RSPCA shoots 11 HEALTHY horses

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RSPCA shoots 11 HEALTHY horses
« on: September 29, 2015, 08:42:05 PM »
It's high time this so-called 'charity' was closed down.  It not only wastes half of all money received on dubious legal actions, it does little to help save healthy animals from terrible abuse, as in the foot & mouth farce.


RSPCA shoots 11 HEALTHY horses but claimed keep fees for months

Sat Sep 12, 2015 8:53 pm (PDT) . Posted by:

RSPCA shoots 11 HEALTHY horses: Charity culled 'bright, alert and responsive' animals…and continued to claim vet and stable fees months AFTER deaths
RSPCA ordered the killing of 11 healthy horses after they were rescued
Several horses were described as 'doing ok' but were still shot days later
The charity then claimed thousands of pounds for stabling expenses
It happened because the RSPCA has been allowed to trample over people's civil and legal rights for far too long. They have been able to get away with doing this because every time anyone raises the issue of a wrong done by the RSPCA, whether to a human or an animal, their supporters leap in to protect them, often with the claim that it doesn't matter if the rights of animal abusers are breached. The result of course is that everyone's rights are at risk, including those of the animals they are supposed to protect.

It happened because there is nowhere for people to take complaints about charities except the Charities Commission whose remit excludes the subject matter of most complaints. The SHG has long campaigned for the creation of a Charities Ombudsman who could deal with that wide range of complaints and bring recalcitrant charities to heel. Until there is proper supervision and control of the charity sector charities can effectively do whatever they want because individuals simply can not afford to enforce their rights in the very expensive civil courts. Don't even think of entering the minefield of bringing a private prosecution as an individual with no legal help.

It happened because those public authorities who actually have powers in animal welfare cases, the police and local authorities, have shirked those responsibilities and have been quite happy to allow animal welfare to be dealt with on the cheap by an organisation that parliament chose not to empower. And of course, the CPS has failed time and again to quality control RSPCA prosecutions except in the rare occasions that hunts were involved or the SHG helped the defendants step by step through the nightmare of asking the CPS to look at a prosecution, starting with the CPS denying they have any right to intervene in an RSPCA prosecution because they are a 'prosecuting authority' - Wrong!

It happened because prosecutors are effectively rewarded for breaching the regulations that govern a prosecution in the UK. In the US if a warrant in incorrect or a seizure or raid is flawed then the case is thrown out. This works to ensure that investigators and prosecutors are held to account.  It forces them to do things in the correct manner. In the UK it is rare for there to be any comeback for a prosecutor or investigator. the court will accept the wrong doing and more often than not allow the evidence that has been unlawfully obtained. The result is that dodgy prosecutors have nothing to lose and everything to gain - something they learn very quickly.

It has happened because the courts will not enforce people's right to visit and have expert inspection of animals that are in the possession of the RSPCA. We have lost count of the number of cases in which a person about to give evidence is given the devastating news that the animal they have been fighting for has been dead for several months and no-one bothered to tell them. A nasty psychological trick to ensure that the person is unfit to give evidence while grieving for their loss, but of course the courts don't care and the RSPCA sits there smirking.

It has happened because of the willingness of judges to accept that the RSPCA mean well and so whatever they do should be excused. In the case we are discussing the judge believed that there had simply been an error in accounting. And so it goes on in every case. If the very first case the SHG had been involved in where the accounting was 'in error' had resulted in action from the courts or even strong criticism, it is possible that someone would have thought again before getting rid of these horses in this manner.

It is the failure to hold the RSPCA accountable that is putting animals like these horses at risk.

Comment from Eurorealist

Sent: Monday, September 14, 2015 at 6:17 AM

 i read about this in said newspaper this morning, scratching my
 head about the whole issue.It makes no sense.Why kill these poor
 animals when they weren't in pain or suffering? Even if they had
 been they were on their way to good health.
 Yet from what i read in our local newspaper up here, they (the
 RSPCA) seem to be extra vigilant& busy these days in prosecuting
 others. Someone ought to be policing this outfit.Happen it's time
 for this organisation to drop the P in its acronym!!!

 Forgot to add that there is an EU element involved.  Not only did Ben Bradshaw admit that the Animal Welfare Act 2006 was so vague (enabling RSPCA prosecutors to take case after case to the higher courts to try and create further restrictions) because ti was intended to be a convenient peg on which to hang the new and expected EU legislation.

 The RSPCA is very much involved in campaigning in the EU along with their other animal rights colleagues.  What appears to be aimed at improving animal welfare usually comes down to further restrictions, registration and control.


Note that Eurogroup provides the secretariat for Intergroup just as the RSPCA provides the secretariat for APGAW in the UK parliament and its equivalent in the Welsh Assembly.
Comments from Eurorealist
These charities aren't charities at all,they are big business and need culling themselves!
They bully old people and have done sweet f all as regards the vile practice of slaughter for halal meat.

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