The beginning of the end of western civilisation as we know it

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From a correspondent.

It is interesting having  been back in SA after 3 years. This country is an enigma I don't think there is another country like this where literally a 1st world country is so closely on a par with a 3rd world country. On the surface it seems to be a very prospering country.  Never ending new buildings of magnificent office blocks and shopping centres.  All the shops full hundreds of excellent restaurants always full. Yet they have regularly up to 4 hours of load shedding, no electricity. Added to this is the ongoing collapsing of the infrastructure in other areas. High inflation especially the  cost of food as it is getting very expensive despite the good exchange rate  R17.00 to the pound as many items are the same if not higher than in the UK and Spain on a number of  items.

Those who have business say that they are beginning to struggle now and are not doing as well as they did in the past because of never ending on going strikes by unions and are not optimistic that things will improve.  Also the affirmative action does not help as the  job market is increasingly affected especially many smaller business as they struggle to get good employees.

They are also concerned about the influx of Chinese who are literally building  mega new cities like on the Modderfontein site (use to be a very large site of a dynamite/chemical  factory) and another one in between Vereeniging and Johannesburg and the impact it will have  on the already struggling infrastructure such as the roads, water, electricity etc.

The ANC government is allowing thousands of Chinese into the country, as well as Pakistanis and of course, thousands of Africans from up north, which has resulted in the appearance of massive and small squatter camps of blacks all around Johannesburg.

According to a friend who went up to Namibia they were stunned by how many Chinese already live there. They are doing all the road works and needless to say, also work in management. The Chinese government has Southern Africa tied up in knots. I can only imagine how much money is changing hands over there. Mostly under the table of course.  The same is happening in Mozambique where apparently the Muslims are already in the northern parts of Mozambique and growing rapidly as opposed to Christians in the south, many fear ultimately there could be a civil war for control of the country.

As much as I enjoyed being in SA seeing family and friends nevertheless despite the problems in Europe and Britain I prefer being here even if we are just buying time before these countries also collapse under the sheer weight of immigration.

We are certainly living in interesting times as we witness the beginning of the end of western civilisation as we knew it.


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