PLEASE do not squander your vote this time.

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PLEASE do not squander your vote this time.
« on: May 05, 2015, 08:06:50 PM »
For the sake of getting our country back  -  having MPs who WILL remove Britain from the EU’s disastrous clutches.

Please pass it on to everyone you know and ask them to do the same.
The May elections are two days away.  Despite whatever they tell you about their new policies on local issues, the truth you will not hear is that the three major parties work together in a controlling agenda to eliminate the English as a people.  They jointly engineer Britain’s destruction and loss within the failing European experiment. 

For 60 years the Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour have silently destroyed Britain.  They have sidelined the Queen, stolen many of her inalienable powers and prerogatives and have taken it upon themselves to illegally surrender Britain and the Queen’s sovereignty to a foreign power.  They have wilfully given away your rights and freedoms. 


They wastefully squander your money on Europe, import draconian foreign rule, have given Britain’s industry to foreigners and they welcome violently controlling immigration.  They aggressively criminalise us by political correctness and gratuitous racial, gender, sexual or religious accusation.  They even imbue our 5 year olds with sexual affectation while eradicating our Christianity, our heritage, system of justice and our traditional rights, liberties and freedoms of speech and privacy. 


They will tell you anything they think you want to hear just to get your vote and remain in absolute control.  Remember, immaculate suits and Queen’s English do not guarantee truth, honesty, sincerity, loyalty or trustworthiness.  Over 60 years, they have all serially broken their solemn oath of loyalty and allegiance.  Vote for any one of them and you vote for continued destruction of your country, total EU domination of your life and loss of your culture and your rights.


As one government imposes reversed standards and ever tighter constraints they are never rescinded, but developed.  Confident above the law, only the presiding government has any say while the people’s sole purpose is to obey the State.  That is fascist dictatorship.  The racial and religious inhumanity and destitution we see elsewhere will ultimately be allowed here too.


Instead of “still more of the same”, we must for our children’s sake unshackle ourselves from this spiteful and arrogant despotism.  This may well prove your very last chance EVER to elect people who will stand up for you and for Britain.  Presently, only UKIP stands any chance of gaining a sufficient number of seats in Parliament to offer the people what they want in this, their country.  PLEASE do not squander you vote this time.

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