To the Secretary of State for Justice, Mr Michael Gove, MP.

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To the Secretary of State for Justice, Mr Michael Gove, MP.

Cc to

Mark Lancaster TD MP, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans.

Request under the Freedom of Information Act.


Please see the link which shows Janet Alder telling (inter alia) how her brother Christopher died on the floor of a Hull Police Station, hands cuffed behind his back, trousers & boxer shorts down round his knees.

Though I am still alive, I suffered similar humiliating treatment when in my late 70s . 

I had been taken from Armley Gaol to attend Leeds Combined Court Centre for a hearing of a civil action I was attempting to progress.   

As soon as the judge left the courtroom at the end of the hearing, Private Security Officers dragged me from the courtroom, pulled my trousers & underpants down round my knees & literally THREW me into the prison wagon.   

While doing so, one of the Security Officers said to his colleagues, "I know we are supposed to respect World War 2 veterans, but i wish this f###ing old c### had f###ing well died!"

MY F o I QUESTIONS ARE:   Is it a recognised & approved 'form of restraint' for police & others to limit the mobility of those in custody by dragging trousers & underpants down round their knees?

If it is NOT approved practice, what action is taken against those who use it?  Or turn a blind eye to it?

A speedy reply would be appreciated.

Now in my 90th year, patience is a luxury I cannot afford.

Norman Scarth

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