The EU's Final Solution for European Man - YouTube

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The EU's Final Solution for European Man - YouTube
« on: May 12, 2015, 10:15:30 PM »
The EU's Final Solution for European Man - YouTube

Apr 22, 2015 - Uploaded by Millennial Woes
Commentary on the staggering revelations in this article (which is read in whole during the video): ...

video): ...
My take on reason for third world immigration

I did the same.

They say they will tackle immigration but are building 200,000 new houses. Look at what they are doing and not what they are saying and it is obvious that they are out to ruin our race and religion.


Because  the H-bomb takes away immunity that leaders of the past enjoyed they have changed the methods of war.

They now finance ethnic or religious colonists from within the communities of the target countries. Syria, Libya, Ukraine etc..

Western cultures have always been culturally settled and not susceptible to this type of war. We were racially settled and got on reasonably well with each other.

They could not stir us to the point of mass civil war. There is no doubt that these fanatical psychopaths are trying to destroy western civilisation for their global plans to take effect. THUS they are importing the people that are so different both culturally and racially.


 Note; they do not make it easy for immigration of white Christians anywhere in the world only black and Muslim.  The aliens that they do seek out are culturally opposite and males of fighting age. Exactly the group that are devastating the Middle East. We see this group heavily represented at every anti-Christian rally in London holding placards advocating extreme violence to those that oppose them. Yet our leaders will not deport and are importing in ever increasing numbers. A glance at any boat crossing the Med will reveal that its occupants are predominantly of this profile. They take only Muslim and black people that they have implanted with a hate of us in the west. They have enraged them by invasion and exploitation of their countries


The modern Third World immigrant is the NWO army, the group that is being concentrated into our city areas, educated and indoctrinated in the mosques and radicalised in their schools. They are being prepared for war. They will be triggered when they have sufficient numbers and have been conditioned to hate us.

In the mean-time their leaders, the ones that radicalise them are being paid and protected so that they can do their job.

Abu Hamsa was not deported for decades and was paid at least £1000 per week from the public purse and given round the clock protection. He was number one co-ordinator and radicaliser. When he had done most of his work he was got rid of (to keep him quiet?) BUT his defence (you remember) when he was put on trial in the USA was that he was working for MI5.


Mass third world immigration is not humanitarian it is exactly the opposite, it is not accidental or unavoidable, it is a planned extinction of most of western society.

Those that are behind it have made preparation to leave their countries to safe havens until the messy job is done.

Our militarised and alienated police, army are being conditioned to step in if we manage to resist. As is happening in Syria and the Ukraine.

Tony Blair used Dunblane for civilian disarmament as part of this plan.

Those that are behind it have made preparation to leave their countries to safe havens until the messy job is done. They simply move to a small country until the job is done.

They no longer have to hide 200ft down in bomb proof bunkers.

They will then step in and finish the job as per plan.

A Patriot

 I had to stop watching this when the man suggested destroying the boats with the migrants in them to discourage future migrants. This  does not take away the importance of his first comments.
I actually agree with the corrupt Theresa May's comments today that our present actions are encouraging more migrants to come to the EU.
My solution would be to return all the migrants back to their departure point. This could easily be established by satellite observation. The money to pay for this should come from the money being spent on the accommodation for the Thousands already in the EU..
Thank your god that we can opt out of whatever the EU commission decides. I just hope Theresa May is not pulling a blinder and actually means what she says.



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