymede. Word spread across the country and thousands of ordinary men girded up their loins grabbed their swords and long bows and swords and set of for Runnymede. It was made clear to King John that if he wanted to leave Runnymede alive he would agree to the terms laid down. This was a spontaneous meeting of the estates of England the Lords Spiritual the Lords Temporal and the commonality of England.


They added article 61 laying down a legal method of bringing the King into line, they laid down the composition of the committee of 25. This is normally referred to as the Barons Committee.


In fact it is not a committee of Barons rather it is a representative committee of the estates of England comprised as follows.


2 Bishops to look after the moral aspects of the law


3 Proctors who are lawyers with the rights to appear in court


2 Earls and 3  Barons to represent the nobility


5 Knights.


5 Citizens.


5 Burgess's


This represents every class of society. And is a mini meeting of the estates of England.


So if you wish to go into lawful rebellion you need to fulfil the make up of the committee. It should be easy to find 5 citizens from amongst your number maybe 5 UKIP councillors could supply the Burgess's we should be able to 2 earls and 3 Barons from amongst the 25 Barons who formed the 2001 committee which leaves us 2 Bishops, 3 Proctors,  and 5 Knights So time to start recruiting.


Under the medieval rules of chivalry Barons and holders of Knighthoods you could bestow knighthoods. A few hundreds of years ago this right was removed and only the King could award Knighthoods. Now the Prime minister tells the Queen who to ennoble and award Knighthoods too.


I believe we need an Earl to revive the ancient practice and award Knighthoods. Happy plotting people.       

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