Christian Atrocities--Letter to Obama from Albert Burgess

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Christian Atrocities--Letter to Obama from Albert Burgess
« on: February 20, 2015, 12:17:32 AM »
President Barrack Obama                                                                  Albert Burgess

The White House                                                                              15 Parliament Road

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW                                                       Thame

Washington DC 20500                                                                      South Oxfordshire

The United States of America                                                           OX9 3TE





Ref Christian atrocities


Mr President

I have no idea where you got your education but where ever it was I can only believe either they were criminally incompetent or you simply did not listen or understand.


Yes there were Christian atrocities during the crusades and the Spanish inquisition, even our own Queen Mary is known as bloody Mary for the number of Protestants she had killed in the name of the Roman Catholic Church.


But these things were sporadic blips in the history of Christianity.


Islam however is the only I will not call it a religion but a Satanic and evil cult which can lay claim to 1400 years of murder rape and enslavement as well as the uninterrupted suppression of women.


I Mr President am a Christian man and like most men when it comes to women I have a tendency to want to bed them. However I respect her right to say NO and to decide what she will and will not allow in bed. Nor have I found anywhere in the teachings of Christ any instruction on how to beat a women.


In my country at the moment we have thousands of our young female children raped and prostituted by gangs of Muslim men who stand up in court and state they thought it was okay to rape children because Islam says its alright.


We have seen in recent months the beheading in front of the camera helpless captives the stoning to death of rape victims who complained and now the sadistic burning to death of a captured Jordanian Pilot.


What does the man who claims to be the leader of the free world do? Does he say as just about everyone of the American people say this is an atrocity to far? No! You have the audacity to compare the sporadic Christian atrocities to 1400 years of pure and unadulterated evil. It is time you came into the real world.

Albert Burgess

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