Not another 'One that got away'?

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Not another 'One that got away'?
« on: October 26, 2012, 12:16:40 PM »
'Old Hat'? Yes it is, but if ever there was a time to bring this all back to the public's attention regarding treason, sexual deviance, paedophilia and all of the other good things related to Blair, Straw, Mandelson and on through to our present cabal of 'lovies', now is that time.

That we have been ruled by people of evil design since practically the end of WW2 is beyond dispute, but there has never been anything to remotely touch the Blair era for sheer duplicity and evilness of purpose although Cameron is rapidly catching him up on the 'genocide' stakes and, as was seen on the UK Column programme, his nearest and dearest in the cabinet are allegedly also implicated in paedophilia.

Blair is still in the land of the living and coining in ?millions. Surely the lesson must have been learned from the Jimmy Savile saga that Blair must not be allowed to continue living the high-life unhindered, or are we to wait yet again for his demise before the public are made fully aware of his true nature? One thing that can be relied upon is that the BBC and the media at large will cover this story up unless we the public can force their hands.

A start would be for the article below to be sent to all in your address books, especially those with little interest in politics, to awaken them to the evil that continues to lead us, even to this day. It is possible to bring these villains to justice for the crimes that they have committed and we must do so or run the risk of allowing greed and corruption to become so entrenched in the establishment, that it becomes normal procedure. A campaign should also be instigated to lift 'D' Notices from all articles other than those that affect the security of the land and the armed forces whose duty is to protect the country and its people. Covering ones paedophile friends with a 100 year 'D' Notice is hardly what one would call, being British!


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