Bishop-Cardinal Guy Leven-Torres

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Bishop-Cardinal Guy Leven-Torres
« on: July 01, 2015, 10:23:13 PM »
Bishop-Cardinal Guy Leven-Torres
TOCC Holy See of Windsor UK

The Left loonies are now attempting to foist their weirdism and infantility
on the rest of us by force. I actually worked out how many of these creatures actually exist.
It can not be more than 18% of the populace; around 18% or 12,000,000 including their
Islamic and other minority allies or rather "Patronised clients of revolutionary choice", like
the homo-sexual-"LGBT" 'Commooniteeee'. There are also 6,000,0000 Moslems but they are not going to stand for the former being foisted on their offspring. And the loonies are terrified of Islam in all its forms. So the total drops to 6,000,000 at most of the weirdies.

Then we have people, perhaps the majority of homosexuals who don't want their plight politicised by inept cranks and class warriors thankyou. I know a few of these, now increasingly concerned that the enthusiasm of the weirdies may cause a massive public backlash that has already commenced.

Daoud Camerov, Multiculuralism's Fellow Traveller in the Toriski Party waffles on about "British Values"......Nobody seems to know what these are exactly. Even the term "Values" or "Valoos" in "Chavspeak" seems to bear no relation to what people like us, usually regard as British behaviours.

I regard such behaviours as British in the sense of law abiding, understated sense of self-importance, even self -demeaning, a fondness for animals and the underdog, discussion rather than violence, ability to put up with things, a healthy disregard for political trendism and fads, rather eccentric, ability to laugh at ourselves, give and take, understated wealth, don't discuss money, exceptionally polite even in the face of aggressive arrogance like we face now, love of liberty and freedom, the countryside, love of history and the Royals, a through dislike of pushy types, not much interest in money or wealth, a willingness to help others over a cup of tea, an intolerance of foreign despots and suspicion of bureaucrats, honesty and perhaps a small envy of those better off than oneself, although not class warrior stuff. A dislike of "Johnny-cum-latelys", a love of traditions and low key cucumber sandwich Christianity, of which I am very fond.

Above all a wonderful sense of humour and an attitude that a cup of tea settles most things. We don't like jumped up bullies either, nor do we rebel every time something gets up our nose-foreigners do that sort of thing...not us. We also queue to the annoyance of foreigners and we  are slow to anger...Above all commonsense.

Camerov seems to think that British values mean demeaning women and marriage by perverting holy matrimony, perverting and homosexualising our children from 3 years onwards in the nursery school, favouring a nasty vicious pagan desert faith over the British and their laws, bankrupting Britain by bailing out his Etonian pals and fellow spivs in the Banks, an obsession with political correctness and all the rest of matters closer to Sovietism that British, an almost pathological hatred of the vulnerable and poor, a total lack of comprehension in how the rest of the country lives in relation to his Bullingdon pals, but above all else a nasty vein of bitchiness and unwillingness to listen to his employers - that's us and when he does get to hear our justified complaints, he threatens us with Police bootboys and desocialisation and even the gulag- all out of the Soviet lexicon of oppression. He also behaves as though the country is an extension his family estates and the British People are simply serfs to be scorned and socially engineered.

Politically he has not a clue and is a craven appeaser. Calais is in crisis with £47,000,000 of food wasted and polluted by illegal migrants doing what they do, with itinerarnts using national memorials as toilets and shanty towns. Gipsies, Rumanian "Roma" get away with blue murder and nothing is done but fart in the wrong direction or speak something unacceptable to the "in Crowd" and fifty coppers, covered in body armour and an arsenal more fitted to set -piece battles come along to kick your door down and swipe your computer, plant disgusting pictures on it, shoot the dog and confiscate the kids.

To me that sounds like Camerov's "British Values" but they are not "British" at all. Christianity is now a fringe religion and pastors and priests are already on their way to the gulag for simply objecting to their land being turned into some part of the Swat Valley in far off Pakistan.....

How much more will our traditional tolerance withstand?


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