A Plea for Help...

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A Plea for Help...
« on: August 15, 2012, 08:58:17 PM »
Dear Friend and Patriot
This is to ask your help,  please.
You?ll know only too well that the politicians running Britain are the root of our problems.  That we must be rid of them goes without saying.  While the political route would eventually see them out-voted and removed by electoral demand,  another is to remove them by force of law because they so arrogantly break that law. 
A nation wide campaign is being led and run by retired police officer Albert Burgess who seeks the arrest and trial of (initially) Tony Blair,  David Cameron,  Nick Clegg,  John Major and a few others for their blatant and unashamed High Treason against Britain.  Albert is conceivably the nation?s foremost authority on Constitutional Law and one who is not afraid to arrest anybody for their treachery against our country.  He seeks these politicians? arrest not just for their part in giving our country to the Europeans and refusing the British people any say in the running of our country,  but more seriously,  for their programme of intentional subversion and demolition of everything British so to destroy us and our country at the behest of those who order them to do so.
We have lost our fishing and farming,  manufacturing and heavy industries and our utility services have been handed to the Europeans.  They now seek to privatise and destroy our Police Service,  privatise our roads,  Europeanise our airspace and make us a mere colony of the EU run by anybody but ourselves or our children in the future.  To unseat these criminals using extant British law would bring so much to an abrupt end as,  upon imprisonment of the first one or two senior politicians,  the entire country will sit up and take notice of their criminality that will become exposed and clear for all to see.  Politics would surely turn on its head with the electorate willing and eager to see our country returned to the people once more. 
Most people in Britain are strongly patriotic.  Many of them are members of the nationalist and pro-British political organisations across the country.  They hold massive voting strength but they also possess immense strength of will that could be directed at the Establishment for the undoing of the politicians I mention.  Besides taking part in the organisations they already support,  they could do so much more to get our country back and very many would surely be willing.  Albert Burgess? YouTube video ?A Plea For Help?

explains how ordinary people can so effectively assist in ousting these politicians were they minded to do so.  He also provides his email contact detail.  This is where you come in.
This is not to distract your membership from their present political activities,  but to offer the suggestion that by also assisting Albert?s campaign,  far greater effect would be had toward imprisonment of the MPs thus removing the bad apples from British politics.  Please would you forward this email to your membership such that anyone interested in taking part would become aware of the campaign for MPs? arrest and be able to help accelerate the process. 
As the politicians? pace in dismantling our country quickens almost on a daily basis,  I believe the time in which to reverse the process is rapidly running out.  There isn?t much left of the Britain that we claim ownership of.  If I could ask you to please pass this email to your members as soon as possible,  the sooner they are aware,  the sooner we would have much greater effect.
Kindest regards,

for more on Albert Burgess click on "A Case for Treason" link above.

And don't forget to visit "We want our country back" too!

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Re: A Plea for Help...
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2012, 09:38:11 PM »
Dear Chief Constable,
 I am astonished that Catherine, whoever she is, treated my original email to you in such a flippant way. Did you give that advice?
 I am part of a growing group of ordinary patriotic citizens who have taken the trouble to look into the Constitution and its implications for ruling England in a lawful way. It can be clearly seen that the Constitution has been violated by successive Governments, politicians and civil servants starting with the Heath Government when he committed treason by submitting the sovereignty of the UK to the EU. Our forefathers formulated theses laws to protect England from despotic and tyrannical rulers. As a police officer you swore an oath to uphold these laws and protect England from those who break any them whether common or statute law. I am aware that it is likely that at worst you have no knowledge of Constitution Law and at best a very limited amount. Therefore to save time perhaps you could pass this straight to you legal advisers.

 I wish to submit allegations against David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Tony Blair for treason against this country. Blair illegally removed the Hereditary Peers and Cameron and Clegg want to abolish the House Of Lords and replace it with an elected senate.

 David Cameron and Nick Clegg
 These two men want to abolish the House of Lords in favour of an elected upper house are violating the tripartite long established way in which England has been governed. This tripartite arrangement is made up of the Sovereign, the House of Lords, which in turn is made up of hereditary peers and referred to in the Constitution as 'the Lords spiritual and the Lords temporal, and the House of commons, made up of representatives of the public. The House of Commons originates legislation, the House of Lords scrutinises the legislation to make sure that it benefits the country and the Sovereign has the final authority to refuse assent if he believe it is not in the best interests of the country. The only reason for trying to subvert this long established and workable system of governance is that it prevents an illegal power-grab of a person or group. This is exactly what Cameron and Clegg are trying to do.

