Why do the stupid public KEEP ELECTING THE SAME ROTTEN MP's ????

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Do you realise ?

Did you know that the British taxpayer pays the E.U. 13.8 BILLION Euro's every year. That is you the tax payer, the government doesn't have any money, it is ALL your hard earned money.

There is an estimation that there are 60 million people in the U.K.

Assuming one quarter of those are under 16, that leaves 45 million.

Assuming one quarter are immigrants that leaves 30 million.

It doesn't matter what nationality  they are as long as they were born in Britain and are over 16

If the government were to tell the E.U. to go to hell, cancel the 72 treaty and withdraw from the rotten fraudulent E.U. they could give those 30 million over 16 years old  BRITISH BORN people £250,000 each (that's a quarter of a million) and still have approx; 3 billion left, out of what they would have paid the E.U. in one year.

£250,000 would get most people out of debt, allow them to either buy a home, or pay off their mortgage, and restart the economy.

Why do the stupid public KEEP ELECTING THE SAME ROTTEN MP's ????

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