Stem Cell Therapy campaign for Truth Movement Pioneer and stroke victim

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Anthony J Hilder
10 August at 23:02

(admin) Stem Cell Therapy campaign for Truth Movement Pioneer and stroke victim ... Anthony J Hilder, is coming.
“We all know Anthony Hilder as the tireless champion truth, honesty, openness, love, compassion, all those qualities the New World Order hates. Anthony has helped us to understand the Tyranny coming at us out of the Shadows and now we must help Anthony push Tyranny back into the closet and the closet off the planet.
For you see: Anthony has had a small stroke in his left brain which has left a few neuron confused or dead from lack of oxygen, and slowed him down a trifle. BUT, this can be treated with Stem Cells in MEXICO.
“Mexico? But, we are in the United States, the center of medical progress, and what are stem cells?” you say.
Child, the news I have for you is grim indeed. We are in the armpit of medicine, the backwater, the outhouse of science. And I must inform you that I am a Doc who knows of what he speaks.
Stem cells are those marvelous little cell critters who have not yet decided on what they want to be. ­
Pluripotent stem cells are often termed 'true' stem cells because they have the potential to differentiate into almost any cell in the body. They also carry an “immunology passport” and are never attacked by the immune system.
 There in a nutshell you have it: A little cell that can travel around and fix that which is broken. Gaze upon the words of William C. Rader, M.D. and you will see how American Medicine as a sanctimonious, hypocritical, authority, obfuscates the truth.
So what are we to say about American Medicine? It lacks curiosity, depth of knowledge, thoroughness, love of humanity, honesty, but is long on white coat and arrogance. Considering its record and thrust for cancer causing vaccinations, we can say it is under the heel of the word we dare not speak: CONSPIRACY

Please help Anthony receive Stem Cell treatment for his stroke.”
Edward Spencer MD
Anthony J Hilder contact:
 [email protected]


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