Cameron's hypocrisy threatens the British people

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Cameron's hypocrisy threatens the British people
« on: January 31, 2015, 10:44:52 PM »

Cameron's hypocrisy threatens the British people

 Dear patriot,

David Cameron joined ‘multicult’ Establishment leaders in Paris to march for freedom of expression while using anti-terror legislation to shut down a Christian school at home in Britain.

Two weeks ago, the British PM joined fellow Establishment ‘guardians of multiculturalism’ in a staged show of solidarity to defend freedom of expression following the brutal slaying of twelve cartoonists, two police officers, and several store workers by Islamist terrorists.  It was a horrific attack, one which tragically confirmed what the BNP has said all along – and been persecuted every step of the way by Cameron’s ilk for saying that:
Islamism is unequivocally incompatible with the principles and ideology of our hard-won Western freedom and our values.
The tragic irony is that Charlie Hebdo is actually a leftwing, pro-multicultural media group, which explains why these ‘leaders’ wasted no time to gather for a staged press photoshoot on a cordoned off street in Paris. This was an attack on their multicultural regime.
Cameron’s attendance highlighted one thing: it’s one rule for us, and another one for them!
Let me demonstrate for you the shameless hypocrisy of this disgraceful man:
Lee Rigby was hacked to death on the streets of London by savage Islamists because he fought for his country. It was a terrorist attack which took the life of a young British soldier, and an attack on the British people as a whole.
What measures did Cameron take to send a strong and clear message of defiance to Islamists living in our country and intent on killing us? None!
He came out in defence of Muslims.
Recall Rotherham? Despite the BNP warning of the horrors suffered by hundreds of young British girls in Rotherham at the hands of Pakistani rape gangs, Cameron and his multicultural authorities continued to ignore them and instead, did everything they could to silence and shut down the BNP.
Only after BNP Legend Marlene Guest’s decades-worth of research led to an independent inquiry and uncovered the horrific extent of the grooming, drugging and gang raping of young British girls by Pakistani gangs, did the media report the facts and the corrupt Establishment could no longer cover it up.
What measures did Cameron introduce to protect our children from these racist predatory paedophile gangs? None!
Last year, two BNP Councillors, Clive Jefferson and Dawn Charlton suffered dawn
raids by scores of police and faced trumped up charges on the orders of Labour Councillors.

A red-faced Labour Party decided that a BNP leaflet featuring the old English adage ‘Pay peanuts, get monkeys’ accompanied by a clipart cartoon of a chimp holding Labour literature was ‘racist’ because Labour had paid Polish immigrants who’d put out their ‘vote tomorrow’ leaflets a week before the election.

These politically motivated trumped up charges came after BNP Cllr Dawn Charlton won a massive 42% of the vote in Maryport South, almost unseating her Labour Party rival who clung on only by his alleged involvement in election fraud.

Did Cameron intervene in this disgraceful persecution of Cllr Jefferson and Cllr Charlton in the name of freedom of expression, of course not! 

Most recently, politically correct authorities ordered a Christian school in Durham to be shut down using counter-terrorist legislation brought in to deal with the Islamist takeover of
 schools in Birmingham known as the ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal. Why was this ‘white’, well-performing school shut down?

Because a young child at the school was unable to tell a Muslim apart from a terrorist.
And when you bear in mind that not a single Muslim school in the Trojan Horse scandal has been shut, it’s clear who Cameron puts first.
Laws introduced to combat Islamism, are being used against the indigenous British people instead.
Cameron’s staggering hypocrisy has proved what the BNP already knew:
The Establishment’s Free Speech and freedom of expression is permitted only if it supports its multicultural regime.
So what has happened in Britain since the Islamist attack on Charlie Hebdo?
Cameron has further attempted to stress that not all Muslims are terrorists. And a well performing Christian school is being closed because a young child was found to be lacking in Politically Correct indoctrination.
So, the Muslim community is being actively defended, and the indigenous British community is being actively attacked. That’s the foul nature of the Establishment’s multicultural regime. Multiculturalism means the death of Britain – it’s a destructive and genocidal doctrine that the BNP is sworn to defeat!
The rivers of blood that Enoch Powell foresaw decades ago, are beginning to swell. Only the BNP has the ideology, courage and determination to turn the tide and prevent the descent into civil war.
But we need your strength too. I speak to a great many people who are frustrated because they feel powerless to change things.
I tell them the all the same thing: The BNP IS changing things. Young children in Rotherham sleep safer in their beds at night because of the BNP. But we’re only as strong you make us.

We need every patriot to take action right now to strengthen our collective voice!

 BNP Newsletter

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