‘Time to Jump’ – Bretwalda Book of the Month

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‘Time to Jump’ – Bretwalda Book of the Month
« on: September 06, 2015, 10:58:09 PM »
Time to jump.

Time To Jump – This site contains additional information to supplement the book

‘Time to Jump’ – Bretwalda Book of the Month

We are pleased to announce that the publisher Bretwalda Books has made ‘Time to Jump’ their Book of the Month for April.

“Unlike many dry political tracts, this book takes a lively and engaging look at the awkward  and dangerous position Britain has got itself into.”

You can find out more here and read an extract from the book on their blog here

‘Time to Jump’ – Book launch

'Time to jump' book cover
The ‘Time to jump’ book – A Positive Vision of Britain out of the EU and in EEA Lite, written by David Campbell Bannerman MEP

A timely, populist and controversial book that explains in an easy to understand and chatty style what problems face Britain in the UK and how they can be solved.

In this book, controversial Member of the European Parliament David Campbell Bannerman puts forward a radical and creative alternative to UK membership of the European Union.

Drawing on his background in the real world outside of politics, Campbell Bannerman explains in easy to understand terms exactly how it is possible to leave the EU, why the UK must leave and what we would do instead outside the EU.

Further copies of this book are available on Amazon.co.uk here.

David Campbell Bannerman appeared on the BBC’s ‘Politics Show’
Watch the debate on Britain’s future relationship with the EU.

On the 3rd December 2013, David Campbell Bannerman MEP appeared on the BBC’s Politics Show with Max Hastings to discuss Britain’s future relationship with the European Union and David Campbell Bannerman’s book ‘Time to Jump’. Click HERE to watch it.

Lord Lamont speaking at the launch of David's book 'Time to Jump'.

David Campbell Bannerman MEP at the book launch in London.

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