YorkCrownCourt: 27July2015 B there if U can 4 Peter!‏ Boots on the ground needed

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YorkCrownCourt: 27July2015 B there if U can 4 Peter!‏

Norman Scarth 


Whistle-blower Peter Hofschroer, who i know personally, is to appear in York Crown Court on 27th July 2015, for the start of his Kangaroo Court 'trial'.  It is listed as likely to take a week. 

This is a most terrible stitch-up!

The ONLY chance Peter has is to tell the jury - AND TO KEEP HAMMERING AWAY AT IT - that it is to silence his whistle-blowing about corruption, child abuse, elder abuse & more, by people in high places in what Peter calls 'Jimmy Savile Country'. 

Whether he has found a defence lawyer who will do that, & whether the judge will ALLOW it, is doubtful.   

I speak from experience.  At my own secret 'trial' in 2001, Judge David Ronald Bentley had me (then aged 75) literally dragged & thrown down back down the cells when I tried to present my defence (I was denied a lawyer) & complain at his gross misconduct. 

He did this not once - BUT THREE TIMES!

Unfortunately, being effectively in secret, there was hardly anyone there to see what was being done to me, 

Peter's chance will be improved if you can be there in your thousands to see what goes on. The British Constitution Group had about 700 people turn up at Birkenhead County Court on 3rd March(?) 2011, when they arrested the judge.  This is INFINITELY  more important. 

Please be there if you possibly can! 

(Unfortunately, for reasons most of you know of, I cannot be there myself).
Norman Scarth
 9 July 2015 at 15:07
Friends, please help. This is a very important case and it is hoped that police corruption will be publicly exposed and witnessed by hundreds.
Please circulate this widely and plan to attend in support of Peter and his elderly mother, Barbara.
Guy, would it be possible, please, for your network to organise a RESPONSE TEAM to attend court in York?
Peter Hofschroer, an author and historian of prominence, has been falsely accused of having child pornography on his computer. By all accounts, these files were planted there. The initial charge stated that 6969 images were found on his computer.
Now I don't want to appear crude but, as you may know 69 is slang for a particular type of sex act, and I think someone at North Yorkshire Police thinks this is funny, and the whole thing is a set up.
The background is that Peter and his parents were being threatened and abused by a social worker (his brother, Robert). Police failed to act and York failed to safeguard the vulnerable people.
North Yorkshire Police appear to be working in tandem with both the council and the offender, Robert. They have been persecuting Peter and his mother for about eight years now. A civilian working inside the police force raised an international arrest warrant for kidnap when Peter took his mother to his home in Austria as a place of safety. It was later cancelled after Peter exposed the worker.
There have been ongoing events, and finally Peter decided to take out a private prosecution against North Yorkshire Police. Only minutes before the case was to proceed, North Yorkshire police arrested him, in December 2014, on the steps of the court room. He has been in prison without bail ever since.
He stands accused of having indecent images of children on his computer, which he did not have access to for many years. This computer had been left in the mother's home when Peter and his mother fled the physical threats of his brother, Robert. At one point, the brother, Robert, reported to police that there had been a break in but no police attended. It was a little while after this so called break in that police say they discovered the porn.
We most definitely believe he has been framed because he has been publicly exposing the case and talking about corruption. Furthermore, two other citizen journalists and Peter are the subject of a civil court case against them, brought by North Yorkshire Police and Julia Mulligan, Police Commissioner, in order to silence them. There are a total of nine individual plaintiffs included in the action, many of whom have never worked for police, and they are using police resources and public monies to take action to silence people who expose corruption. It is a civil action for harassment. Harassment is criminal but the CPS want nothing to do with it, so they are trying the civil route in order to frighten people for speaking out about corruption. They are doing it with public monies.
Peter is languishing in prison and has had virtually no visitors. He badly needs to have the courtroom filled to the brim when his court case re indecent images comes up on July 27. We have no doubt in our minds that he has been framed, and we want to see him set free. They want to keep him in prison so that he cannot pursue his private prosecution case against them.
I beg you to mobilize your response team to attend the case, which is expected to last five days. We need the corrupt ones to know that Peter has lots of support and witnesses to the trial.
Please help. Peter's name is all over the internet, and his website regarding all the abuse he has suffered is THE ABUSE OF GRANDMA B. People can Google it, and they will see the bullying and crime that his now 87 year old mother and himself have suffered at the hands of corrupt entities in |North Yorkshire.
I am circulating this email far and wide, in the hope that everyone will join forces. Your group has a strong response history, and we need their help badly. By way of cc, I am also appealing directly to other groups and individuals.
PLEASE HELP. This is a very important case regarding police corruption. If we can fill the courtroom and more on the street, so much the better. The court house is not far from the railway station.

Details below.
Regina v Hofschroer
July 27 - Aug 1/2015     10.00 a.m.
York Crown Court Courthouse
Address: The Castle, York, North Yorkshire YO1 9WZ
 Phone:01904 645121

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