For Europe but against the EU

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For Europe but against the EU
« on: May 22, 2015, 09:26:40 PM »

So David Cameron has said it ‘won’t be easy’ to get a better deal for the UK within the EU. And he’s right - it won’t be easy. Because any deal he is able to make, any set of concessions he’s able to snaffle from Merkel and Co, will still not address the fundamental problem with the UK’s EU membership. Which is that it disempowers us, the citizenry. It stops us from holding elected power to account, because large swathes of that power have been transferred to that distant, rootless, transnational body in Brussels. It is this, the democracy-denying essence of the EU, that has always driven us at spiked to call for an EU exit. Not xenophobia, but its opposite: a desire for more and truly democratic engagement, both within Britain and across Europe. That’s why, as our rallying call goes, we’re for Europe, but against the EU.

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Brendan O'Neil
Editor of Spiked
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