These idiots are taking us closer to the Paris of 1789 then ever before

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I cannot disagree with one word of this so eloquently put by Mr John Farmer...

Received this last night...


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Subject: The home front

More years ago than I would like to remember I entered this world in the Shire county of Warwickshire, one of the old English Shires blended into the artificial entity called "Britain". At that time there was industry, employment, housing (despite large areas of rubble caused by aerial bombing from the recent Nazi war still to be seen) education, and social safety nets. Today the city of my birth finds itself in the "west midlands", another artificial creation from political interference and EU influence, and that city once the hub of manufacturing and known as the city of a thousand trades has seen many changes, on reflection few have had a positive effect in terms of the areas mentioned above.

One relative from the same city which was also in Warwickshire when he was born around 1894 served in the Royal Warwickshire Regiment (also resigned to history) he and many of his comrades found themselves at Ypres in 1917, he like so many lies there still. I ask myself as we are in the 100th year since of the start of the madness of barbed wire, bullet, and bomb just what would his generation, and the one that followed who crushed fascism would say to the report in the link below. My Great uncle was only 23 when he died in service to country

Maybe the answer would be the same as the answer NEVER DISCLOSED by HM Govt. when they asked the troops in 1917 after the Bolshevik uprising

"if there were to be a revolution at home, would you follow it"

A need so great for a living wage it has stabbed the ruling class in the eye, and still they don't understand
A national disgrace called foodbanks which Camerons key people think is a good thing (McVey) or shysters looking for a free meal (Freud) and another chinless inbred from the same swamp only last week stated the poor can't cook.

There is a revolution going on, it is not entirely clear in which direction it is going yet my thoughts from at least two years back that

"These idiots are taking us closer to the Paris of 1789 then ever before"

Seem to be as valid now as they were then, more so in fact.

In the time I have been alive, half a century, the acts of treason committed against people and nation have become legion, today they only pretend to cover up any concern about being unmasked in their endless inability to understand comprehension. The Tory Minister for "edducashun" said this week of her predecessor Michael Gove "he once said Cameron would not look up from country life if all state schools fell into the sea"...entirely believable

We have witnessed, and continue to witness the "establishment" trying to cover up for people who in the early years of this century committed an act so heinous that in another time and era it would require a court hearing along the lines of Nuremburg 1947.

The continued protection of people who lied, covered up, ignored legal advice, ignored moral advice, and committed this country to what could be argued was, and still is the cause of genocide in the Mid-East, the deaths and loss of hundreds of thousands (probably more but I am not privy to such figures) of innocent people in the Mid-East, the deaths and injury of service personnel and are now seen completely exposed trying to cover up torture on a scale not seen since the days of the 1940's.

These are the people who are the architects of this country's demise, starry eyed with stars and stripes in the left hand and the EU yellow sphincter star flag in the other, the results of their work in the Islamic world are known on a global scale, the results of planned destruction of society and civilisation at home are just becoming known. They lied about WMD, there are huge question marks over David Kelly to be answered as well, they lied about the scroungers, spongers, and parasites. They have lied about everything and the only common theme they share is "declaring a war on something or someone"

I think of the young man who is in Hooge Crater cemetery, who died aged 23 on the 9th October 1917 and ask myself am I worthy to look these people in the eyes? the same with the later generations who crushed the Nazi's. My/our battle is not (so far) with bullet and bomb despite the best efforts of the idiots infesting Parliament, nor do I ever want to see unrest to a point caused by these halfwits where others are harmed through demonstration. Yet we see harm and devastation growing all around us due to HM Govt. official policy. We as a nation have so little choice if we want to avoid serious unrest, or passing that problem onto those yet unborn, this is our battle, those of us alive today don't have to face machine guns and artillery, gas or bayonet, all we have to do is empower ourselves, we know we cannot trust anything tory, we know the Liberals will submit to anyone offering them a place in power, we know Labour are responsible for the tory policies
 causing massive problems...AND the Iraq war

We have one unknown yet to be tested, that unknown is UKIP, far from perfect, and to friendly to Tories who voted yes with Cameron and jumped ship at the last moment for my liking but, Other than corporations, big business, the wealthy and the tax dodger...what does the other three one headed failed beast offer anyone else other than more of the same, offered in a slightly different manner.

If UKIP policy makers released a decent policy about welfare then they may get somewhere fast, who on earth would steal a humane policy after all these years of hate?, Tories?, not a chance, Labour? they started the hate, Liberals? they can say what they like no one is listening though

I despair

Happy Christmas.!

John Planter

December 2014

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