5 Deadly FrankenOils

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5 Deadly FrankenOils
« on: June 26, 2015, 06:48:08 PM »

5 Deadly FrankenOils

 By Peter Kirwan  |   Submitted On June 26, 2015
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Expert Author Peter Kirwan

A Quick Preamble:

It really wasn't so long ago that the "FrankenFoods" we know so well today started being developed and mass produced - the late 1900's saw the development of new technology and farming practices that ensured heavily refined and chemically enhanced foods like wheat and sugar were easily and cheaply produced for the masses...

... then post WW2 saw the advent of margarine and of course the ultimate "FrankenFood", heavily processed, chemically enhanced Hydrogenized oils that replaced the nutritious and wholesome natural oils and fats that we were previously using and consuming.

Big-food and Big-pharma had the nerve to call these monstrosities "Healthy Oils" - and the decades-long legacy of persuasive advertising and misinformation is still having a disastrous effect on many millions of peoples' health and wellness.

Cutting To The chase:

REMEMBER THIS: It has been scientifically and medically proven that the optimum ratio of Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acids should be 1:1 for good health... higher levels of Omega-6 in your body is extremely detrimental to your health because it causes an increase in inflammation within your body, which in turn is related to cancer and heart disease, to name but two of the worst afflictions you could be troubled with.

Recent studies have shown that most people have an Omega-6 to Omega-3 ratio of 10:1 - that's truly frightening and most people are blissfully ignorant of the damage they're doing to themselves - and their nearest-and-dearest...

... and although tests are still ongoing, it's pretty much known - it's certainly something a growing number medical practitioners (and I) have always believed - cholesterol cannot kill you, but Omega-6 definitely can..!

Here are what I consider to be the very worst poisonous FrankenOils that you should NEVER consume if you value your health - or your life:

FrankenOil #1: Sunflower Oil

This particular oil is so popular, on such a massive world-wide scale, that it's just plain scary... it's commonly used for frying and fast-food preparation but it's also very common in processed and packaged foods that are on your supermarket shelves - by the million.

Sunflower is extremely high in Omega-6 fatty acids - in a lot of cases this content can be as high as 70% - this is poison - if your using sunflower oil on a regular basis... STOP... !

FankenOil #2: Safflower Oil

The oil harvested from the seeds of this thistle-like plant is extremely high in Omega-6... research was carried out on a group of individuals whereby the animal fats in their diet were replaced with safflower oil... their cholesterol levels certainly decreased pretty substantially, however, there was a "significant" increase of death due to cardiovascular and coronary heart disease - compared to those people still using animal fats...

... say no more - right..?!?

Frankenoil #3: Canola Oil

If you pour some of this poison on the ground, amongst a bunch of ants - or any other group of insects, and they will actively avoid it... most animals will too - I say most because my dog is very special... she'll scoff just about anything..!!... love her to bits of course... !

Anyhow, I digress... Canola Oil doesn't actually exist in nature at all - it's even more "plastic" than most of the FrankenOils because it's a 'modified' or 'enhanced' version of Rapeseed Oil - it was actually used by certain asian cultures for many years BUT never in the quantities that's being used by the rest of the world these days.

The "Rape" plant is part of the mustard family and contains cyaniding compounds - hence insects and wild animals stay away from it, and then the further bleaching and high-heat treatment carried out so it becomes Canola just does no good whatsoever, with consumption being pretty positively linked to fatty degeneration of the kidneys, heart, adrenal and thyroid glands.

FrankenOil #4: Soybean Oil

One of the biggest nutritional myths around, cultivated and spread by the sellers and marketers of soy - "good for you, just look at all our asian brothers and sisters who eat it all the time"... and so on and so forth... !

Two simple facts... ONE: asians enjoy their soy in a "fermented" state... TWO: asians consume considerably less of it than their counterparts in the U.S. or Europe.

More than 90% of soy oil in the U.S. and throughout a lot of the rest of the world is GMO and is eaten unfermented and so has been subsequently inked to many health-damaging conditions such as hormone disruption and thyroid damage due it containing high amounts of phytoestrogens.

FrankenOil #5: Cottonseed Oil

Apart from the usual extremely high level of Omega-6 fatty acids, cottonseed oil also has a similar protein structure to the peanut, meaning that those who have a tendency for an allergic reaction to peanuts could also suffer severe reactions if consuming this oil.

As with a lot of crop types, the majority of modern day cotton plants are genetically modified, meaning that they're great for being used for manufacturing shirts and pants but the oil that comes from the plant is not safe to consume - and you should know that the growing plants are also regularly exposed to toxic pesticides which of course work their way in to the very cells of the plant.

This isn't food, it's an industrial oil but you'd be amazed at the number of food items on your supermarket shelves that contain cottonseed oil... packaged items such as crackers and chips, canned foods and even beverages, Gatorade being a prime example..!

A Final Anecdote:

The real and actual "healthy" foods have for many years been ostracised and then cast aside to make way for food products that have been easier to harvest, manufacture and process, which has then filled the pockets and the bank accounts of many an unscrupulous food manufacturer - all while your diet is simply killing you and yours.

The lies and manipulations of the food manufacturing industry are gradually making themselves known and that gives us all hope - for better health and wellness... know the lies and take action for yourself - stop using poison and get back to "Natural"..!

* * *

Before you leave, check out this great quote from John Cage... quite funny but sadly, also very true:

"Food, one assumes, provides nourishment; but Americans eat it fully aware that small amounts of poison have been added to improve its appearance and delay its putrefaction."

We're all about "Natural Health & Wellness for the mind, the body and the soul...
 ... and If you feel the need for some gentle and truthful guidance for varying ailments and problems, you could do a lot worse than check us out and what we have to say at: http://www.SelfHelpSniper.com and http://www.NaturalHealthSniper.com

Live Naturally Healthy, Live Long...

My Very Kindest Regards

Peter EC Kirwan

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Peter_Kirwan

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