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« on: July 21, 2015, 06:59:14 PM »
I will go if at least 10 others promise to go.John Timbrell

 I shall be there.


As many know, Peter Hofschroer has been blowing the whistle on serious malpractice on many levels by North Yorkshire Police, York Council & others in what he describes as Jimmy Savile Country (see ‘Grandma B’ for details).

It is no surprise that NYP & the others have been desperate to silence him

Living in a safe country, he was publishing evidence of the malpractice from there.

Surprisingly (especially to any who have tried to start Private Prosecutions in England), he was even allowed to start a Private Prosecution in Britain while still living abroad. 

The first hearing was to take place in York Magistrates’ Court on 1st December 2014.   This was quite a breakthrough (or appeared to be). 

As the Prosecutor, he hoped to find a lawyer to prosecute on his behalf, but was unable to find one.  So, he decided to take the risk of going to York in person, believing they wouldn’t dare to obstruct him, as this would be ‘Perverting the Course of Justice’.   

It is no surprise that it turned out to be a dirty trick by North Yorkshire Police & Co. to entice him back to England.  They had not the slightest compunction about Perverting the Course of Justice. 

Instead of waiting until after the Private Prosecution hearing (which they could have done), four goons pounced on him & dragged him off to a police van (a picture is available).

During the almost eight months since then, he has been incarcerated ‘On Remand’, mostly in HMP Hull.   He is to appear in York Crown Court on Monday 27th July 2015, facing God knows what trumped up charges.  As the ‘trial’ is listed to last about a week, they must be serious.   

-          - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -- -

I write now mainly to Brian Gerrish & Roger Hayes.  Back in 2011 I received a call from you to attend at Birkenhead County Court with a black umbrella.  Without asking what it was about, but trusting you it was for something important, I did so – along with about 700 others who answered that call.  It was quite a landmark in legal history!

I have been disappointed that there has been no follow up, but now is the time when there needs to be! 

This persecution & stitch-up of Peter Hofschroer is INFINITELY more important than non-payment of Council Tax for which you called us to Birkenhead.   

Please do your utmost to get AT LEAST 700 people to York Crown Court on 27th July, & the days which follow! 

(7.000 would be better - & would be justified!)

Though I did attend at Birkenhead, & at Wirral Magistrates’ Court a few weeks later (when I finished up in a 2’6” cage in the back of a police van for three hours), I cannot attend at York, for reasons most of you know about.

Norman Scarth.

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