Flash News: Tom Crawford Retakes His Nottingham Home

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Flash News: Tom Crawford Retakes His Nottingham Home
« on: July 25, 2015, 12:54:13 AM »
Flash News: Tom Crawford Retakes His Nottingham Home


Brian Gerrish

| Friday, 24th July 2015


Police initially agreed to provide sight of the warrant to Mr Taylor, and later informed him that the warrant was with them and available.

Supporters of Tom Crawford, the Nottingham man who recently had his home taken by Bailiffs and Nottingham Police acting on the orders of fraudulent Court procedures, and without the necessary Court warrant, has retaken his home. According to GuyTaylor who was present at the scene, a number of individuals entered Mr Crawford's home through the roof at about 1300 today (24 July 2015). Security guards tasked to protect the property were apparently distracted, lacking in the ability to speak English, and were unable to stop members of the public approaching the house via the gardens.

Nottinghamshire police were delayed on scene, but have been arriving in greater numbers over the last hour. The numbers of public present has also been increasing, as word of the 'repossession' has spread.

GuyTaylor understands that those now occupying the Crawford home have stated that they are prepared to leave if they are shown a lawful warrant allowing the initial seizure of the home by Bailiffs. They had also requested that this warrant should be inspected by Mr Taylor, who has been providing Lay Legal advice for the Crawford family, and has been investigating and publicly reporting the fraudulent taking of private property in UK, by means of fraudulent court documents, or even with no court documents.

Police initially agreed to provide sight of the warrant to Mr Taylor, and later informed him that the warrant was with them and available. However, when he approached the police to inspect the papers the police simply changed their minds, and refused him the opportunity to see the vital evidencet at the centre of what these members of the public state, is a criminal theft of a private property.

Mr Taylor is confident that the police still do not have an authentic and properly court signed and stamped warrant, and that the document has become a 'Unicorn'.

Nottingham police reaction to the occupation was initially slowed and confused by the fact that other demonstrations were taking place in Nottingham, of which the demonstration against child-abuse, and a cover-up by the police themselves was centre stage.

Mr Taylor was able to ask a senior police officer on camera if he could see the warrant and was invited to..."stay there and I will be back". So far there is no further news of the 'Unicorn warrant.'

As has been the case with the Crawford affair to date, the public present have remained polite and peaceful in their dealings with the police.

Many have noted however that mainstream press and media, with the exception of Russia Today who attended previously, have completely failed to investigate the core of this story, and that is that corrupt banks are using corrupt courts, with either fraudulent documents or no documents to steal private homes.

It would appear that so powerful is the criminal establishment in the UK today, that they can silence mainstream press and media from telling the truth. Perhaps we should not be surprised, as we have also seen in the last few days the compelling evidence that the British government and State is absolutely prepared to cover-up the widespread abuse of children.

It appears though that today, finally, in Nottingham at least, members of the British public have had enough, and have stood up to be counted. They deserve our strongest support, of which the minimum is to spread news of their actions world wide.

The UKColumn will report further as and when news reaches us.

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