 No individual member of this tripartite can force its will on any other member. Mark Harper, Clegg's deputy at the Cabinet Office, insisted that the Government intends to sweep away centuries of history by replacing it with an elected chamber. This is in direct contravention of the Constitution! The Government do not have the power or authority to do that. Neither the Sovereign, or the House of Lords or the House of Commons own England, they merely hold in trust for the people of England. Sovereignty, as such, is held by the Monarch. This was established by George III when he won his 20 year battle as to who was sovereign, the King or Parliament. The Prime Minister of the time, William Pitt the Elder, said that it was better to be ruled by one despot than by many. The great Sir Matthew Hale wrote, in 1713, the 'Prerogatives of the King', which sets out exactly what the sovereign can and cannot do. Any attempt to change this arrangement would be considered treasonous.

 Further references can be found here:
 Chief Justice of the Kings Bench Sir William Blackstones Commentaries on the Laws of England. Professor Tawell-Langemead Professor of Constitution History in his book English Constitutional History 1896 that parliament in its present form was made in 1295 Professor F W Maitland LLD in his book The Constitutional History of England 1908.

 Various Parliament Acts have been made all designed to limit the power of the House of Lords. All these Acts are illegal for the reasons given above.

 There has been for quite a number of years a gradual power-grab by the House of Commons from the Sovereign, the House of Lords and the people of England. David Cameron is on record of stating that 'Parliament was sovereign' when clearly it isn't as shown by George III. This was a treasonous statement to make. Nick Clegg also made his treasonous statement when he said that he "will do everything in his power to keep the UK in the EU" and he is also on recording as saying that he will oppose any attempt to remove, already surrendered power, back from the EU to the UK.

 The operative words as to the supremacy of the Sovereign is taken from the writings of Sir Matthew Hale's 'Prerogatives of the King 1713' quoting Elizabeth I 'The "three estates of the realm" assembled in parliament, viz. the lords spiritual, lords temporal, and commons, do recognize the queen...intirely invested."

 Tony Blair
 Some of the following comments are from Lord Studeley, who is a member of the Constitutional Monarchy Association and a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries - a society comprising of only 2000 members world wide. this makes him one of the most respected historians in the world.

 In 1999, Blair introduced a short bill called 'Stage 1' to abolish the hereditaries, and to defer the decision as to what 'Stage 2' would be. This was an act of treason as described above. Never before had Lords reform been so so split up in such an overbearing and cavalier fashion. Blair consulted his Lord Chancelor, Lord Irving of Lairg to propose to the Leader of the Opposition in the House of Lords, Lord Cranbourne that 92 of the hereditaries should be spared whilst the rest were sent down the river. Astonishingly Cranbourne accepted. This was a most underhand way for a Government to do this over the head of his part leader. Blair knew that he was on a hiding to nothing from William Hague. In Alistair Campbell's diary, he mentioned two germane quotes about Cranbourne's machinations:
 1  Cranbourne speaking to Campbell - "I am committing high treason just talking to you"
 2  Campbell describing Cranbourne - "I could tell the minute he walked in that he was enjoying the drama of it, the plotting, and the fact of consorting with an enemy, a subject he joked about frequently"
 The elimination of the hereditary peers left the Monarchy exposed.

 Not only have the above men committed treason with respect to wanting abolish the House of Lords, they have also allowed a foreign power (the EU) to interfere in the internal affairs of this country. When Edward Heath signed the Treaty of Rome to bring the UK into the EEC (EU) he committed treason. The law against this comes from the 'Act of Supremacy 1559'. The relevant portion, in its original language, pertaining to our illegal membership of the EU are below highlighted in red:

'And for the more sure observation of this act and the utter extinguishment of all foreign and usurped power and authority, may it please your highness that it may be further enacted by the authority aforesaid that, if any person or persons dwelling or inhabiting within this your realm or in any other your highness's realms or dominions . . . , shall by writing, printing, teaching, preaching, express words, deeds, or act, advisedly, maliciously, and directly affirm, hold, stand with, set forth, maintain, or defend the authority, preeminence, power, or jurisdiction, spiritual or ecclesiastical, of any foreign prince, prelate, person, state, or potentate whatsoever...that then every such person and persons so doing and offending, their abettors, aiders, procurers, and counsellors, being thereof lawfully convicted and attainted according to the due order and course of the common laws of this realm [shall suffer specified penalties, culminating in punishment for high treason on the third offence] . . . .'

 I submit these allegations backed up by the written law. I would also point out that failure to investigate these allegations will result in you committing misprision of treason.

 Finally any attempt by politicians to repeal Constitution Laws are acts of treason. Only statute laws can be repealed. Unlike statute laws Constitution law is for the protection of the people against tyrannical governments and sovereigns. Cameron, Clegg and Blair have all but destroyed the fabric and infrastructure of this country including the police force.



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