Are Foreign Children More Important Than British Children?

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Are Foreign Children More Important Than British Children?
« on: September 07, 2015, 10:51:43 PM »
Are Foreign Children More Important Than British Children?

06 Sep 2015


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Letter from Jez English.


Why are we being bombarded with news of foreign children dying, when thousands of British and European kids are dying of malnutrition and 3rd world diseases – which were brought here by 3rd world immigrants – and they often die at the hands of immigrants, but our government don’t give a damn about OUR children!


No one even knows about 15 year old Kris Donald, who was kidnapped, horrifically tortured and then brutally murdered by Pakistani immigrants in Glasgow; or 14 year old Charlene Downes, from Blackpool who – according to the Lancashire Police – was sexually abused then murdered and ended up as kebabs in an Asian kebab house; or all the other white children who have been abused and murdered at the hands of the invaders over the years.


Also, there was no such outcry over the 1,400 Rotherham children and the Rochdale children who were abused by immigrants for many years – the examples of such cases are legion – and can be testified in many towns and cities in Britain.



Victims of anti-White Racism - Who is Next


Amongst the current sea of sympathy for the Syrian child – who drowned because his parents took him from his home and tried to force their way into Europe – why haven’t we seen any photos of the 7 year old German girl that was gang raped near a railway station by newly arrived ‘refugees’ straight off the train in Germany? Why no photos of the Sicilian couple who were murdered – their throats were slit – for their mobile phones from newly beached ‘refugees’?


These things are happening right NOW; so why aren’t YOU being told about them? We all know why – who controls the mass media controls the discourse. They brainwash you into believing that YOUR country is fine and dandy!


The image above shows a small amount of the British people that have been murdered by ‘immigrant refugees’. You should think about the safety of YOUR OWN children, and ask yourself: Will MY children be safe if we let more and more immigrants into Britain?




Click this link to sign the petition 

“Stop allowing immigrants into the UK.”



Racism Cuts BOTH Ways

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