Magna Carta changed the world

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Magna Carta changed the world
« on: June 16, 2015, 09:43:41 PM »
Excellent piece by Richard. There are 10 commandments. They cannot be abolished, revoked, lost, ignored or forgotten.
I don’t usually read drivel spouted by criminals, but as you bothered to send me this item about Cameron and another similar, I took the trouble to read them both.  My only real interest in what criminal say is what their last words may have been as they mount the steps to the gallows (I would be happy for any that may repent).

Cameron has been the smiling face of extremism for several years; and always when Magna Carta is discussed.  You may have noticed I’ve said little about Magna Carta and Common Law for the last couple of years; the simple answer to that is as follows.

Firstly: People seem to be unaware of the fact (and those that should tell them have deliberately failed to do so) that the word ‘grant’ does not mean ‘gift’ – in this case King John did not gift the Rights cited in Magna Carta to the people – it means that an existing right has been acknowledged.  King John recognised that in the Beginning God made man with the Rights cited in Magna Carta inherent, and for this reason those Rights can never be taken away by any man.

The BBC have been claiming for years that most of Magna Carta was abolished long ago and many prefer to believe a bunch of paedophiles (the BBC) than the word of God, but they bring Judgement upon themselves by perpetrating lies (though it won’t affect you whether you repeat their lies or not, because you don’t believe in God).

Some clauses fell out of use (which doesn’t mean they were abolished), because of a change in circumstances.  However; should you find the need to own a horse, then it’s your right to graze it in the King’s forest.  The need of a man to provide food for his family is greater than the King’s need to go hunting (however much he may feel he deserves it).  We must thank God for the invention of the motor car, because as horses continue to consume fuel even when they aren’t being driven, in the end the horse would have been the cause of us all starving to death.

In one of those two articles the BBC quote one Lord Dyson (such as they love to do), ‘the second most senior judge in England and Wales’ (they gleefully tell us); saying: "A few clauses of Magna Carta are still part of our law, including famously the provision that no free man shall be taken or imprisoned except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land; and to no-one will we sell, to no-one will we deny or delay right or justice."

Here they go again!  You can’t trust a single word uttered by the Boys Bottoms Collective.  "A few clauses … are still part of our law”, means that most clauses aren’t; but this is an outright lie.  And “…including famously … that no free man shall be taken or imprisoned except by the lawful judgment of his peers or by the law of the land…”.  But this is EXACTLY what DOES happen in the UK!

The Beeb goes on the quote: “…no-one will we deny or delay right or justice”.  Delays are bad enough, but most of the population are denied justice most of the time; they’re just so stupid that when they’re convicted of a crime they didn’t commit / isn’t really a crime / etc., they think they’re getting a good deal!

Secondly: When Magna Carta was signed in 1215 no one envisaged the inventing of WMDs.  For the several centuries which followed, the King’s subjects armed with sticks could potentially defeat the combined forces of the King’s archers, lancers, swordsmen, and the rest; thus ensuring that the Monarch towed the line in every respect.  This is covered in the famous Chapter 62; the Right of the people to enforce the law by force if need be.  (Not usually cited by the BBC.)

Nowadays (to the envy of British soldiers) the UK police service has British made Heckler and Koch automatic weapons, and enough ammunition to annihilate the population of Great Britain in a few days, with no potential for the population to protect themselves; thus Magna Carta is dead in the water by default.

Anyway; thanks again for sending those items; I suppose I brought it upon myself really; the burden of getting all such Magna Carta stuff sent to me, by trying to persuade others to support Magna Carta and the Common Law in the first place.

Subject: Magna Carta changed the world, David Cameron tells anniversary event - BBC News
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2015 14:54:26 +0100

Not well publicised was it!

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