Don't blame the migrants

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Don't blame the migrants
« on: October 01, 2015, 04:33:31 PM »
Don't blame the migrants,
and when globalists profess they are 'friends of Israel', be aware that they mean the Agenda and chaos which the situating of Israel has resulted in from it's inception (from the early 1800s) to this day, for the global battle plan of death and destruction, power and control. 

Blackmail, corruption, paedophilia, child marketing and debauchery in places of assumed and carefully selected authority world-wide, have brought us to where we are. Look honestly, without prejudice or fear at the future which his-story has planned and is executing for us all.

Change proceeds apace with hypocrisy, no accountability, no Justice, rolling on regardless.

Elections: 'This Democratically Elected Government has the Power', one mantra of leadership training. You gave permission for change, you contracted, you consented!

Bankers control money flow. Corporations, charities and NGOs mislead control social climate change and make the rules - as was foretold

Agenda Investment and Diversion or AID, especially billions in humanitarian aid have been money laundered in chosen places of and with the help of, scripted and continued war while importing, exporting and creating extremism and weaponry by the shadow dark states' agents.

White 'supremacists' or activists/detractors will soon be identified and removed with enough of the public saying not a word.

Tell your governments that you know... That they do not work for you though they take your money in every way available.

All people are units of finance and control, a necessary part of the machine, replaceable, disposable, a sustainable commodity.

We are ALL victims - let's be the survivors! Stay safe, stay good, avoid hatred.

Trust in God and spread the word..

Karen Potter Please watch -

Dee Windust Karen...who is the wonderful Lady Ann Corcoran. We are so thankful you reposted this for us. We have all felt these things. This is like a seive with thousands AND thousands of holes in it and future big time crime problems as we are already suffering with such a large unemployed dependency program across our nation with 45% on programs for the poor already. I appreciate the research she has done...NOW WHAT???

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